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Favorite Movie Line: Am I not merciful? AM I NOT MERCIFUL?!?!?!

www.powerboxtech.com <--those guys rock.

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Name Joshua
Occupation CRM Support Technician
Birthday August 13th, 1980
Interests Guitar movies gaming technology snowboarding fishing hunting PHP SQL Oracle C# Computer hardware linux...geeky stuff camping coffee travel
Music Derek Webb Jack Johnson Blindside Caedmon's Call FIF Dave Matthews Band Bebo Norman The Postal Service Unwed Sailor Snailhuntr Dashboard Confessionals Guster Black Eyed Sceva Seven Day Jesus Sparta Interpol Josh Bales Foo Fighters Weezer
Movies Gladiator; King Aurthur; Snatch; Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Big Trouble The Butterfly Effect
TV Shows Don't really get to watch much TV