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      2 years ago


      ever since i started watching more RT i haven't watch RvB that time...
      when i keep seeing news and posts about RvB and listening some songs there.. i'm started to get some interests there... when i research about RvB and i'm surprised that it got 12 seasons... i mean... WOW JUST WOW! D: so since i can't watch all of it at once while my school days.. i plan on watching all of them till season 13 started which means summer in my country... i have a hard time finding all of the seasons in HD on the net.. and downloaded it the whole month...

      so now... i started watching RvB last week.. before the anniversary of RT. and and it took me 9 hours to watch till season 4... and wow its so comedian :D its so fuckin' hilarious XD and since it was holy week i didn't get the time to finish early... :( the next day.. it was RT's anniversary.. which season 13 had released.. sadly i can't watch it... not until i finished all the seasons... so this day.. i watched season 5 till 7 cuz my eyes are too tired and can't hold it much longer.. well atleast i'm already on Monty's seasons which are 8 till 10 :D so the next day.. i watched 8 till 11... and MAN THE ANIMATION AND SONGS THERE WAS SO FUCKIN' AMAZING!! ESPECIALLY SEASON 10!! :D (your da best Monty!) i can't even stop listening to Fragments and Now We've Come So Far >_< so yet again... i can't get to season 12.. so the other next day... i finished season 12.. what i love there are the new characters :D mostly Dr. Emily Grey.. man.. after she tortured the space pirate there she became my favorite character the whole RvB series :3 XD so yeah... after i finished season 12 i can finally watch the first ep of season 13 :D

      so thats about it... even though i watched all the seasons of RvB i'm still a newbie. i'm still need to know more about it.. :3

      my favorite character(s) was/are Dr. Emily Grey.... and Caboose (he's so fuckin' hilarious XD)
      favorite season(s)... 10 and 12
      favorite song(s) Fragments... Now We've Come So Far... and Forever
      favorite fight scenes... hmmm.... Tex vs Reds & Blues ..... Tex & Carolina vs C.T. & Insurrectionist Leader ... and Reds & Blues vs Tex drones

    • 2018 years ago

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