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TL;DRi needed to write down my dream so you can skip to the end.
So my resistance group comes across an unknown type of creature that produces a chemical to the dominate force in the area and is tracking us down. As we fight and are pushed back, our ships that seem to be floating are being damaged greatly, as if the sails are being shot out. Several small bands show up to shore up the defenses and a truce is called.
I am part of a group that all seems to lead as one, and we take one ship into the headquarters of the enemy. As we make our way in we come across a guard that is a friend of the enemies leader. i proceed to empty my clip into him. At this point i know everything is fubared. So my group splits up into cells and proceeds to kill as many soldiers and steal as many things as possible.
My squad leader is also our scientist. we head into the large facility, that also seems to be a mall in general with large civilian population, and find the labratory. Only to find they have several specimens of the coral species we only just discovered. We are told to get moving again as fighting has broken out over the death of a friend of the boss. the fighting begins, with close quarters room to room fighting. I break out of a store and into an open area were people are panicking and open fire on the guards that are entering the plaza. we make our way across the area and our groups converge in one room.
There are 12 of us. As we sit for a moment i run down a small back hall and as i come to an opening to another room, i see it has a tiered lay out with my door way at the low end of 2 tiers with a few head poking out over them looking down my hallway. I pick up speed and slam into the lowest tier, only to look up and see a man of massive proportions and i squeeze the trigger dropping the man after several three round bursts, with the chaos ensuing i dash out spraying the room, a thought occurs, that i knew that man as well, a brother of a friend...
As i enter the holdout room, it becomes apparent from the weight of my gun i am low on ammo, and have one last clip which i give to another man, who is becoming known to me, as someone in my Japanese class. I whip out a katana for a last ditch weapon.
I see a man run up to one of the outside store weapons and way-lay the window with a massive sword, he grabs a flash bang and tosses it in among us as foot steps from the hallway grow louder. I drop to the floor and cover my ears before the bang goes off. Suddenly my perspective is viewing from one of those assaulting the room.
I can see gun fire everywhere for a moment, and several assaulter s are swinging wildly at an Asian fellow with swords, and we are disintegrating his sword after four swings his sword is gone down to the hilt and he is captured only to be played with. They force him to swallow the dust of his sword and that of the other swords. Force a 2 by 4 into his mouth with the words "the red green show" ( but that is fuzzy), and i soon witness them aiming for a taped spot below his collar bone and pierce with what looks like a simple piece of straight steel, inch cube shaped, all the way through him.
and i wake up.
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