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This generation of gamingI'm unsure of how many will actually read this, but here it goes!
So, I've been thinking lately, and the recent podcasts have helped. I know i wasn't born back when Tron (the original) was out; the movie or game - it's made me think about something.
What if our favourite games of our time will be re-made with the newest technology in another 30 years. WIll Halo: Combat Evolved have better graphics than Reach by 100x? Or will Call of Duty become too life like.
These are our generation of games. The old Mario for example. Mario is celebrating 25 years this year, and to think back in '85 (when i wasn't even a sperm yet!) that this 'Mario' character was created, would have anybody thought he'd be who he was today? A major icon for a competitive gaming corporation; Nintendo. What does X-box have? Master Chief, Marcus and Dom, or the Hero. Or Playstation, they have (now) Drake from the Uncharted series. - I'm not a fan of the PS3, call me 360 bias and I'll agree, i don't know any other major leading characters for the console exclusively. - Will Mario be around another 25 years? Will our beloved Chief hit the 25 year milestone. In some way i hope so, and in others i don't. I want him to be a part of my past, something special I can hold on to and look back on and say to my grandkids, "This guy was so cool, i always spent $149.99 for Legendary to show my support" and be the cool one with the memorabilia of Noble team, or a deck of cards based on Fable 3 characters. Now mind you, grand children is roughly 40 years away, i still have to have my Own children before they have their own. If anybody had taken the time to read this, please feel free to tell me how you feel about this situation !

Another thing; X-Box360 marketplace - Should they come out with some way to Rent games to the console? Say, 650 ms points for a 5 day console rental from the time you start playing (not the start of the download. I'm assuming, though, people aren't buying the new 4gb consoles)

Thanks for reading!
Should the X-box Live marketplace offer a rental system?
A) Yes
B) No

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