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    • RT Panel at Nebraskon (in Omaha)

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      Woohoo! I got my panel about Rooster Teeth approved for Nebraskon :) While this is a fan-ran panel (though if anyone could THAT WOULD BE AWESOME HOLY GODS), I do plan on having prizes and trivia and other fun stuff!

      If anyone has suggestions for it or knows they will be showing up, comment below~ It's on Sunday November 4th at 10am.

      I'll be cosplaying Rule63!Grif too ^o^

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    • LET'S get a female gamer on AH!

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      Alright, so after having some pretty lengthy and frustrating arguments at this other thread, I'm realizing that the only reason there isn't a female gamer at AH is because there isn't one in the RT community who is making videos or getting noticed when making them. It's either that, or because of a sexist bullshit reason that some people on the other thread tried to argue. But I'm going to go ahead and assume it's because any female gamer making videos or video commentary is getting noticed on a large enough scale.

      Therefore, I want anyone who is (or knows of) a female gamer that is able to work for AH to comment on this thread and brag about it. Preferably have some videos to showcase your commentary skills while playing video games (and to show you can edit together video footage.) I'm well aware there are plenty of female gamers out there, but I also understand not every gamer can or wants to work at AH.

      If you don't know anyone to promote, feel free to post some positive "go get 'em!" comments or to support the women who post with their own interests.

      Though if you want to whine about how "AH shouldn't hire someone to fulfill a checklist" or to complain about how a "girl would just ruin the dynamic" or that "most girl gamers aren't really serious gamers" (whatever the fuck that means), check your damn privilege, then GTFO and send those complaints to my first thread linked in the first line. Unless you are a Rooster Teeth or Achievement Hunter employee that can tell me the financial reasons behind employment that prevent hiring ANY new staff member whatsoever, I don't want to listen to some male gamers whine about AH hiring a female gamer. At least not on this thread. I'll put up with your ignorance on the other thread.

      So yup! Looking forward to the comments and videos from the gamers that can support this concept! :D Thanks in advance RT Community~

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    • Nerds and Male Privilege

      5 years ago


      Nerds and Male Privilege
      by Harris O'Malley

      I want to tell you a story.

      A few years ago, I was dating a girl who was decidedly not nerd curious. She tolerated my geeky interests with a certain bemused air but definitely didn't participate in 'em... not even setting foot inside a comic store on new comic day. She'd wait outside until I was done... which could be a while, since I was friends with several of the staff.

      She came in the store exactly once, after I'd explained that no, it's a pretty friendly place... well lit, spacious, organized and with helpful '“ and clearly identified '“ staff members who were willing to bend over backwards to make sure their customers were satisfied.

      She was in there for less than 4 minutes before one mouth-breathing troglodyte began alternately staring at her boobs '“ evidently hoping that x-ray vision could develop spontaneously '“ and berating her for daring to comment on the skimpy nature of the costumes '“ in this case, Lady Death and Witchblade. She fled the premises, never to return.

      When both the manager and I explained to him in no uncertain terms as to what he did wrong he shrugged his shoulders. "Hey, I was just trying to help you guys! She couldn't understand that chicks can be tough and sexy! Not my fault she's a chauvinist," he said.

      And that was when I shot him, your honor.

      So with that example in mind, let's talk about a subject I've touched on before: Male Privilege and how it applies to geeks and '“ more importantly '“ geek girls.

      See the rest of the article here.

    • Theories based off of Season 10 Ep. 2 (as well as what has happened previously)

      5 years ago


      First theory is that Wash would be very unhappy with everyone on Tumblr who is posting pictures/spoilers/quotes without a cut'” right after the episode has been released.

      Because, you know, that's against Protocol.

      The other theories...(spoilers will now follow)

      Second: CT has some agenda with "the enemy' we don't know about. (I don't know what. But I don't feel like she is going to betray Project Freelancer.)

      Third: South likes CT because CT isn't a threat. "They can't take us down on the board! haha (becausewebothknowyouaren'tontheboardanyway)'

      Fourth: Wyoming and Maine weren't there because they all had their AIs implanted and were still adjusting. York and Delta just got along better because Delta is more robotic/factual than Gamma and Sigma.

