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19 year-old male from Normaly in bed (england)
im lazy yet active, funny yet boring, smart yet dumb but on the whole a nice guy (i hope)
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YouTubehello anyone who may see this, i got a your tube account about a month and have now started making video's on it, i only have 5 at the moment but theres more on the way so please watch them and if you like them spread them around, the more views i get the more vids i make.. :)

www.youtube.com/user/TheTomwod?feature=mhee <-- link to my channel
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Name Tom
Occupation Lazy Teen
Birthday September 23rd, 1995
Interests Acting (thats a big one) video games (another big one) tv cloths football (or to americans... soccer) sleeping my bed eating drinking breathing cars cycling ikea tennis going to the gym girls (one more big one... not the girl though... she's not big) the dfs sale (i need a better sofa) rooster teeth the drunk tank (a personal favourite) and some more stuff but to be honest ill porbs jsut keep adding to this as and when :)
Music i like too many x) cba to type it all
Movies action/comedy
TV Shows erm i like a lot friends is good so was whose line is it anyway scrubs is funny mythbusters is cool QI mock the week and others
Books i tend not to read =S
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