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21 year-old male from Nashua, NH

So. what do you want to know about little O'L me?
Well, I'm nobody special.
But one thing worth noting is that I love helping others out when I can!
I love nothing more than contributing positively to the community.
I am an artist and I am going be a video game designer.
Also, I like to draw comics.
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O hai there.Been busy with school, animations and whatnot. It sucks not being that active on here anymore, but hey, that's life. (I wonder, did anyone notice?)
By the way, a couple of days ago I decided to animate an intro for a popular Let's play in a single night, just to see how much I could produce. I didn't expect it to be good by any means, nor did I expect them to actually use it. Turns out, people enjoy it, and they did use it. so, that's cool :D

Also, in episode 2 as well.
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