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26 year-old male from Cambridge, MA
I write books. That will always be the most important part.

When I'm not writing books, I like the usual, I guess. Reading, some film and TV (really just Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Vikings on TV though) and of course video games, even though the writing and the day job means I only get to play those rarely.

Huge fantasy nerd. It's what I love to read and what I love to write, but as you can see above historical and sci-fi are also favorites even though I've written sci-fi only rarely and my only attempt at historical fiction was the worst book (thankfully unpublished) I'd ever written.
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Tropes Sand
Life Hack - MondaysSo I have a trick for Mondays, and since today was a day off I have some extra time to talk about it.

So what I do is I take all the things I do in my real life outside the office and do my favorite variants of that on Monday. An example is I do arm days at the gym on Mondays because they're the most fun for me.

That can count for anything. Do you make content for youtube and like filming more than editing? Schedule Monday as a filming day. I just find that it makes my whole week feel a bit more positive when I do things that way.
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