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Baby Beans! (Week 5 and Day 0)Well, the gerbils have reached 5 weeks of age, and the next stage was to separate the boys and the girls (I do not need a third litter). This became even more pressing when I took a look at Gobby, who looked ready to pop in a couple of days. All I can say is that I have some close timing. I split the gerbils up last night (and I really hope I did it right) and woke up this morning to find Gobby giving birth. Again.

I actually feel really bad about splitting up Hobby and Gobby. I know I don't want a third litter. I didn't want any litters, but they always made a cute, caring couple. During the first birth, sure, Hobby was actively interested in planting the next litter, but when he wasn't, he was very attentive, spent tons of time grooming, massaging and helping Gobby with the birth. The daughters just look confused, or they're sleeping. I hope Gobby makes it through this birth okay. She doesn't have as much help.
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