      Fifth: Tex wasn't there because Carolina's AI was originally suppose to be Omega, but Omega hopped out of Carolina and went to Tex (probably because Tex is important to the Alpha and Omega wanted to screw with her...'cause he's evil.)

      Sixth: Even thought Tex was #1 on the board, she wasn't going to get an AI originally because she herself is an AI...but that fell to the wayside when Omega wanted to be partnered with her and not Carolina.

      Seventh: Because Carolina didn't get her AI, she is bitter and will want to prove to everyone and the Director (and herself) that she can have an AI'”but not only one, she can handle two AIs.

      Eight: North, Carolina, and Wash will all get AIs in the second implantation. When will that be? Who knows...but I do think we'll see them lose their minds (at least Carolina and Wash will go crazy nuts.)

      Ninth: ...Wash and Carolina will end up together in the future (where the plot is with the RvB Soldiers.) Since they both have a lot of baggage, and both of them share a lot of the same baggage (trusting the Director, being betrayed by the Director, having crazy AIs.)


      Okay. Those are my theories. Any comments?


    • AH--why aren't there female gamers?

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      Why aren't there any female gamers on AH?

      I'm a little disappointed that there are only guy-gamers. I know there are girl gamers out there. Myself being one of them.

      So is there ANY reason there aren't any female-gamers on the videos?

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    • Somethings that've been bothering me....

      5 years ago


      Achievement Hunter...Y No Wii?

      I'm a gamer, but I stick to Nintendo for the most part. This is because my brothers hogged the PS, PS2, xBox, xBox360, etc etc etc and I didn't want to create conflict (the two of them had enough trouble sharing the same console/games.) So I stuck to Game Cube and Wii, as well as DS and hopefully soon the 3DS.

      So...Why isn't that on Achievement Hunter?

      I know the game type is different from most of the current employees at AH. And the name "Achievement Hunter" really signifies xBox 360 as that is the console that has Achievements. Yet they DO have PC and PS3 games. Why not Wii?

      And before you say "There aren't any good games for the Wii!" ... Legend of Zelda.

      I dare you to disagree.

      Achievement Hunter...Y No Girls?

      Another premise I get: Rooster Teeth and therefore Achievement Hunter began as a group of friends making videos. That's really awesome. I get it. I understand it. But now? They have interns and employ people who they didn't go to college with. Yet the only females I see on the show are sectaries or voice actresses who only sometimes get heard outside of RvB. And the girls they have on AH Horse tournaments are idiots when it comes to gaming. I seriously can play Halo better than them.

      I'm sorry, but there HAVE to be other female-gamers out there they can employ. I love RT and AH, but it has to stop being a boys' only club. Challenge the status quo. One of the things I love about RvB is that it takes the idea that women are equal to men and maintains that throughout the series. They need to incorporate some of that into their other programming.



      ...And you know, they could get one person to do both! Employ someone who plays the Wii to do videos and bing-bobba-boom! A step towards equality!

      At this point, I'd like to mention that I'm a Nintendo Gamer AND a girl. If you...know what I mean ;)


    • Lemme explain why I love RvB and why I l

      5 years ago



      Once upon a now, I have social anxiety problems.

      I feel like no one likes me. I feel like everyone hates me. I feel like, a lot of the time, I’m being a burden to everyone around me.

      So enter the series Red vs Blue. Enter in the orange lazy Hawaiian Grif.

      No one liked him on his team! There are only a small group of people, and no one liked Grif. More of, like me, Grif didn’t really like them either! He, like me, didn’t want to change himself to “fit in.” He didn’t take Simmons’ approach of trying to appease the leader, or take Donuts’ approach of being oblivious to other’s opinions. He didn’t care.

      In Season 1, after Tex kicked the Reds’ ass, Grif and Simmons are waking up from being knocked off. Grif says to Simmons, “Oh, and don’t worry. I’m fine.” To which Simmons responds, “Whatever. Nobody likes you.”

      No body likes you.


      This is such a fear and anxiety of mine. And Grif? Just shoves it off.

      He inspires me!

