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ClickbaitClickbaiting is seen as a cheap and hacky tactic to attract users to articles on the internet, while reducing the quality of the article via the use of Sensationalist Headlines.

Why is this relevant all of a sudden?
Recently, with the acquisition of Funhaus, the new team is no longer a part of Machinima, and are working more freely.
A quick internet search can show that previously clickbait thumbnails and tactics were used as part of Inside gaming

When titles and thumbnails use questions to attract an audience, it's not a simple headline, it's a question, and not any question, it's something that makes the writer look like they doubt their own article. It's a question that could be replaced with a real, and well thought out headline. Because generally the answer to these questions are always yes.
They're cheap, tacky and make your site look like sh*t

I was planning on using my own unique example, but it's really not needed, why?

Oh, it's becoming an increasing trend already
Let's highlight the best one

This actually doesn't make any sense, first of all the video title starts out as a statement, but a question mark is placed at the end. Secondly, if the title wanted to make more sense, while retaining the lack of value, it should be written as "Did PS4 sales beat Xbox One's in Janurary."
But none the less, it's still written as if the person writing the article doubts whether or not the facts are true

In another community that I am a lot more regular in, we have been discussing this recently.

While it's dramatically better than repeating the video title in the thumbnail (Videos do have titles next to them about 90% of the time, poor use of real estate, Good example of a thumbnail is one that gives the user a taste of what to expect in the video, while not exaggerating the amount of text in the image, again, titles and descriptions are made for words), or this phase, which I wish I forgot was a thing

Can, we just go back to when things actually made sense, and the content of the video was actually well described?
While yes, I know the thumbnails are broken, but the titles are stretched out to actually inform the viewer of what content is actually contained in the video, while keeping a more professional touch to what you want to inform the audience with.
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