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      10 years ago


      Man, can't wait to get COD4. Once I get it (I don't know, maybe in a couple of weeks), I plan to set up a similar achievement contest thing to like what Geoff and Burnie did, maybe even with someone on here. Only problem with that is if I lose I only have one game at the moment (Halo 3; I only got my 360 a month ago okay?) and won't be able to do the whole "any achievement of the winner's choice" thing. A real life achievement might not be much a problem though. I could take a picture of myself doing it to prove it.

      Any ideas? Challenges? Cake?

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      10 years ago


      My first attempt at making an good first journal entry, didn't turn out so good, since I apparently "aimed to high". I forget your name (since I deleted the entry) and you were right.

      So in this one, I'll just say "hi". I signed up tonight and I hope to get the hang of things around here soon.

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    Really 13, but turning 14 really soon

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    • shisnoNINJA

      10 years ago

      Hello and welcome!

    • DeusJZ

      10 years ago

      Welcome to RvB!

    • masterdenae

      10 years ago

      thanks for the mod.....and welcome to RVB!!!

      there, now you have TWO of them.

    • Ganye

      10 years ago

      ... I never got a "Hey dude, welcome to RvB."... *Sniff.*

    • AlbinoWhiske

      10 years ago


    • Spartan229

      10 years ago

      Hey dude, welcome to RvB.

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