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26 year-old male from the home town of Rooster Teeth

Currently Playing: Left 4 Dead, Crysis, Crysis Warhead, COD World at War
Currently Browsing: J!NX.com (greatest website ever)
Currently Watching: Pineapple Express
Currently Listening to: Fette's Vette, MC Chris
Currently Anticipating: Sims 3, Girlfriend is a huge fan

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WoWSo i went by Circuit City looking at all of the deals seeing as they are going out of business. I bought FarCry 2, two copies of Enemy Territory Quake Wars, and the Battle Chest for World of Warcraft. Thats right, I have joined the online sensation that is WoW.

Character name = Kayahe

If your on, hit me a friend invite.
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Name Ryan
Occupation Account Executive at Visionary Products
Birthday June 26th, 1989
Interests Friends Girls Videogames (of course) Food Baseball Cars anything technology wise and Red Vs Blue
Music I really dont have a specific genre I listen to but I'll listen to anything as long as it is Rock
Movies Trilogies
TV Shows Anything on Adult Swim Comedy Central and G4TV
Books What the hell is a book?