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      A new behind the scenes video has been released to sponsors, and will be up for non-sponsors soon. It's about how they managed to model a community member into Carolina.

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    • Another Crackpot: Sarge = AAG

      7 years ago


      I already posted this in the Crackpot thread, but I decided to include it here and keep all the details together.

      Burnie said that we would see the RvB characters in Project Freelancer in places we wouldn't expect. There's a popular theory about the identity of MBG, and some have assumed him to be Sarge. But I think he's actually Attention Asshole Guy.

      Think about it: they both wear red armor, both are (or for Sarge, had been) ODSTs, and also carry a shotgun as their primary weapon. Not only that, but AAG seems to like taking charge (like in episode 3 and 15), just like Sarge.

      But wait, you say? Wasn't AAG killed by a blast from the Mother of Invention? So how could Sarge... Don't forget that RvB characters are notorious for surviving near death experiances, i.e Donut with the sticky grenade, Tucker with the rocket. Not only that, but in Episode 3 AAG was on the platform when it blew up, and yet turns up in episode 15 perfectly fine! Furthermore, Sarge also lived from a bullet in the head back in Season 1.

      And what about his hatred for Blues (or for that matter, anything that's blue)? I believe it all stems from Carolina, who in episode 3 single handedly kicked his ass and ruined his entire operation (I assume he's in charge of the "Insurrectionist" team, as well as the platform) in the Arctic Ocean. The blast in episode 15 was powerful enough to not only knock him off, but have major memory loss. But during the brainwashing procedures at Command, subconciously he remembered about being an ODST and favoriting a shotgun, as well as having a hatred for all that is blue (from Carolina, as stated before) and undying loyalty to red (from him being an "Insurrectionist").

    • Tale of Two Metas

      7 years ago


      Just a little something something I made up (and also posted in the Crackpot thread)

      Crackpot Theory: A Tale of Two Metas

      The Meta we saw in Revelation was actually a clone created from when the original Meta used the time distortion unit in Reconstruction.

      We know that when Carolina had two AI, she was reduced to nothing but an empty shell. However, it never made sense to me how the Meta (after the Emp blast went off at the end of Reconstruction) would be stomping around just fine, especially at the end of Revelation. But I think the answer is in plain sight.

      In Season 5, when Wyoming used the TDU, he created a bunch of clones. So the same should still apply when the Meta used it during the fight with Wash, Church, and Caboose. However, there’s seemingly no evidence of a Meta clone running around during the entirety of Recollections.

      Or is there?

      Here’s the theory; the original Meta really perished at the end of Reconstruction (seeing as there’s no AI running his body anymore, he’s pretty much “dead”). But a clone Meta (created from the TDU being used) began running around until assumingly being apprehended by Command and enlisted to help Wash to capture Epsilon in exchange for his freedom. We all know the rest; clone Meta turned on Wash but ended up falling off a cliff and most likely frozen in a block of ice.

      Other evidence supporting this is that in Revelation, Meta was a lot more, should I say, mobile than in Reconstruction. Seeing as how it’s impossible to clone AI (which I believe is the cause for Meta’s less mobility; they’re all fighting for control of his body), the clone Meta would be free of being hindered by the AI’s control, allowing him to be able to reach his full potential like in Revelation.

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