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25 year-old male from Chino Hills, CA
I did play football for my high school, Chino Hills High. For now, I work at a paintball park with my friends on weekends and Costco during the week. I spend what little free time I have watching TV, or hanging out with either my friend, Brown, ot my Brother-in-law, Sam
My RvB trailers are back Find my newest trailer for Season 4 at my MySpace or my Youtube
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I got Season 4 nowI ordered Season 4 and a Sarge t-shirt Sunday and just got them today. But, that's not the best part. Getting the Sarge shirt made me think about my long-lost Church shirt, the last time I saw it was about 2 years ago. So I look in my Dad's dresser incase someone thought it was his (and I've looked there before, long ago), and I found it. So now I have all 4 seasons on DVD, Church, Sarge, and Caboose "I like me" shirts, a black RvB zipper hoodie, a RvB hat, and a poaster for season 3.
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Name John Reed
Occupation Paintball Ref, Costco employee and Gamer
Birthday March 9th, 1990
Interests Video Games RvB my work and TV
Games Show 22 More
Music Linkin' Park Metallica Papa Roach 3 Doors Down Red Hot Chili Peppers ect.
Movies The Matrix Fight Club Equilibrium Batman Begins The Dark Knight TMNT Live Free or Die Hard Team America: World Police and South Park .
TV Shows South Park Invader Zim Smallville Fringe 24 Doctor Who Torchwood Chuck Knight Rider Bones The Simpsons Family Guy Sealab 2021 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Stargate SG-1 Stargate Atlantis House Firefly Fairly Odd Parents That's 70's Show (not in that order)
Books Halo Books 24: Declassified and The Zombie Survival Guide