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24 year-old male from Brighton, England
Hi my name is matt, i'm in the team Sarge's Angels and I don't really have anything to say. Also don't be fooled by my profile age, i am actually 16 :D

Currently Watching: Random Youtube Videos
Currently Anticipating: Christmas and shit.
Currently Playing: Star wars nights of the old republic.
Currently Bored of: Peggle
Currently Craving: Mexican Food

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Name Matt Seekings
Occupation Student
Birthday August 13th, 1990
Interests Music Basketball Drama Gaming (especially Halo) and more
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Music Punk/Rock/Heavy metal/Metal/Rick Astley :Plol/Death Metal.
Movies Lots eg. comedy action sci fi
TV Shows family guy simpson futurama scrubs two and a half men stuff like that
Books Harry Potter Chronicles of the Shadow War.