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22 year-old female from the Internet, obviously
I suppose is there where I'm supposed to write a biography worthy of a best-selling book, but... eh. Just gonna lay down the basics:

I'm just a female college kiddo with a penchant for gaming, arts, sports, sci-fi/fantasy in general, Red vs Blue, and an obsession with Transformers. A healthy one, mind you. Kind of. Sort of. Maybe. Depends on how many TF action figures counts as unhealthy.

Oh, and I have three huskies. That's pretty important, 'cause, I mean-- HUSKIES. Siberian Huskies. Don't tell me you don't want one... er, no, nevermind. They shed like the dickens ):

Oh, right-- expect sarcasm. And maybe wit.
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*puts on party hat*Guess what, guys?!

It's my Birthday! (whoo) On a Monday! (booo)

(only with invisible party hats)

Still, it's my birthday and I am now officially out of the teens and into the -enty! Twenty, to be exact!

Of course, I'm twenty, so, y'know... whoo-hoo-- you can still vote, and that's cool and all, but you still couldn't drink even if you wanted to. So, y'know. Eh.

Frankly, I'm just waiting to go home and get some cake.

Oh, and my kindle fire

I am going to get so many new Transformers comics and love it :D
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