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Still hobbling along...Sorry if the last journal seemed a little rambly. I was just super excited after my doctor's visit. Time for a proper update!

I've been in my parents' home for about a month,now, doing physical therapy. I feel like a post-op Spartan. I had a lot of stuff put in me, have a long recovery readjusting and relearning how to move, and have to eat a high protein (and high fiber) diet. To top it off, I'm coming out of this with a lot of kick-ass scars! Now all I need is the neural chip.

The gerbils are having a blast and chewing up every toilet paper roll I give them, but Sienna is not happy having to share space with 3 other kitties. But once she's done hissing and growling at them, she enjoys the extra people to pet her and going out in my dad's backyard. I do, too; it's beautiful.

I've been doing plenty of physical therapy. Though not as frequent as when I was a patient at the acute care facility, the workouts are a lot more difficult. I've been going through exercises to rebuild left leg strength and my core, which has been non-existent since they sliced me open. Literally. There is a giant scar running from my sternum down to my pelvis bone where they cut me open to pull out and find any damage to my innards. Trying to do a crunchie has been a b***h and a half. I also say I'm building left leg strength because after compensating for 2 months, my right thigh is massive!

With any luck, things will even out because I am finally full weight bearing on the left. I've been hobbling around the house all week on one crutch. I'm also about to switch from having an in-home therapist to being an outpatient... somewhere to continue my physical therapy. This is a big step since whatever facility I end up going to (hopefully UC Davis) is going to have a lot more and a lot heavier equipment to use. It's going to be difficult, but I'm looking forward to getting on a stationary bike or a row machine. It all pushes me ...
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