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      Comic Update!

      4 months ago

      So for those who are unaware: I'm makin' a comic.

      I've got a few people still helping me out with ideas and writing, but I have the basis for at least the first 5 pages figured out (note: each comic itself is going to basically be a strip. So not like an entire page/multiple pages per update, but a few panels or so). This is where I ask for help. See, I can write and stuff, but man I am not good when it comes to art. I need a wee bit of help in that department.

      If there are any artists out there that wanna help out, I'm basically open to everything. Digital art is strongly preferred, but not required. As long as I can get it online somehow, be it scanned or whatevs, and still look decent. I'm pretty open with any style, but I'd like something more cartoony.

      I'd like to put out a panel at least once a week to start off with, but if I can get enough help, I can probably churn out at least 2 every week.

      So thank you guys! If you could signal boost this and get it around, I'd really appreciate it. This comic is going to be a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to sharing it with you all!

      Any artists interested in helping me out can send me an ask here on the site. Thanks again!


    • AgentEnvy Bees?

      I'm gonna start a comic.

      4 months ago

      When I was a kid, I was in love with writing stories and doodling little comics. I ended up stopping because I guess I was starting to focus on other things? I don't really know, but I remember really enjoying it as a kid and figured, why not pick it up again?

      Well, my writing has gotten infinitely better, but my drawing skills - not so much. Either way, that's not gonna stop me. I've got a few ideas in my head that I'm writing out and trying to figure out which will be the best in the long run, but it's something I'd like help with sooner than later.

      I'd love to do something with the community and I figure I'll take on a few writers and artists if anyone would like to help out.

      If you're interested, leave a comment or shoot me a message! I won't have much right now, but hopefully I'll get a good outline done soon and then move on to the process of actually starting the comic. I've got a few people interested in helping me write, but I still need some artists, so if you, or someone you know, would like to help out, it would mean the world to me. smiley12.gif

      Thanks again, guys!


    • AgentEnvy Bees?

      Life Update

      5 months ago

      Hey guys! Sorry I don't post as much here as I'd like to, I've just a little busy and down in the dumps for a couple of weeks now.


      I'd like to start streaming again but it'll probably be one of those things where I have a set date once a week and then any other days will be completely random. My channel is if you wanna check out some of my past streams!

      On top of that, I'll be voice acting in a halo machinima series called Subcommittee with the wonderful people of Sponge House found here >

      Another series I've helped out with is one my friend @Red_Uncle is working on. You should definitely go check out his youtube channel because it's wonderful, hilarious and he makes great content!

      On a final note, I do have a YouTube channel that I manage with a couple of friends of mine @TheRev28 and @TBSWK and we're working on starting up our first podcast. We really appreciate any views or subs because this is something we're all really passionate about. You can find our channel here

      If anyone would like to do any sort of collaboration or maybe need a voice in any series you plan on working on, I'm your girl. Feel free to message me here or on twitter whenever you want!

      So thank you guys so much, I really appreciate everything the community has helped me with so far. Creating content and making people laugh is one of my biggest dreams in life, and hopefully I'll be able to make a living doing something I absolutely love.


    • AgentEnvy Bees?

      Twtich Streaming!

      6 months ago

      Hey guys, I've recently started streaming a bit more on Twitch!
      My channel is I may or may not be streaming Borderlands at this very moment

      I'll be creating a schedule here soon enough and I'll be sure to post it weekly whenever I do. Please come in and join in on the fun! smiley12.gif

    • AgentEnvy Bees?

      4 MORE YEARS.

      6 months ago

      So today is my 4 year anniversary on the RT site! Lemme tell you guys, it has been a wild ride so far, and I wouldn't ask for anything else.


      Honestly, I have no idea what to write about. I'm just incredibly thankful for this community and all the friends I've made through it. Thank you guys so much, I couldn't ask for better people in my life. smiley12.gif

      Thank you Rooster Teeth for everything you do. You guys have inspired me so much to follow my heart and pursue my own dreams and goals. Hopefully one day I'll be entertaining people in some way and helping them as this family has helped me. So thank you, again.

      I love you guys so much and I can't wait to see what the future holds! smiley12.gif

    • AgentEnvy Bees?

      What am I even doing?

      7 months ago

      Good question. Allow me to answer.