      And I mean that seriously. He eventually becomes friends with everyone on the team, and the Blue Team. He doesn’t change himself, he just doesn’t lay heavy emphasis on what others want. He and Simmons become best friends (or more, to some shippers) and even he and Sarge get along! I dare say that Sarge is hating Grif out of routine by this point.

      So bless Red vs. Blue! Bless this series! Bless Grif!


    • "THIS IS WAR"...Who would be what?

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      I am referring to "This is War" by 30 Seconds to Mars.

      If you venture onto Youtube, you can (or have) seen a few really awesome music videos using this song to montage Red vs Blue--specifically, the Freelancers. In case you haven't, view one by clicking here, or here, or even here! This song really pumps up the series and listening to it just makes me super excited to watch RvB. I can't listen to it without at least three mandatory fist-pumps.

      However, what makes this song particularly epic is that, in the verses, addresses specific "characters" described in one-word. The three videos link all have different arrangements of which character matches which title.


      Let's discuss! Who would you pick to represent each title if YOU were making the music video? All characters are game. You can use one multiple times, but I think challenge you to just pick one character per title.

      Here are the titles: The Good, The Evil, The Soldier, The Civilian, The Martyr, The Victim, The Prophet, The Liar, The Honest, The Leader, The Pariah, The Victor, The Messiah.

      Ready? Set? Begin!

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    • "Bow Chica Bow Wow"

      5 years ago


      This is so random but.
      I feel like I should get the "Bow Chica Bow Wow" shirt, not because it's a classic line, but because the text will be right over my big boobs.
      I am so tempted to do this.

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    • TheJazzzMan

      5 years ago

      Hey I'm commenting here because the thread has got so long and diluted from what it was supposed to be there for.

      For me personally I don't get the Lego "girl" sets, they have repeated this for the third time over several years and they always drop them in the first year.
      And Lego is a company which already has a very large female audience and doesn't need to target a more female audience, like as you said in the thread, a product can be attractive outside the demographic audience. which Lego has done very successfully in the years it has been out.

      • Allec

        5 years ago

        Yes. Exactly. I'm glad you agree. Definitely because boys can like pink, girls can like pink, etc etc etc. And of course the reverse happens to boys where they are pushed to like only a certain type of colors (dark blues and a greens) and certain types of entertainment (VIOLENCE.) ... I don't think it makes anyone less of a man if he prefers to wear pink and play knit all day.

      • TheJazzzMan

        5 years ago


      • Allec

        5 years ago

        You mean to a specific target audience?

      • TheJazzzMan

        5 years ago

        They do seem to market the pink and fluffy items to a much larger target audience than they should.

      • Allec

        5 years ago

        That is just one example of how when people market something for "girls", they feel they need to make it PINK or fluffy, etc. I am well aware that toys and products can be attractive outside the demographic audience, but the fact that there is a demographic audience for children's toys is really repulsive to me.

        Not all girls like pink. There are other colors girls like. But if you walk into a Toys R Us or any toy section of a store and go into the "girl toy" section, it's overwhelmingly PINK.

    • Darkhologram FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      5 years ago

      Tumblr sent me here. smiley0.gif

      • Allec

        5 years ago

        -twitch- Twitter...

      • Darkhologram FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        5 years ago

        I probably use this as my main Social Platform aside from Twitter.

      • Allec

        5 years ago

        I come on this site every other day or so. I don't really use it as a social platform, which is good since no one else seems to .

      • Darkhologram FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        5 years ago

        I never normally use that site, but you put your username on there anyway. smiley0.gif

      • Allec

        5 years ago

        I am a creature of tumblr, yes XD

    • Justine FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold SponsorChat doll

      5 years ago

      Awesome! Welcome to the Community, now you're one of us :3 That was supposed to be creepy :P
      You should join some groups and get to know some other RTers. If you game on XBL I'd suggest joining the Rooster Teeth Xbox Live (RTXBL) group (I'd give you a link but I'm on my phone.) Everybody is nice and friendly here so don't be afraid of venturing into the forums either. :)

      • Allec

        5 years ago

        I'm already venturing on the forums :D But I haven't joined any groups. I don't have an xBox, so can't do that D: But maybe I'll hijack my lil brother's and play? XD

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