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60 year-old female from Hellbound Handbasket
Human female with 3 offspring, and 1 male slave. Anyone who underestimates her deserves undisguised mockery and a boot to the patoot. She intends to advance from merely annoying to fully insufferable, and to go on being insufferable for at least forty more years, after which she may be persuaded to think about slowing down. After death, she demands to be cremated and to have her ashes flung into her enemy's eyes.
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I'm alive!I'm still alive and doing OK. I don't come here much anymore.
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Name Laura Goodwin
Occupation Computer technician
Birthday July 31st, 1954
Interests Computers internet dancing Star Trek computer games kinky things and people bar-room clearing rabble rousing demon wrangling angel wrestling and Clanging My Big Brass Ovaries Together Really Loudly.
Music Dance Pop Rock Metal Disco Techno Jazz Funk Show Tunes Classical all kinds of garbage. Scott Joplin rags Cole Porter Beatles Stones Led Zepplin Tina Turner Seal Madonna Prince Metallica B52's Nirvana NIN FatBoy Slim Green Day Moby Linkin Park TMBG Yellowcard Mindless Self Indulgence Pearl Jam Lady Gaga and of course Weird Al. Zydeco! Lord of the Dance! To be honest I do like ~some~ CW and ~some~ Rap. Some Gospel. Heck I even like ~some~ OPERA. Mostly I love dance music or songs I can sing along to. The latest album I bought was Lady Gaga "The Fame". My top favorite concert of all time was Jethro Tull doing Thick As A Brick.
Movies I like Fight Club. I like the Spiderman series Mary Poppins Jean de Florette Pulp Fiction Princess Mononoke Clockwork Orange Galaxy Quest American Beauty Zoolander PI Edward Scissorhands Star Wars series LOTR series Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Harry Potter series Disney's Aladdin The Truman Show The Princess Bride Hudsucker Proxy O Brother Where Art Thou? Donnie Darko The Incredibles SERENITY Brokeback Mountain V For Vendetta Pick Of Destiny Idiocracy. I'm a big film nut. I WATCH LOTS OF MOVIES. I don't list the Star Trek movies even though I am a big Trekkie because most of the Trek movies weren't very good. The new one was pretty good! Can't wait for the sequel.
TV Shows The Daily Show Law And Order The Simpsons South Park CSI Mad Men Rachel Maddow The Closer. My all time favorite TV shows were the original Star Trek and Firefly. I loved Six Feet Under. I actually watch very little TV - I'd rather play computer games.
Books Home Grown Democrat by Garrison Keillor Voices of a people's history of the United States by Howard Zinn Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain Here Comes Trouble by Michael Moore Black Beauty by Anna Sewell... Harry Potter series! I used to read a lot but nowadays most of my reading is done via computer online - mostly news and opinion articles. I also have a Nook and I am using it to catch up on numerous classics which are free to read.