      Well, to be more exact: I'm recording more LP's, starting to stream on Twitch, attempting to write music again, voice acting in a couple of things, and finally starting to write a webcomic idea I've had for a while now. So all in all, I'm actually rather busy despite being jobless at the moment. But, I'm not letting my time go to waste and I'm actually pursuing stuff I really enjoy doing! Who knows, maybe I could actually get somewhere with some of this stuff? here's hoping

      Any exciting projects y'all are working on?

    • AgentEnvy Bees?

      RTX Guardian 2015!

      7 months ago

      Had such a blast being a guardian last year and I can't wait to do it all again! smiley13.gif

      For all you new guardians, howdy and welcome to the team! Can't wait to see old faces and make new friends!


    • AgentEnvy Bees?

      Let's Play Live!

      7 months ago

      For anyone that's going, let me know and I'll try my best to find you and say hi! It's gonna be a blast seeing so many of you again! smiley13.gif


    • AgentEnvy Bees?

      Until I can figure out words to describe how I feel, I’ll just say this...

      8 months ago

      We lost such an amazingly talented, kind-hearted soul and there will never be another person like him. Monty was such an incredible person and I am honored to have been given the chance to meet him. He was just an all around great person and we'll miss him so much.

      During this time, we need to remember to be there for one another. We all have different ways of coping, but just know there will always be someone for you to talk to, and if there isn't, then my ask box is always open. Just please, remember to take it slow today, and don't push yourself. It's okay to cry, it's okay to be devastated, it's okay to feel however you feel right now. Just please remember that we are a family and that we need to help each other however we can in this time.

      On another note: Please, please, please, give the Rooster Teeth staff respect during this time. Do not try to pry, and do not try to complain if they decide to take things slow for a while. They deserve as much time as they need. Most of all, please give Sheena the respect she deserves.

      We'll miss Monty dearly, but it's important to remember the things he has done and to celebrate his life. Do something creative, challenge yourself in new ways. Be the person you've always wanted to be.

      We love you, Monty. smiley12.gif

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    • Nester82


      3 months ago

      Guess what? You Rock!!!!

    • Audrey

      Audrey Spread The Love!

      7 months ago

      Thank you for being on The List! You are awesome! smiley12.gif
      (Also, how are we not friends?!? I could've sworn we were!)
      Spread the love with Warm Fuzzies of your own today!

      • AgentEnvy

        AgentEnvy Bees?

        7 months ago

        Thank you! I'm proud to have been on it. smiley12.gif
        And I'm not sure, but I've changed that! Have a fantastic day! smiley0.gif

    • SavageShark


      10 months ago

      It was good to meet you at the Radio Shack this Thanksgiving night. Always good too find another RedVsBlue fan.

      I never asked: Are you a Red or a Blue?

      • SavageShark


        10 months ago

        Yeah, Blue team all the way!

        Just watch out for those tanks. >A<

      • AgentEnvy

        AgentEnvy Bees?

        10 months ago

        Oh man. Blue. All the way. There will never be a doubt in my mind. :D

    • SavageShark


      10 months ago

      Howdy there, we met at the Radio Shack on Thanksgiving night.

      Hope everything works out for your trip down there. Be careful driving, usually on the open roads to Waco there are some Troopers watching for speeders. Speaking of which, if you feel like it on your trip, there is a comic store in Waco that also sells various collectables from old 80s action figures to current day collectables. As well as comics and assorted swag.

      I grabbed as many Gobots as I could when I was there.

    • supertits


      1 year ago

      IT'S MAH GIRL smiley9.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gif

    • Aaron


      1 year ago

      In response to your message:


    • artduck

      artduck QUACK

      1 year ago


    • williams


      2 years ago

      Hey!!! It's great to hear from you. How's everything going? Playing a lot lately? Marching band season starting up? Just busy here, as usual, makin stuff for RT. :)

    • mgodfrey95


      3 years ago

      Hey Taylor! Haven't talked to you in awhile. I was just going to post up on your wall so we can chat. I have devised a cunning plan to go to RTX '13 (and by that I mean save up all of my monies from this summer and pray it's enough to go.) So what are you up to this summer?
      PS- Love the pic of you and 'Martini' in your Images.

    • MrJacinto

      MrJacinto Hey I'm Grump

      3 years ago

      You. Need. Go. RTX. Next. Year.