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25 year-old male from Boston, MA
I write books. That will always be the most important part.

When I'm not writing books, I like the usual, I guess. Reading, some film and TV (really just Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Vikings on TV though) and of course video games, even though the writing and the day job means I only get to play those rarely.

Huge fantasy nerd. It's what I love to read and what I love to write, but as you can see above historical and sci-fi are also favorites even though I've written sci-fi only rarely and my only attempt at historical fiction was the worst book (thankfully unpublished) I'd ever written.
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Ferguson, TV Media and Crying WolfSo as some of you know, Ferguson, Missouri basically transformed into a third world village this last week.

Now I've been following it since before any major media outlets, through the tweets and accounts of people on the ground. I saw when journalists were arrested for filming. I saw when tear gas and rubber bullets were fired at peaceful protesters, before any looting had happened. Then the TV media jumped in, and today I got shaken to the bone.

The short form of what happened is once TV media got involved, there are people - I don't know what percentage of the population, but at least one person too many - who assumed off the bat that it was all just the news spinning a yarn. Eve...
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