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28 year-old male from Del Sur, CA
By the way..... I'm not 19, that was a technical error.
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New JournalWell, I was told to write a journal last time I visited here, so here you go.

I would write about something intresting, but I don't feel comfortable exposing myself.
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Name Nik
Occupation Full Time Slacker
Birthday January 22nd, 1987
Interests Movies games (not so much anymore) Cannon God eXaXXion (it's a manga) girls (broke up with mine recently. By the way the best break-up line ever is "I killed a monkey...." it totally worked.) sleeping making bombs collecting vinyl records (just bought me London Calling never opened) doin' smack...... I MEAN!!!! Helping the homeless....... and that's about it.....
Music Led Zeppelin A Sly and the Family Stone Handsome Devil Afroman Tupac The Beatles Bob Dylan The Rolling Stones James Brown Social Distortion Sublime Dre Snoop Dogg (90's Era) Black Sabbath some Elvis Scorpions AC/DC Johnny Cash Korn System of a Down Louis Armstrong Louis Jordan Muddy Waters Robert Johnson Run DMC Public Enemy The Doors Offspring Old Green Day Old Weezer Wu-Tang Clan CKY WAR Rick James Avenged Sevenfold The Clash Sex Pistols Jimi Hendrix Experience Nirvana Benefit (Warp to World 6-9) The Who Deep Purple Foo Fighters The Police Guns N' Roses (even though Axle Rose is a fucking prick) Soundgarden Iron Maiden Spinal Tap Busta Rhymes Outkast Blue Oyster Cult Pink Floyd Alice Cooper Chuck Berry Jerry Lee Lewis Bob Marley Eric Clapton Cream No Doubt Ice Cube NWA Mike Jones Ramones MC Pee-Pants Smashing Pumpkins Alice In Chains Eminem (first two albums anyway third one was alright too) Prince Ray Charles Judas Priest ect.
Movies Pulp Fiction Red vs Blue Princess Mononoke Donnie Darko City of God Raging Bull American Beauty The Shawshank Redemption The Big Lebowski Spirited Away Sin City Sideways Crash Labyrinth A Clockwork Orange The Warriors Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas Battle Royale SNAKES ON A PLANE!!! (oh yeah baby) Blue Velvet The Deer Hunter On The Waterfront The Bridge On The River Kwai Seven Samurai The Good The Bad And The Ugly The Silence Of The Lambs Reservoir Dogs Apocalypse Now The Graduate Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi Serenity Blade Runner Raiders of the Lost Ark The Godfather part 1 & 2 The Wizard of Oz Seven Samurai Monty Python and the Holy Grail Brokeback Mountain Goodfellas Peeping Tom.
TV Shows X-Play Firefly Dinosaurs David the Gnome In Living Color Chappelle's Show Nip/Tuck Are You Afraid of the Dark? Curb Your Enthusiasm The Muppet Show Fraggle Rock Clerks the Tv Series South Park Family Guy FLCL Inuyasha (not so much anymore) King of the Hill Icons Filter Land of the Lost Jackass The Boondocks Robot Chicken Sealab 2021 Aqua Teen Hunger Force All My Children I Love the 70's 80's and 90's Best Week Ever Good Times Seinfeld Friends Simpsons That 70's Show Married With Children SNL ect.
Books Sideways Rainbow Six (took me six years to finish...... come'on gimme a break I started it whenI was in 4th grade..... well that still doesn't excuse what happened with grades 7 through 9....) Every book that has ever been made into a movie I like to make comparisons.