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20 year-old male from Scoresby, Australia
Okay, sheesh, where to begin?

Well, to start, I have Asperger's Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, and an unspecified anxiety disorder. So, basically, a triple barreled shotgun in my brain.

I'm an "animator", of sorts. Meaning I just muck around in Maya with polygons to build things from some bizarre nth dimension.

My greatest fear is being forgotten. Of seeing my friends succeed, while I fail at absolutely everything. I don't want to be some no-name on the streets. I want to do something that makes me known to people. Where people see my work, and recognize it.

So, basically, I'm a basket-case.
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A Personal Letter to Monty OumTo Monty,

I don't know if you'd remember me. I doubt it, but in case you do, I was one of the folks in the audience at Animating RT, held a year ago by Hanabee at ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne. You and Jordan were passing through for Supernova, and I was lucky enough to be in the front row as you showed us Yang's new boob physics, as well as her running like a Beowolf.

In retrospect, that night is the best of my life, and I doubt that will change for a very long time. That night, you did more than show a bunch of animators your skills and methods.

You convinced me to turn my life around.

For a long time, I was dependent on succeeding as an actor. A pipe dream, really. And for a while, I was heavily convinced that I would live and die without making an impact on the world. Every day, that was my greatest fear: being overlooked, ignored, and forgotten. But you helped me discover more to my life.

Now I've fallen in love with animation. I upgraded my computer, installed Maya, and began to plan a plethora of original characters, along with stories to go with them. Every day a new episode of RWBY was released, I took the time to admire your creations, and use them to further my own abilities and adapt the stories of my original characters and my personal work, RWBY: Reckoning. I don't know if you ever saw it, but if you did, I hope you liked it.

You helped me become more than a kid with no direction. You made me into the man I am today.

And for that, I am truly grateful.

Yours in brotherhood,

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