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tonyski Fck It Im In
27 year-old male from Dearborn Heights, MI
I am TonySki, Video game and internet addict, recovering Pepsi Max addict, AH Admin, Youtube video maker, Brony and twittererer

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tonyski Fck It Im In
Proper Word usageA Weird Al Song has affected my life.

You know the song. Word Crimes. Came out with his newest album over the summer.

The line in question that has really got to me is this one.
Oh but, just now 
(just now)
You said, 
(you said)
You literally couldn't get out of bed.
That really makes me want to literally smack a crowbar upside your stupid head!


The word that has been bothering me ever since I heard that line. It's just that I keep noticing it and it feels like it's always being used wrong. It is used when it is not needed and just adds more words to a sentence. It didn't help that I watched all of the Cinema Sins videos in 3 days and he uses th...
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