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    • RTX App - Looking for Testers!

      5 years ago


      For the past week or so, I had been debating if I could make an iPhone app for RTX but as some members of the community have pointed out, it would make more sense to make it a web based app so that anyone attending RTX can access it regardless of what phone they are using.

      So I'm happy to say that I've been working on it all day today and I'm hoping to have a working version by the end of tomorrow!

      Anyone interested in testing the app just let me know and I'll let you know as soon as it goes live.

      I'm actually quite excited about this, if i finish what I'm calling "Phase 1" by tomorrow, it means I have 2 weeks to add extra features based on user feedback smiley13.gif

    • RTX Buddy Idea

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      So I've been considering creating an app for iPhone/iPad to serve as an RTX buddy with information on the guests, exhibitors, twitter feeds, schedules, etc.

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    • I got a bone to pick with next gen Console War

      5 years ago


      This console war thing is stupid and people keep crying over details that don't even make sense.

      Lets start with Consoles:
      - Great advertising technique from Sony by misleading comparison. The Console is coming out at $399 camera not included. Lets say the camera is $50. This means the price difference between it and the Xbox One ($499) is only $50 since xbox brings everything included.
      - Both consoles have 500GB HDD, however Xbox allows usb memory expansion. Pop in a 1TB external if you want. Sony hasn't said if they allow that too.
      - Size of the consoles: Xbox One, slightly smaller than PS3 slim. PS4 slightly smaller, looks like a black Wii playing italics. Good news, both are square boxes and they can be stacked on top of each other if you want. No more half rounded crap.
      - Controllers: Always personal preference from gamer to gamer. Personally Xbox has the best controller, I'm glad it didn't change much, but this is 100% opinion based.

      Now lets talk games:
      - PS4 show stoppers were Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if Square Enix releases FF XV for Xbox One later like they did with a few of the latest FF games.
      - Destiny gameplay looked amazing right? Good. Its runs on 360, Xbox One and Ps3 too.
      - Xbox has too many exclusives. I feel this is both good and bad, good for targeting specific markets, bad because of the same reason. Forza 5 looks amazing as did every other game they showed.
      - Witcher 3 specially looked really amazing, and lets not forget that Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare! Both of these titles will be on both consoles too.
      - I feel as far as games went, Microsoft definitely had the upper hand AND 2 free games per month from now till November? I can get behind that. Hopefully they can pre-refund me the "$100" difference from the PS4.

      Finally lets talk about the stupid crying points:
      - "Wahhh my xbox has to connect online once a day wahhh"
      - I call BS on this. Microsoft is not coming into your home and forcing your hand. Now if your playing a game every day and almost all the games shown have changing worlds, then what this happens by magic? Of course not. You need to be online for this. Besides, almost everyone I know at least goes online for netflix anyways.

      - "Wahhh my PS4 doesn't play PS3 games because Sony is not releasing an emulator at launch wahh"
      - Suck it up. PS2 and 360 were the only consoles that were backwards compatible at launch. Nintendo has never done it (outside of handheld devices) and they are still alive and kicking Mario around.

      - "Wahh my Xbox One needs to have kinect connected all the time wahh"
      - Don't like it? put it under the table or in a drawer. It also needs to be plugged into a wall but you don't see me complaining. Connected doesn't mean you have to use it.

      - "Wahhh I gotta pay for used games for Xbox"
      - Okay. Where do I find free used games? I gots to know! Gamestop and other retail game stores are actually the ones paying the extra fee for used games, not users. Only people who should complain about this is Gamefly AND even then this is totally up to the developer, not microsoft. They are simply allowing people to charge more for their games, this is a good thing so a lot of these companies don't go out of business.

      - "Wahh Xbox now helps my laziness with voice commands and tv"
      - Don't talk to your electronics. They now listen so you don't feel like a crazy person.

