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25 year-old male from Cambridge, MA
I write books. That will always be the most important part.

When I'm not writing books, I like the usual, I guess. Reading, some film and TV (really just Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Vikings on TV though) and of course video games, even though the writing and the day job means I only get to play those rarely.

Huge fantasy nerd. It's what I love to read and what I love to write, but as you can see above historical and sci-fi are also favorites even though I've written sci-fi only rarely and my only attempt at historical fiction was the worst book (thankfully unpublished) I'd ever written.
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Tropes Sand
Desk Thoughts (Part 2 of 2)My second point is the constant, constant barrage of people who say anyone who looks even a little bit muscular MUST be on steroids. (Quick note: I do not condone or support the use of illegal OR legal anabolic steroids, they are bad for your long-term health and frankly make most users look plain weird unless they are super on top of their muscle balances. And are expensive as dick.). It bothers me to see people who very obviously have no idea how anabolic steroids work and seem to assume that they are a magical pill you can take so that you will wake up one morning with a champion physique without so much as lifting a weight while you eat pizza and Doritos all day. You know the sort, the people who see a video and comment “everything this guy says about fitness and nutrition is false because STEROIDS.”

I just want to point out first that steroids don’t work that way. In simple terms, they’re an artificial testosterone booster that makes your muscles recover and grow faster, and last I looked there was no conclusive evidence that they actually increase the performance ceiling itself of the muscle. They don’t magically change the rules of anatomy and nutrition. I also want to point out second that, looking at the arguments, they have a very circular logic. “They’re big, so they must have got that way because of steroids. I know this because they are big, and are therefore on steroids…” ad nauseam. The dumbest would be the 160-pound powerlifter Maxx Chewning. I have seriously seen steroid accusations leveled at him in comments pretty much because, to the average commentor, “he lifts therefore he injects.” Or that one guy who claimed that eighty percent of people who go to the gym in any capacity beyond a half hour a week on an elliptical is on steroids, or the one that said that a body over 210 pounds with a low bodyfat percentage is impossible without steroids. (Took a break here, so the rest is legit Piss Thoughts, yay!)

Now this has a solid and...
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