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Uno Mas!Another Update!
I'm starting my job the 21st of July! A little late, but what can you do?

I get paid 9.75 an hour, and I get discounts.

GAP : 6 items a month : 50 percent off *( No you may not, amie's called
those 6 lol )
All others : 30 percent off

Banana Republic : All items 30 percent off

Old Navy. : 20 percent off all items.

For all my XBL friends.. Sorry I haven't been online. I don't have my xbox anymore. Turns of the guy I sold it to ( Nick our housemate ) wasn't supposed to charge us the rent he did. So he not only got 1200 or so dollars for rent, he paid 400 for my 360 ( with all the stuff it came to about 700 ) so he owes me a 360 and 800 dollars.. which I'll probably never see again,. Can anyone guess why I'm pissed at him? Anyway...

I'll be getting another xbox eventually, when we've payed off our debt to Greg who is awesomely helping us get into a new place. I have to go in with Amie today and pay the deposit and fill out the paperwork. Moving into Amesbury Apartments!!( Edit. : We went, got accepted and have everything ready! Special thanks to Mr. DiCocco ( greg ) and not Nick )

www.apartmentguide.com/apartments/Ohio/Reynoldsburg/Amesbury/PropertyOverview.aspx?listingid=12401 <-- Amesbury Apts.

They want two paystubs, but since Kroger is teh retardation ( not to everyone, Matt got lucky ) I don't have those recently. So instead I'm taking in my intent to hire letter.
( And it works like a charm. Lesson to everyone in the unlikely event you'll need to know that. )

Why am I posting this at 6 am? Because I took a three hour nap last night and woke up, and then my insomnia kicked in. Turns out if I sleep anymore than about 2 and a half hours and then get woken up my mind thinks that's enough sleep. Weird huh. So I've been playing Civilization 3. I suck at that game. I don't expand my people enough. lol I kind of turtle on a little island somewhere and kill anyone close to me. :D This is why I like games where I control the people and the shots instead of telling them to go shoot and watching them get their asses kicked -_-

Anyway, tangent. Sorry about that. Look what I got for free in the mail today!

well.. since I can't easily find it on google o.O So.. too bad for you. Its' a t-shirt from the 'Alone In The Dark' game. It is the awesome. Anyway..Amie's been wearing it, now isn't so you'll have to ask her how it feels. It's a very light t-shirt weight wise, and I think it's cotton.

Because Nick tricked us out of the 360, I had to return the alone int he dark game. Tried the website but it wasn't working, so I called. They said it had shipped, but they'd cancel it, then they said I had to get it and then return it. They put the money back in my bankaccount, and then sent the game anyway.. so I took the game back and now they're putting 60 dollars on my account.. so basically Gamestop paid me 60 dollars to wear this alone in the dark tshirt. lol.

Oh, back to work. 9.75 for about 30 hours a week ( probably more, but that's a very low estimate. ). . . is 292.50. So times four is... 1170 a month if I don't get all of my hours ( supposed to get about 36 a week.... Counting the 3 hours for lunch its' about 33. That's 12 hours extra.. which is about 100 dollars more.. so... 1200 something a week.

Amie gets about 300 every two weeks. hopefully they pick up her hours a little more? but that's still 600 so anywhere from 1800-2000something dollars a month! That will be such an amazing change.

Here's my Intent To Hire letter from Gap Inc.!! :D
( Names blocked out for safety's sake :P XD )

Hi Josh –

This email is to confirm our offer to you for the Customer Service Consultant opening.

The pay rate we would be able to offer you is $9.75/hr.

The training class will start on Monday, July 21st and run for three weeks.

The offer is pending your acceptance & successful completion of our background & drug screen.

Please take the evening to think about the offer and call me tomorrow.

Sincerely –


******* *******

Recruiting Specialist

Gap Inc. Direct


P.S. Not sure how much I will be able to PC for a little while. At least until we get our own computer. If you don't know my number, call me. It's (Edit: available on request :P ) and leave a message. Or text me I don't care. o.
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