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25 year-old male from Fayetteville, WV
Livin' life the way I want to.
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MyspaceTo anyone who wants to know and see the rest of my artwork, you can check out my myspace under myspace.com/ty_zeta . No, I'm not a myspace addict, so don't worry, I'm not that much of a loser. And if you want to be added you have to message me your redvsblue name.
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Name Ty
Occupation Student
Birthday April 5th, 1990
Interests Drawing making jokes anime & manga.
Music All American Rejects The Beatles Billy Joel Bob Dylan Bob Sieger Bowling for Soup Crush 40 E. S. Posthumas Eninem Evanescence Gin Blossoms GreenDay Gins N Roses John Denver Jonah 33 Josh Turner The Killers L'Arc-en-Ciel Lemon Demon Linkin Park Lord of The Rings Soundtrack Metallica The Monkees My Chemical Romance Orange Range Peter Paul and Mary Queen Rod Stewart Simon & Garfunkel Simpli Plan System of a Down U2 Utada Hikaru Weird Al The Who & YellowCard.
Movies Monty Python and the Holy Grail Kung Pow! Enter the Fist V for Vendetta The Matrix series the two Naruto movies no doubt I will like the two Death Note movies Pink Panther Obviously the Red Vs. Blue movies The Very FIRST Pokémon movie Saw I II III The two Grudges Ghostbusters Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Borat Napolean Dynamite(it was a documentary about myself) & Sonic the Hedgehog.
TV Shows Naruto Full Metal Alchemist Hellsing One Piece Trigun Death Note Family Guy South Park Everybody Loves Raymond Whose Line is it Anyways? Avatar The Fairly Odd Parents Spongebob Squarepants Xialin Showdown Jackie Chan Adventures & The Adevntures of Secret Agent Bob and Secret Agent Steve.
Books ALL MANGA The Count of Monte Cristo The Giver Of Mice & Men.