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25 year-old male from Boston, MA
I write books. That will always be the most important part.

When I'm not writing books, I like the usual, I guess. Reading, some film and TV (really just Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Vikings on TV though) and of course video games, even though the writing and the day job means I only get to play those rarely.

Huge fantasy nerd. It's what I love to read and what I love to write, but as you can see above historical and sci-fi are also favorites even though I've written sci-fi only rarely and my only attempt at historical fiction was the worst book (thankfully unpublished) I'd ever written.
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Suspending disbelief - Hero FailsSo here’s a thought.

One of the ways we suspend disbelief in superhero movies is that we allow ourselves to believe in the fallibility of the hero. We allow ourselves to believe that the hero can fail or die when we know, as readers/viewers, that they will succeed somehow, albeit with an extreme cost in well-written ones like Avengers and Dark Knight.

If they kill Iron Man and mean it in Avengers 2 (I saw a discussion where people theorized it would be used to make Thanos genuinely threatening for people who haven’t read the comics, like me – to me he’s just some purplish dude – since RDJ mentioned there were no current plans for Iron Man 4) then not only will they completely sweep th...
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