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      Pre character notes

      This concept does introduce a new type of person as well as my OC, I understand that this can be considered a bit over the top but I am looking for feedback on their concept as well as on the charter itself.

      Professor Levi Hardwood

      Nickname: Chestnut (used mainly as a bit of a joke in good faith by his friends given to him by his mother who was a bit over attached when he first started to study as a hunter and used more to annoy him than actually refer to him)

      Race: Floran (Similar to the Faunus but instead of taking aspects from fauna they instead take them from flora such as sap instead of blood, hard walled cells, ability to Photosynthesise, bark like skin to an extent, hair that changes colour based on season in some cases. Not all of these are always present and others are possible. Their ability to Photosynthesise puts them at an advantage when it comes to exploration or survival mission due to them requiring to bring less food and recrosses to survive as well as their harder skin acting as a natural form of protection from the elements and with their blood being sap it coagulates quickly helping them recover from cuts quickly but they are not without their weaknesses one of the most extreme is their vulnerability fire as they are fairly easily combustible and have next to no ability to heal such injuries naturally, seeing as their blood is sap some florans blood will attract some grim due to fragrance.)

      Profession: Art teacher at Beacon Academy (He is called an art teacher but he doesn’t teach you how to draw, he specializes in teaching adaptability and improvisation, how to use what you have around you and how to get creative with both what objects you use but the strategies you crate)

      Semblance: The ability to control sap of himself and other non-sentient plants (yes this does sound a bit like blood magic and a bit creepy but for a floran the manipulation of sap even their own doesn’t hold the same stigma that blood does to humans and Faunus and is actually quite a common Semblance among there people)

      Weapon: His weapon takes the lose form of a 3 segment staff that collapses into a shotgun but is very versatile reflecting is role as a teacher, it achieves this by how it functions in general the staff itself is more of a containment unit and extrusion tool for the manipulation sap into the required form and even in shotgun form it still runs on sap where the shell is formed by the front half of the sap solidifying and the back half becoming a endothermic explosive but due to it being all made of sap it isn’t the strongest material in the world and since it uses his sembalance to function it is taxing on his aura when he needs to change its form a lot but he can have it take a solid form when he is low on aura but doing so makes it next to impossible to change its form without preforming maintenance beforehand.

      Personality: Uses his sembalance to create 3D sculptures most of which are mementos of his missions, is usually fairly serious but will work in jokes all time to lighten the mood even in battle (well he finds them funny others may not agree)

      Appearance: Still to be conformed and art still to be created

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