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28 year-old male from Austin, TX
I am TonySki, Video game and internet addict, recovering Pepsi Max addict, AH Admin, Youtube video maker, Brony and twittererer

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tonyski Fck It Im In
Hot Tub Time Machine 2??So that movie comes out this weekend. Today actually and I feel like I've already seen it. I know the premise (Lou gets his dick shot off at a party) and after he starts to heal he, Jacob and Nick (because John Cusack didn't want to come back) decide to use the hot tub to go back in time to before he got shot and stop the shooting but what ended up happening was that they got sent to the future instead and then they find out the shooter is a british guy from the future and Chevy Chase explains the rules of the time machine, in about as much sense that guy gives. Then it goes to the past and Lou comes out from the portal from the Revolutionary war.

This about sums up what I remember from most movies but did I see the movie years before it was released or something? If these are spoilers then I feel awesome and only wish my futuresight showed me lottery winnings.

NVM, I just watched the red band trailer. THAT RELEASED BACK IN JULY 2014. They really need 8 months to finish a movie when part of the premise is that it is supposed to start in 2014 and is getting delivered in 2015.
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