      Now what really grinds my gears
      The freaking biased magazines. When Sony did their PS4 reveal everyone complained that they shot their own foot before even starting the race.
      Then when microsoft did the xbox reveal, everyone started complaining about every stupid little point. I mean seriously, at this time and age, I'm allowing my microwave to not connect to my internet 24/7 because I don't care what time it think it is but other than that everything and everyone is connected. Ask your government if they aren't already watching your every move or tracking your phones gps.
      I don't need to see Forbes magazine or Kotaku every morning bad mouthing Microsoft or Sony for bringing up great new consoles that almost match your average gaming PC.

      Honestly, not everyone is going to agree with everything Microsoft/Sony says/does. At the end of the day, both consoles will sell a lot and everyone will enjoy amazing new games and move on with their lives. So quit your crying and start saving up for the console you personally want or for both if that is what you want.

    • Master Chief Mark VI helmets - Part 6

      5 years ago


      Unlike the last few posts, this one covers a couple of days of work since it was the same process done multiple times. The fiberglass resin step. NOTE: Must use protective gear for this step


      Materials: Fiberglass resin, fiberglass resin hardener, gloves, respirator/face mask, brush, mixing cup and mixing stick, acetone.

      The first layer of resin I used about 6 oz of resin and 19 drops of hardener. This was a bit too much hardener since it started hardening on the cup before I was able to use all of it. This took about 6 or 8 hours for it fully dry. It is also important to note that this layer should be very thin since resin has a chance to warp the paper.


      The second layer of resin I used about 4 oz of resin and 14 drops of hardener. This was a perfect amount, a few spots didn't get fully covered but it worked for most of them. Since I needed to differentiate the first layer from the second layer, I added a few drops of green and black paint on the resin.


      After the second layer fully dried, I cut off the visor from the helmet using an x-acto knife to prepare for the next step which involves adding fiberglass cloth on the inside of the helmets.

      Tip of the day 6:
      Acetone is your best friend!

      For the fiberglass step, it is important to use proper protective gear. Respirator to not inhale fumes, gloves to not get resin on your skin. Of course this step needs to be done outside and fairly quick.

      The down side is that things can get messy and with that and holding/moving the helmet around there is a high chance of getting resin on your arms, how do you get rid of it? ACETONE! Soap does almost nothing to get rid of resin but nail polish remover gets rid of it in seconds.

    • Official Guide

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      -Estimated Achievement Difficulty: --
      -Offline: -- (-- points)
      -Online: -- (-- points)
      -Approximate time to 1000: -- hours
      -Minimum number of playthroughs needed: --
      -Number of missable achievements: --
      -Glitched achievements: --
      -Do cheat codes disable achievements? --
      -Does difficulty affect achievements? --

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    • Master Chief Mark VI helmets - Part 5

      5 years ago


      As I mentioned on my last post, I finished helmet 2 and I considered going back to finishing helmet 1 but instead I threw helmet 1 away and started working on number 3 which I decided would be Emile's helmet from Reach!



      Unlike the previous one, this one has a lot less details so it took me only about a day and a half of work and I gotta say I'm extremely excited about it. I left the visor and rest of helm as a 2 piece project simply because I figured this will make the next step of adding fiberglass resin on the inside a lot easier

      Downside of it.. it is also huge and way too big for a normal human head, but that's okay if nothing else... they will both be awesome for decoration!

      Tip of the day 5:
      Less detail is better

      At first i thought using models with most details would be better but after going through the process i realize that most of that detail will go away during resin and sanding process, and will need to be re-added later on by hand. Pepakuras with more detail just make the first step take even more time.

    • Master Chief Mark VI helmets - Part 4

      5 years ago


      Today I am happy to announce that I have finally completed helmet 2!

      In order to cut, fold and tape all of this helm together took roughly 25~35 hours of work. Really long time but I would just watch movies or do other things while I worked on it

      I'll admit at points I was having a really hard time putting some pieces together so I just kinda taped it and hoped it worked.

      I'll try to finish out the smaller helm between today and tomorrow as well, so this weekend I can begin doing the fiberglass resin portion of the project.

