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Red vs. Blue Seasons 7 and 8Well, it's only been two days since I posted about my appreciation for the sixth season of Red vs. Blue. Since then, I have blown through the following two seasons and wrapped up my time in The Recollection. All I can say is, "Wow."

Rooster Teeth never really ceases to amaze me with their work. I was really impressed with the storyline that ran its course during The Recollection. While The Blood Gulch Chronicles were great, I found these three seasons to be be immensely more immersing. Furthermore, the CGI work in season eight blew me away. I nearly shat my pants when the Warthog smashed through the wall! As always, character progression and presentation were great. RT found a way to make the series a bit more serious than its predecessing seasons, but were able to keep (and escalate) the humor of the characters. Even Washington and the Meta had some funny lines! I also loved how they ended The Recollection in the last episode. It was emotional (in a good way!) and shaped everything into a perfect circle, if you will. 'Church' has such a way with words...

All in all, it seems like RT found the right way to go with their series. I'm so eager to start delving into season nine so I can make some headway into the new episodes. Bravo, Rooster Teeth. I love this show.

Also, I still love Caboose. <3
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