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34 year-old male from Panama City, FL
I married this girl who said I was getting an RVB account rather I liked it or not

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HAHAHAHA I win againThis is actucally holpar until tomorrow, maybe. I just got tired of new friends asking if PhoenixRage was my hubby, plus next RVB event we got to, Tom is a RVB member instead of that guy. If I do actucally get Tom to update be warned he goes out a week or so at a time however if he doesn't PxR and I have a link to refer to when telling stories.

Thank you,
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Name Tom
Occupation Electronic Technican in the Coast Guard
Birthday December 15th, 1980
Interests To be filled out later
Music ska punk rock.. and most everything
Movies Kill Bill Better off Dead Shades of Gray A Christmas Story Donnie Darko Army of Darkness The Princess Bride LOTR Monty Python The Kevin Smith Collection Clerks-Jay and Silent Bob Young Frankenstein Space Balls Blazing Saddles Robin Hood (men in tights and prince of thieves) Waterboy Happy Gilmore Star Wars Little Nicky Austin Powers Tombstone Snatch Three Amigos Death to Smoochie Harold and Kumar go to White Castle Shaun of the Dead Ferris Bueller's Day Off The Breakfast Club Legend Willow Glory Labyrinth Never Ending Story Office Space Shawshank Redemtion The Matrix Old School The Breakfast Club Pretty in Pink Some Kind of Wonderful Zoolander Dragon Heart Mortal Kombat (just the first movie) Hudson Hawk Ghost Busters
TV Shows (shows currently or previously on my tivo) Mythbusters red vs blue Grims Adventures of Billy and Mandy Dave the Barbarian The Tick Attack of the Show Comitted Drawn Together Family Guy Scrubs BTVS Deadwood Angel Firefly Stargate Atlantis Robot Chicken... Animes- Hellsing Cowboy Bebop Outlaw Star RaXephon Chobits Full Metal Panic Trigun Evangelion Last Exile