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RTX 2013 - Role CallSo, I'm highly considering going to RTX this year, but I'm not one for going unless I have someone to stay with. There are two reasons for this. One, is money. It's cheaper to stay with someone. Two, I get lonely at night and I need to spoon with someone staying in a hotel room by yourself is quite boring.

Now, I've had a little convention experience but the one person I've con'd with who I know would like to go probably won't for legit reasons.So this is me calling out to the few that may still actually follow me and are active on the site to see if you are going or interested so long as you have someone to room with.

I have booked a room for the event but not a ticket for the actual convention or a flight. At least, not until I know there is a solid plan. And please, if you say something and we get to talking and then we set things in stone...don't be a dick and blow up the stone with dynamite. Seriously...that isn't cool. I've had that happen the week before a con and I just pulled out with some last minute plans but it's not fun.

So I don't know. Message me? Through the site or maybe on facebook. Skype works too. I am also Thillbilli on Skype. Just make sure to say who you are in your request.

Peace out.
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