      I'll also start working on helm #2 which will be Emile's helmet. I'll make a video tutorial for that one as well as the fiberglass portion of the project, so although this helm is complete.. the project is just starting!

      Tip of the day 4:
      Making your helm unique!

      Many times I was faced with the issue that some pieces were too small to be easily added so I would just sort of ignore them and patch up the holes from the inside. While this is partially cheating, it was also good because it would add extra support on the inside of the helm.

      I don't recommend doing this unless absolutely necessary but hey, any small"imperfection" is actually a small step to making your helm your own and not just another exact replica.

      Of course, once painted it will continue to changes but hey, every bit counts! smiley13.gif

    • Master Chief Mark VI helmets - Part 3

      5 years ago


      Helmet 2 is finally starting to take shape! Its starting to get harder now to add pieces when I have to tape on the inside because I keep having to reach under and then find the exact location where to put the tape.

      Here are some images:


      As you can see from the comparison with the 22" monitor on the back, the helm is actually quite huge. I'm sure it would fit a real spartan but it will most likely look too big for me, but that has now become irrelevant! I can't wait to reach the final product because as it is already it is looking quite sick!

      Tip of day 3:
      Keep it balanced and turn it up

      By this stage of building it, it is next to impossible to ass all the pieces while looking at the helm from a straight forward point of view. Turning the helm upside down on your lap helps see the inside and place the pieces in their proper place.

      When this is not needed, you would want to use something big on the inside to hold it in place and balanced, in my case I'm using a box of alcohol smiley13.gif

    • Master Chief Mark VI helmets - Part 2

      5 years ago


      I'm now a couple of days into the making of these helms and I gotta admit - it is a bit tiresome all the cutting and folding but overall its not difficult.

      Today I'll post pictures first smiley13.gif



      The biggest challenge I've found while working on helmet 2 which wasn't there on the first one is the fact that more details = smaller pieces, and for some of them numbers overlap so its a bit hard to match them.

      Size however is now becoming quite defined the difference between the two - Helmet 1 (the small one) fits me like a baseball cap, I imagine once its done it wont fit me anymore but it will be nice decoration. Helmet 2 on the other hand is noticeably bigger which is a good thing! I intend to put padding inside to hold it in place

      Tip of day 2: (for anyone who wants to try this for the first time too)
      Start small!

      On the first helmet I had decided to try and put together all the big pieces first and hope that this would make me finish faster, however on helmet 2 i found out its better to start with the small pieces on the back of the helmet. Its easier to turn and flip small pieces to match the number than once you have to do it holding the whole helm. adding big pieces later rather than early has been a huge help smiley8.gif

    • Master Chief Mark VI helmets - Starting point

      5 years ago


      So this weekend I decided to begin working on a couple of master chief mark VI helmets, hopefully I can have them done by the time RTX comes around smiley13.gif

      I will do this by using pepakura models, paper and tape and later fiberglass resin. Once I'm closer to finishing this I might consider building a few tutorials to cover things that I experienced as a person who is doing anything like this for the first time! (so if anyone out there has some suggestions, I'm all ears)

      Already found my first issue in this task: Not sure what the scale should be so the size of them is definitely going to be a complete gamble it will either be too small or to big.

      To address this I'm simply making each of the helms on a different scales so it will be interesting to see the results of this.

      Here is the first image of the progress by the end of the first day

      I'll call this helmet 1, and its the smaller of the 2 I'll be making. It is definitely not a difficult task, but it does require a lot of time and a lot of patience.

      Tip of day 1: (for anyone who wants to try this for the first time too)
      Know your origami folds!

      There are 2 types of fold you will be using

      Valley Fold: If you are looking at the paper, you want to fold away from you so when you look at it from the side it is folded down. The line will looking like __ __ __ __ __

      Mountain Fold: If you are looking at the paper, you want to fold towards from you so when you look at it from the side it is folded up. The line will looking like ___ _ ___ _ ___

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