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23 year-old male from Nederland, TX
Just a normal gaming geek and movie lover. I try to stay active in the community. There really is no long list of rules or selective process for who I will or won't accept, bottom line just be friendly and talkative and I have no problem adding friends or putting people on watch!

Be sure to check out Thinking Cinematic for my movie reviews!

I play pokemon, let's battle!

3DS friend code! Add me: 2964-8971
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Treyrs20o9 To RTx I Go
A late RTX recapOh man. What an amazing weekend! I've been fortunate enough to attend each RTX and the event just keeps getting better and better! The first year I got a lot of my signatures and photos out of the way, the second I spent most of my time in line for panels but this year I decided to take it easy and just walk around and really take in the exhibit hall. I ended up taking my younger cousin as graduation present this year and we had a blast! There were so many things do and see that I didn't get to all of it but here's a recap of what I did get to see.

The first day I was immediately drawn to the Das Keyboard booth. What started as a minor interest turned into a weekend long ob...
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