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    • Going Live

      3 years ago


      going live on twitch in 10 minutes

    • well f*** my life

      4 years ago


      i know its not to rooster teeth related but yeah i got punched in the face today going to the supermarket breaking my front row of teeth after defending a pregnant woman who was being harassed by another one of the store goers. after getting my teeth filed down and pasted and having my nose restructured here i am looking beat to shit. Just felt like putting that somewhere because of how bizarre it well as aggrovating and painful =/

    • RWBY OC

      5 years ago


      Saw people making their own characters for rwby so i thought ide start doing my own. so ill try and do this on a constant basis. if possible may even start a comic series of this but ya first character.

      Name: Carmen
      Race: faunas
      Height:6'2 (with ears)
      Eye color: Crystal blue
      Faunas representation: Lynx
      Aura: clairvoyance

      Personality: uncaring but sympathetic he really doesn't care about his looks now that his eye is so badly wounded but has to care for Rachel and just further fueling his unbother-able attitude. his fighting style is much the same as he uncaringly lets his aura do the work with finding out the others fighting styles instead and acting accordingly for his thought of any other training past the white fang being enough.

      History: growing up this optimists parents were leaders in the peace lead white fang. several years after the treaties were found to be to no avail for the faunas his parents were murdered by the new white fang leaders who thought violence would be the faster path to equality. when Carmen found out they had blamed it on a faunas family that were beating their child Rachel from substance abuse. seeing the girls parents the new white fang leaders decided that they were only causing problems for their ranks and chose to have Carmen to assassinate them. with his hate for them for the thought that they killed his parents and anger for them beating Rachel he agreed. After that they had him build his own weapon, a double barrel shotgun mounted sword that shot dust propelled shells and trained him with it. He later ends up killing Rachel's Parents and takes her under his wing after her father asking this of him for his mistakes when bringing her through her childhood in an effort to redeem his soul. Several weeks later people got suspicious of him and the new white fang leaders chose to execute him to tie off loose ends. only managing to blind his left eye he manages to run away with Rachel to the city of Veil. Here he crafted a second sword to cover for his taken eye which was to do for him not having any type of shield there in the first place. he now try's to cover for Rachel and her mistakes and rash actions. Later he finds out that she was accepted to beacon and has to follow her to keep true to her fathers promise.

    • 5 years ago


      just a bit bored so if anyone would like me to draw something for your simple amusement i will be willing to apply, feeling a bit creative.

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