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27 year-old male from Chula Vista, CA
i love to laugh, im very calm, just ask if you want to know more or check my interests,sorry but i wont be accepting random friend requests anymore,

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Name Dragon
Occupation musician......and oh yeah student
Birthday May 9th, 1988
Interests love movies going to shows/concerts i love reading poetry Martial Arts Psychology Philosophy History SCI FI etc love to play stringed instruments writing lyrics/poetry Imported Beer Whisky Photography traveling party video games I detest Close minded people Stupidity Friend whores and people who have no life ouside the internet. I enjoy Dark/sarcastic and politically incorrect humor.
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Music Rush Led zeppelin Black sabbath YES cream the doors The rolling stones pink floyd heart blue cheer scorpions Boston ACDC BOC Kansas CCR Elvis Hendrix the who U2 van halen Queen The beatles The ramones MISFITS the clash Bad religion DEad kennedys NOFX Black flag social distortion A fire inside Antiflag Us bombs CONVERGE BTBAM BLeeding trough Himsa disfear Trivium Iron maiden old slayer oldmetallica Nirvana soundgarden stone temple pilots Alice in chains Incubus NIN TOOL A perfect circle the smashing pumpkins Deftones The mars volta at the drive in Sublime tiger army Sonic youth placebo Rancid nekromantix Reverend horton heat Johny cash ELP Alan parsons project. RHCP The talking heads.Bad company foreigner the kinks lynyrd skynyrd the police Rod stewart simon and garfunkel The faint flock of seagulls billy idol duran duran dead or alive and theres a lot more.jehtro tull. focus. the byrds. the beach boys. dick dale. and many many more.
Movies GODFATHER old starwars black hawk down goodfellas saving private ryan Enter The dragon LOTR The song remains the same dog day afternoon Indiana jones pulp fiction Heat Ronin waynes world silence of the lambs Hanibal red dragon casino the thin red line almost famous walk the line braveheart talladega nights Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle stranger than fiction deer hunter meet the parents meet the fockers wedding crashers Anchorman Clerks 1 and 2 Jay and silent bob strike back mallrats Dogma Oldschool blades of glory wildhogs most of akira kurosawa's movies Alien series starship troopers 1 The crow midway and theres more i just cant remember them all
TV Shows family guy simpsons 70s show band of brothers southpark invader zim HOUSE md scrubs friends will and grace two and a half men Frasier The Sara Connor chronicles Trigun cowboy bebop berserk evangelion robotech Futurama dragonball Z GT Rocko's modern life etc etc etc/
Books All of the Halo books beyond good and evil.the geneology of morals Ecce homo the birth of tragedy the antichrist Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None the epic of gilgamesh Othello Macbeth ecce homo the genealogy of morals the last templar Anthem The marriage of the sun and the moon Aliens: Harvest Enders game 1984 the island the quiet American 2001 2010 and 2065 third odyssey The Lords The New creatures No one here gets out Alive Wonderland Avenue The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud Ghost Rider. starship troopers the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring.