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Moving to my new place soon!So my grandmother's place is almost done. We are expect it to be finished in the next 3 weeks....well she says three we say two. So I have been looking for furniture! So hard to find the right captain/day bed with a bookcase on the side. Hopefully when that happens I can start doing videos again because my Aunt and my cousin won't be able to hear me from there. Yea, it's a studio apartment in my aunt's place. I love having understanding family members.

Although - if I get this job in Austin that I applied a bunch of times too I would freak out. About getting a job closer to my career path I want - not because of where I applied. I have been told by a supervisor at my current workplace that I need to get out because I literally get all my stuff done before I need to and he wants me to stop because he ends up giving me busy work so the manager doesn't complain of me sitting there. Lawls....

Anyway, this was a quick blurb. It's icy outside so I'm cold. I will put the heat up and read a book before bed. Night!
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