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33 year-old male from Manton, MI
Keith and I are aspiring comic book writers and have our own company : Dark Theory Comics. Go to our website and check it out.


Hopefully everything goes well, and the titles and the company take off.

Thank you for your support.
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WD: Cameron Issue#3 Part 3Page 18
1- Jade (a black female, with long, dark hair and green highlights, her clothes are mainly green) and Genesis (white male, large stature, strong build, wears jeans and a muscle shirt) come running around the corner.

2- Cameron pulls out a small communicator out of her pocket.

Cameron: Bobo, lock onto my position and bring the Skylark.

3- Maverick, Jade, and Genesis are standing together and blocking the path.

Maverick: It’s over.
Cameron: Not over, just interrupted.
Jade: Is this the wall?
Cameron: Hey Lady, the names Cameron.

4- Genesis is looking her over.

Genesis: I wish I ran into walls like that.
Cameron: I’ll bet you walk you into a lot of walls.

5- Jade is laughing.

Jade: Wow, she knows you.
Genesis: Whatever.

Page 19
1- Maverick steps forward.

Maverick: Ok, come with us, we would like to ask you some questions.
Cameron: Oh no, no questions today.

2- Genesis and Jade step forward as well.

Maverick: You can’t beat us all.
Cameron: Don’t have to.

3- Show the Skylark at the top of the debris hovering at the end of the alley, with the cockpit open.

Cameron: Gotta fly.

4- Show Cameron run down the alley.

5- Maverick, Jade and Genesis run after her.

6- Cameron gets to the top of the debris.

7- Cameron leaps into the Skylark.

Page 20
1- Show the Skylark fly off and the Defenders standing at the top of the debris.

Genesis: Let’s get back to headquarters.
Jade: Come on.

2- The Serenity headquarters is underwater, it is still a similar design to the other headquarters. Star, Echo, Maverick, Jade, and Genesis are all talking in the control center.

Echo: Who was she?
Maverick: She said her name was Cameron.
Echo: That is it?
Maverick: Yeah.

3- Star goes over to the main computer.

Star: I’ll put it in and see what the computer brings up.
Echo: While you’re at it, send a message to the other Defenders and let them know about it.
Star: Got it.

4- On the view screen is Falco.

Falco: Uh, yeah, we had a run in with her earlier in the day.
Echo: And you didn’t tell us about it?
Falco: We were looking into it further.

Page 21
1- Same scene as four on page twenty.

Falco: Did you find anything?
Maverick: Personal humiliation was about it.
Falco: I hear yah.

2- Show Star at the computer.

Star: Without more information, the computer is useless.

3- Show the view screen again.

Falco: We’ll keep searching, and let you know this time if we find anything.
Echo: Good.

4- The view screen is off now, and the Defenders are in a circle talking.

Jade: Do you think we will ever see her again?
Maverick: Count on it.

Page 22
1- Show Cameron on the Solstice in the hangar bay with Bobo.

Bobo: More problems?
Cameron: Just not my day. I’ll meet you on the bridge, I need to get changed.

2- Show Bobo and Cameron (she is wearing tight spandex pants and a tight tank-top) on the Bridge of the ship.

Bobo: So now what?
Cameron: Well we still need those supplies.

3- Cameron walks up to a Navigation map (it is of the Earth, the Earth looks a little different, I have a concept)

Cameron: We will just have to find somewhere else to lay low and get supplies.

4- Show Cameron with a large smile.

Cameron: How about beach front property.

5- Show on the Navigation map Australia

End of page caption: Until Next Time.
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