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40 year-old female from Tallahassee, FL
Art student. Digital painter. Lover of all things Halo. Sangheili fetishist.

Yes, both the avatar and the painting of Meta are done by me.

I accept most random friend requests IF YOU ARE 20+.
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Oh look, ARTHere, everyone. Have my senior thesis project, the source of much pain and suffering over the last 12 weeks or so. This and two detail images are currently on display at the FSU Museum of Fine Art in large format prints that turned out beautifully - this one is a 30"x40" print. I am happy. This means I get to graduate and stuff. Now I just need to survive opening reception for the grad show this Friday...

Sculpted, textured, and rendered in ZBrush 4R5. Composite and image editing done in Photoshop CS6. Clicky to see it all big and stuff.

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Name Zero-One-Three
Occupation Freelancer (Yes, I'm serious), BFA Studio Art major, mad digital scientist
Birthday December 30th, 1974
Interests Art video games military history writing horses.
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Music A whole lot of everything anymore. Except country. Always on the lookout for music I haven';t heard yet. Feel free to suggest.
Movies Hipster Kitty watches a lot of fruity foreign films you9;ve never heard of.
TV Shows I don't watch TV. Like ever.
Books Anything from Dickens to Updike. I like old school sci-fi and read a lot of non-fic about military history. I love to read.