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      Dome's Fave Underused Words

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      Just post your favorite underused words in the English language.


      1. cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident: a sanguine disposition; sanguine expectations.
      2. reddish; ruddy: a sanguine complexion.
      3. (in old physiology) having blood as the predominating humor and consequently being ruddy-faced, cheerful, etc.
      4. bloody; sanguinary.
      5. blood-red; red.

      I prefer it in the context of blood. Hence one of the best words in the English language: Exsanguinate

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      Songs that would make you cry...

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      ... if you had a vagina.

      Devotchka - Queen of the Surface Streets.

      1. Find: A song that would make you cry like a girl if you were a girl, or makes you cry because you are a girl, or would make you cry if you were a girlier girl.
      2. Post: The song title and a link to said song in an accessible fashion.
      3. /Post: Don't spam, use your mod points to agree/disagree, and really participate and listen to other people's.
      4. Bonus: Links with lyrics, if the lyrics are good, are also good.

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      6 years ago


      Jay Cutler is going to Chicago, where sources indicate he'll waste no time saying he can run better than Peyton, coach better than Ditka and blues better than the Blues Brothers.

      Chicago has its new sausage king! BEHOLD!

      Windy city indeed.

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      6 years ago

      Mine in pictorial format.

      THIS SITE:

      ...Collapses harder than _________.

      ...Crashes more frequently than ________.

      ...Spends more time on its knees than ________.


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      6 years ago

      My Odyssey is not yet over, but for now it is close. Well, maybe not even. Life remains in flux at the moment. Sweet, confusing flux. Just got in from WI last night. Spent a number of days with Liz and it was good. Hung out, went out, played some Rock Band, did up some Christmas-y things. It was time well spent. Pictures will be posted as I get around to resizing them/jpeg-ing them. I like southern WI, though every time I go it's bleedin' cold. Negative temps ftw, right? Also I brought them snow, around 6 or 7 inches of snow. Apparently this weather follows me, because my flight home was delayed due to weather. But Liz took good care of me and got me the sweetest Christmas present ever - a NY Rangers jersey personalized with my name on it. B) Pretty badass, and by pretty badass I mean the most badass. It's an authentic jersey too. I've never had a truly authentic jersey either, and the other one I had was cursed (Rangers always lose when I wear it. As such it sits in a drawer). So anyway, good stuff. Her parents took good care of me too, including getting me some Omaha steaks, a mint proof coin set from 83, a grill cookbook, some spices, a belt and a webcam. They make you feel welcome in WI.

      Also, NY needs a Culver's restaurant. I love Wendy's, verily I do. But if we had a Culvers, I would never ever go to a Wendy's again. It's that good. I'm not kidding. Om nom double bacon butter burger nom.

      Om nom heart disease nom.

      Oh also the flight back from WI could've been a lot better. I love midwest because I love cookies, but I only love the return flight's landing in retrospect. The guy came in high to LGA and as such hit the brakes harder than I've ever felt and almost overshot the turn lane toward our gate because the plane wasn't slowed enough at that point. Right now I'll admit I find it hilarious. At the time, coupled with an ugly descent due to copious turbulence, I could've done without it.

      So going back a bit. Before my trip I drove down to Yorktown, NY, spent the night at my friend's place. Then I drove to LI to take two finals, one for peds and one for psych. The peds test seemed relatively straightforward. The psych test was just retarded, as they completely ignored the DSM-IV criteria (which are mandatory for establishing any diagnosis). I don't understand how they could've drafted such a horrible test, but then, I'm not in charge. So I'm hoping everyone else felt the same way about it as I did.

      I intentionally skipped out on posting most of my stories from psych. This led to a steep decline in journaling. Oh well.

      So either tonight or tomorrow night, I'm not sure which, I'm going to greater-Utica to be back home for the Christmas. And then on the 26th, it's off to Albany, bright and early, to dump my brother and his GF off at the airport. Then back home. And possibly on the 28 or 29 off to Syracuse to maybe pick up Liz, hopefully, if she and I can get things arranged properly.

      My life in some regards is a "to do list." Or maybe a "where to list." It's okay. Things should slow down eventually, at some point, hopefully.

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      If Burl Ives Was still alive

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      If Burl Ives was still alive, he would represent the 13th day of Christmas.
      If Burl Ives was still alive, he would be the reason for the season.
      If Burl Ives was still alive...

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      Isn't poutine awesome? Everyone hates the Canadians - and rightfully so - so we should steal their secret national treasure.

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      For Next Year:

      7 years ago

      BTW: Obviously rogaine is a vasodilator with a prominent side effect of hypertrichosis. Sometimes medicine advances sideways.

      Once July hits I'm gonna ride my bike to work a few times to save gas because it's only 3 miles. But my old Trek is kinda a POS these days (wheels untrue, brakes antequated canteliever style, stupid cro-moly frame etc), and I don't like it anymore. So the question is in my poll.

      And if I do want a new bike, what the hell am I to get within a reasonable cost.

      Look I know this journal sucks but I drove 6.5 hours today, what the fuck did you do? (Martha, you're excused) Actually the drive was quite swell but between that and the moving I'm quite tired.

      I can't wait to finish moving. I noticed that I don't have a microwave yet at the new place. I'ma have to find one somewhere for cheap (read: Craigslist). And I tore down the shitty old-lady smelling shower curtain, cause fuck that.

      Crazy ole dead hag is more than welcome to haunt the place but she can stink it up over my dead ass body.

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      SCIENCE! Friday

      7 years ago

      JJ the Jet is a little shit. I meant to ask a different question and transposed my terms and he called me out before I could fix it.

      In a healthy 70-kg (154-lb) man, the SV is approximately 70 ml and the left ventricular EDV is 120 ml, giving an ejection fraction of 70/120, or 58%


      So be that as it may, stroke volume is variable and is most likely 80ml. Not most commonly, but hey, it was a night before an exam and my mind ran a little bit. My bad.

      Fun Facts:
      Yesterday's facts were all brought to you by the number 6 and the cardiovascular system. Today's facts will be totally random.

      1. Lupus and most auto-immune diseases are more common in women than in men.

      2. The male erection is caused by an increase in parasympathetic nervous activity and nitric oxide release to dilate the ateries. The penile veins get pinched off against a sheath due to the dilating arteries, keeping blood in the penis. (Oddly enough, the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the ejaculation, and the activation of both systems simultaneously is probably why an orgasm is ridiculous).

      I wasn't giong to include this fact, but it's so bizarre.

      3. Chlamydia (the STD) was a significant cause of blindness because it can infect the eyes as well as the genitals.

      4. Folate (in vitamins and vegetables) is an important vitamin for prevention of neural tube defects in developing fetuses. Women of child bearing age and planning pregnancies should be taking folate supplements because by the time a pregnancy test is positive, most of the neural tube defects would have begun.

      5. That little flap of skin that sticks out right before your ear is called the "Tragus."

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      You did this

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        that was a long time ago

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        Hahaha so ridiculous. I was cruising around my profile today and found that. Terrifying.

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        Omfg. It still exists.

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      Where in NY?

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      My old pal. I hope your life is going swimmingly as if it were an olympic athlete qualifying for the breaststroke.

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      This site is more awesome when you are around.

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      Oh hey, was just in the neighborhood... :)

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      I always like to give the people on either side of me on the Community Stats a little Christmas greeting so here it is!


      I just want to take this time to wish you a very Merry Christmas!


      The Reason for the Season!



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      Hey, I really hate this whole "waiting on medschools to actually contact you, weeks after they said they would" thing.

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      ...............Luke 2:1-20
      Merry Christmas From Monopoly_J