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I am 14 years old. My proudest moments are playing a key role in drafting the Treaty of Versailles and being 2nd key background artist on “A Bug’s Life” for the Gameboy Color. I have served in both the Taft and Buchanan administrations and was head of communications for the McGovern presidential campaign. I have a tattoo of Louis Farrakhan on my lower left bicep and a large tat of Abigail Adams on my chest. I like video games; not enough to marry them, but enough to have a casual friendship with moments of lustful awkwardness.
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Urban Meanderings-Consoles Competition 1With the launch of the Xbox 360 today ushering in yet another video game console generation, I cannot help but wonder (as most gamers undoubtedly are) which console will entrance the fickle public and gain dominance throughout the land….or at least which one will be plugged into the back of the most television sets. With every new generation speculation from the media, fans, and marketing firms try to shape and approximate which system will define and rule over all others. And every gamer once again prepares for the five year onslaught of fanboys on message boards banging on their keyboards, with a passion not seen since having to choose whether one was part of the union or confederacy, as to why the machine they insert optical disks to play games on is greater for the congregate of mankind than Buddha, Shiva, Jesus, Mohammad, Moses, and Miss Piggy dipped in chocolate. So as this ritual is starting to take shape, with the Nintendo fanboys claiming that the “Revolution” is truly revolutionary and not just a more technologically advanced rendition of a Xavix, and Microsoft 360 fanboys trying their hardest to silence the tiny voice in their head that is telling them that the games they have seen so far are pretty but really do just look like slightly higher resolution Xbox games, and as Sony fanboys…well Sony fanboys aren’t saying anything, they’re to busy building a good credit rating…gotta afford that Playstation 3 somehow; I am beginning to wonder what exactly are the advantages to video game consoles competing with each other. How does this competition affect game development, the larger video gaming scene, and most importantly we as gamers.

Being of the mind that you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve come from- and a fan of clichéd, folksy colloquialisms- I am inclined to look back at previous console generations including the now fading Xbox, Gamecube, Playstation 2 era. This generation has refined a central theme in the world of video gaming that started to emerge during the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo days, and that is the importance of console exclusive games. Back in 1992 we may not have had the luxury of being able to slowly fritter away the few decades we have on the planet by arguing on virtual message boards about why Samus could once and for all rid Raccoon city of their zombie problem, but we did know if we were Sonic people or Mario people. Today gamers know if they prefer assuming the identity of a kid who carries around a sword dressed as a green elf trying to save the same girl for the trillionth time, if they like to dress up in green armor and ride around in buggies under a large semi circle killing aliens, or if they want to walk down fictional counterparts of New York, Miami, and Los Angels putting bullets into cops heads. Most video gamers know which franchise they adore; not like, not enjoy, but without hesitation must own. Be it the aforementioned Zelda, Halo, or Grand Theft Auto series, the average gamer knows that certain systems will be the exclusive home to these titles, or at least be the exclusive home for a few years, and most will make their console purchases accordingly. Sure the Sega Genesis version of Mortal Kombat had blood and everyone knows that Street Fighter II Turbo for SNES was way better than the generic Street Fighter II Championship Edition, and yet I am sure very few people made the decision of buying either system based solely on the quality of multi-platform games. Rather, it was the exclusive titles that made you grab your six button controller or flick that tiny purple power bar on. Now sure their were exclusive titles before the Genesis or the Super Nintendo but that particular console war was the true beginning of real company loyalty amongst gamers and the polarizing climate that made a game released for either system a direct lob at their opponent . What with the brash, load, voice screaming out SEGA! at the end of every Sonic commercial or a man in a Mario suit whacking a blue hedgehog with a plunger the scene was being set for what started to progress soon their after like a Playstation being thrown off a buildingâ€somehow proving that the Sega Saturn is a better console (although in its defense the Sega Saturn can levitate in the air for sometime) or Crash Bandicoot outside of both Nintendo and Sega office building with a bullhorn. Companies were beginning to rationalize that to yield the highest profit to be had; a video game console had to compete against their rival tit for tat. Each system must have the same game released for it, or at least a similar version of the same game along with in-house, first and second party content. This structure of cross platform gaming, along with first party titles has remained in use today.
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