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50 year-old male from Scotland
Shades Of Gray--My DVD Collection In Full.--My bike--My bike at night--I.C.E. HPVs
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Birthday October 17th, 1964
Interests Cycling Blue Box & Dragon action figures (okay they're dolls) theatre military history SETI chocolate Fantasy & Science Fiction books my iMac RvB.
Music Mike Oldfield Jean Michel Jarre Enya Billie Holliday Ella Fitzgerald Nina Simone Johnny Cash The Mediaeval Baebes Joe Jackson Pillow Norah Jones.
Movies The Way Of The Gun; Blackhawk Down; The Boondock saints;The Stunt Man; The Brotherhood Of The Wolf; The Thomas Crown Affair; Hitchcock; Spartan (&; anything else by David Mamet): Shades Of Gray.
TV Shows Smallville Farscape Oz Enterprise The Shield The West Wing Blackadder Dark Skies Third Watch Firefly 24 CSI (all versions) Law &Order (all versions) Wanted UFO .
Books Piers Anthony ; Neal Asher ; Iain M.Banks ; C.J.Cherryh ; Robert Crais ; David Gerrold ; Jon Courtenay Grimwood ; Stephen Hunter ; Dennis Lehane ; China Mieville ; Richard Morgan ;Terry Pratchett