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Treyrs20o9 To RTx I Go
A late RTX recapOh man. What an amazing weekend! I've been fortunate enough to attend each RTX and the event just keeps getting better and better! The first year I got a lot of my signatures and photos out of the way, the second I spent most of my time in line for panels but this year I decided to take it easy and just walk around and really take in the exhibit hall. I ended up taking my younger cousin as graduation present this year and we had a blast! There were so many things do and see that I didn't get to all of it but here's a recap of what I did get to see.

The first day I was immediately drawn to the Das Keyboard booth. What started as a minor interest turned into a weekend long obsession. They had two keyboard stations set up where people were able to race against each other using Typer X (I just looked up the name of the site for this journal and got hooked racing for twenty minutes). Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was vying for the top spot but only ever ended up coming in the top three. I really wanted to win one of those keyboards but I played around with theirs enough to persuade me into buying one of my own. Hopefully they'll be back next year because the head to head competitions were some of the most fun I had at RTX!

At last year's RTX I rarely spent anytime on the E-Sports arena but the year I made it a point to check out some of the live events! I've never been into E-Sports but watching Grifball live is incredibly fun and I never thought I would be cheering so loudly for either side! On Saturday I got the chance to play BattleBlock Theater in an arcade cabinet which was really cool. There were two players to each of three cabinets. The first two cabinets were used to play competitively with four players where as the third cabinet was used for demoing co-op play. I was really hoping to play against other people but we got stuck with the Co-Op demo. The line was way too long to get back in for competitive play but it was cool to show off BattleBlock to my cousin. Finally I got to check out the Occulus Rift which was pretty freaking cool. Definitely messed with my head a little but overall I got used to it and really enjoyed it. On the other hand my cousin got incredibly sick and we had to rush to the bathrooms.

We finally took a break from the convention hall and got to eat at the wonderfully delicious Homeslice! This place is heaven on Earth and have made it a point to visit each RTX. Both my Uncle and my dad are the kind of people will always prefer cheap food to quality food but even they admitted that Homeslice is the best pizza they have ever eaten. After lunch we took a break and relaxed a little in the hotel before heading back to the convention to get in line for The Slo-Mo Panel! Gavin and Dan were incredibly entertaining and some of the stuff they showed off was pure awesome! Listening to Dan talk about his experiences in the army was absolutely crazy and I still can't get over how nonchalantly he discussed bullets zipping past his head. Saturday night was the night of the mixer but both my cousin and I voted on skipping to get an early night's rest for Sunday's early morning Slo-Mo shoot!

On Sunday we woke up around 5:45 in the morning to make sure we would be there in time for the 7:00 A.M. shoot and we were STILL cutting it close. I'm not sure if I can discuss the details of the actual shoot but it was incredibly fun and I'm glad I got to continue the streak of being in Roosterteeth Productions three years in a row. I have now been in Immersion, RT Short (or whatever Day Five is going to be considered. I hope it doesn't become Roosterteeth's Half Life Three) and The Slo-Mo Guys. I'm not sure if they can continue holding these live action shoots at RTX seeing as how crazy and massive this year's was, but they have been incredibly fun every time.

Sunday was the day I spent the most time in line for panels. I was fortunate enough to attend both the RT Podcast Live and the RTAA Panel! I saw a lot of people complaining about people cutting or saying it was impossible to get from RT Podcast to the Animated Adventure panel but I was able to leave the Podcast Live, walk the convention hall for a bit, eat lunch, and still be lined up in time for RTTA. People be cray. RTX is the only convention I've been fortunate enough to attend, and time management is a skill you quickly pick up! Regardless both panels were amazing and are my primary concerns for each RTX. I think it would be better if they spread it across the multiple days but either way I'm glad I got to attend. I even got to stay behind a little and get Burnie and Jordan to sign my RTAA dvd cover!

Overall RTX was amazing as always. It's crazy to see how fast this event has grown in three years and I look forward to being there each year as long as I can. This year seemed like I wasn't going to make it but fortunately the stars aligned and I found myself in Austin once more. Thank to everyone at Roosterteeth for putting on such an amazing convention, and the entire RT Community for being some of the coolest people around! Here's to keeping the streak alive!

PS Found this in one of the Men's Bathrooms on the way back home. The gas station was just about as shady as you can imagine.

What a bargain!
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