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      3 years ago


      Season 11 of RvB came out on Friday June 14th and I now I'm like.. I guess I should make my first Journal entry? As everyone else I cannot wait until the next episode of RvB, but on top of that I can't wait for the first episode of RWBY! The Flagship show RvB will never go away and RWBY could be another that just doesn't die if they don't want it do. With great writers such as Miles, Kerry, and the Animating God Monty it's sure to be a long lasting hit! BUT Back to RvB.. On it's 11th season.. Unfortunately I was late finding RvB, I found it when they were in season 8. I found the first episode..... AND BOOM it was fucking hilarious I watched all the episodes up to the date.. I was like.. Shit, I've caught up. However, after season 10 came out and I had the opportunity to purchase such an incredible gift in the 14 disc 10 season boxset, I had to! Watching all the commentaries, panels, interviews, and Q&A's.. It's been a pleasure watching these guys progress over the years and video after video of original content that is just so damn funny.

      I will continue my support of them because of their comedy and care for their community. They are all a huge part of the Communities lives.. that includes NOT just Achievement Hunter, but EVERYONE in Rooster Teeth! Animators, Compositors, Writers, Actors, Voice Actors, Mangers, Producers, and of course the Owners and CEOs.. I mean having Burnie as your boss? That's fantastic! The dude treats his employees like friends and so does Matt and that's what you want in bosses.

      I Congratulate everyone working on RvB for an 11th season and many more to come. Also Congratulations to Achievement Hunter for their success in the Let's Play Channel and continue looking forward to New Content.. ^-^ smiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

      Everyone's Favorite Brick Whale, Erik...
      (Because What other Brick Whales do you know?)

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