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25 year-old female from Philadelphia, PA
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urbanphoenix fox
Room for RTX: SECURED! + Still hoping for the job in Austin + moreSo I now have a room for RTX. Now I'm set for RTX. I can't wait to go. Hoping I'll be looking as in shape as I want to be because that would be an awesome goal.

As for the job, I tried to contact the response yet. I'm still being hopeful. Send me good vibes people! Even my brother told me I'll get a new job in June, so I'm hoping...

Other stuff in my life. Still trying to grow my hair out. By summer it should be at my mid back. I want longer. As of right now, still waiting on the other half of my refund to get the Canon I want. Need to get it before RTX, that would be optimal. Planning on getting a green screen kit for so stuff I have ideas for. Mig...
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