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    • COOP/Achievement Hunting

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      AnGuardiandevil Lurking in the Shadows

      this may seem like a long shot,

      but i was wondering during the days or whenever it's convention(sp?)

      anybody want team up with me to play some game that required teamwork/coop

      in order to get achievement?

      example.....Halo War 2 legendary difficulty with coop?

      or Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 coop etc...

      if anybody interesting, let me know 

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    • Ode to the Blue Angel

      1 year ago

      AnGuardiandevil Lurking in the Shadows

      I see her everywhere,

      When I open my eyes for first time

      to when I closed my eyes for the last,

      I see her.

      smiling at me, with her blue eyes looking at me,

      which compelled me to do nothing else but

      smile back at her.

      I see her

      Everywhere I goes, She's there

      almost like a ghost but constant 

      memories of the times we had

      I see her

      I wanted to speak with her

      but at the same time I cannot

      for I have too many to say but

      none of what I said will bring 

      her back to me,

      farther and farther she goes,

      the deeper and deeper I goes

      Where I'm going is nowhere

      where she going is somewhere

      There's still so much to say

      yet she cannot hear me,

      So much to do

      yet she cannot see me,

      So much to repent

      yet she cannot help,

      I see her around,

      but she doesn't see me

      Did I fade from memories?

      Did I cease to exist?

      Did I die of heartbreak?

      Did I become lost in time?

      I am nothing but a ghost

      not to haunt or be angry

      just a ghost that decide

      to walk alone to somewhere

      where no one will remember

      Oh how I wish I could speak to her again,

      yet I cannot, for it is done,

      Nothing can stop it,

      Nothing can fix it,

      Not even if she come back again

      As much as i want her back,

      It is done, I must keep moving

      forward, no matter what,

      There are nothing in 

      heaven and earth, 
      Than are dreamt of,

    • Remembering the Songs

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      AnGuardiandevil Lurking in the Shadows

      I did went to music help topic and clicked on what's the name of that song/music thread

      but for some reason. it not showing up.

      anyway, I have two song that I been trying to remember since I last heard them 

      from my teenage years(the 2000's)

      first one is the cartoon network type of song, where a man

      was playing his guitar and singing something about cow and moon. whatever it

      is. it was damn catchy. if you know what I'm talking about then please help.

      the second one is the toughest one and still haven't found the name of the song or the band

      that sing it. i not exactly sure when it came out but i can say

      it around 2002 as i watch this on Fuse tv and i can

      remember watching audioslave "like a stone" playing afterward

      song genre is indie rock/alt rock

      yet  it's a slow mellow song

      it feature a stop motion animation *think tim burton's nightmare before christmas style*

      of this dude. this dude is like clay/knacksacktype figure.

       walking down the wood/forest to reach the city/village/factory that somewhere below the hill

      the line i remember the most is "down that "old"/ "lonely" road..."again"* which could be

      the chorus...

      the whole theme is calm yet disturbing and dark

      yet so many people I talk to gave me their version and it doesn't quiet match

      even RT radio having hard time finding that song.

      anyway hope you new people can help me out again

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    • the Bootstrap Paradox (not really)

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      AnGuardiandevil Lurking in the Shadows

      (Sorry for how I write, it's the way I type)

      so me and my friend was having one of those

      what ifs' discussion and this was one of them.

      for some reason. I started thinking what if's

      when you died (regarding of how) you are 

      somehow born again the same way you were 

      born before. i.e if you die in 2029 and you're born

      in 1982, congrats you're starting over your life

      however, what if's you died, and born again yet

      you're  choose a different path, or different choice?

      I mean how do you explain that deja vue feeling?

      is that possible? or is it far-fetch and way outside

      the ballpark.

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    • The Rock Bottom of the Depression Level

      1 year ago

      AnGuardiandevil Lurking in the Shadows

      (PS: I'm sorry for the way I write. it's how I write)

      Here I am again, reaching out for no reason,

      so basically this is how my day went,

      woke up around 2 am, started playing game by myself,

      heck i even stream as well, went to bed around 9 am

      woke up again at 10 am, grab something to eat then

      went to bed again like 1030 or so, only to wake up again

      just before 11 am so i just hopped on my computer and 

      I guess just looking around to see what kind support I can

      muster up for myself. I did found one with help of my dear

      friend, but that group seem inactive for a while and as much

      I want make an confession. the doubt kicked in and I'm was 

      "Ok never mind" and went to lie in bed and just stare into

      abyss, or in this case the wall. then I play some more game

      and stream again. I was little sad cause I saw couples of 

      gaming buddies all teamed up to do some quest and some

      fun and some shenanigan while I just sitting in sideline. 

      Believe me, I was so ready to hop in and be part of it but

      at the same time. I didn't want ruin anybody's mood or fun or

      simple become a downer in the mood. so i said nothing and 

      play by myself. then i went lay back in bed and drowned myself

      in music and start day dreaming of a different lives I could've

      then it's 2 am again and thus repeat the whole process again.

      Now, it's almost 5am and I'm still on the bottom level of depression

      and I feel like I can't climb out of it anymore.  I just tired of going 

      through this so many time that i'm basically saying that I give up,

      someone please throw in the rope so i can climb out easily. but

      there is no one waiting for me, this is a whole new yet unwelcome

      experience for me. and I don't like it. maybe I should start a group

      that basically focus on support one another through depression,

      again, I just reaching out and hoping for nothing.

    • It's been a while

      1 year ago

      AnGuardiandevil Lurking in the Shadows

      it's been a while since i wrote here or even check the site.

      truthfully, I have no idea what to do now, I been diagnosed with bunch of health problem and issues and ever since I was three year old, it's always one issue after another after another. That's what you get for being born deaf and blind (technically I am hard of hearing and legally blind). so back in feb, I almost died without having a treatment because at that time, i didn't know I was having acute kidney failure. since then I been on dialysis and already got fistula and already on list of getting donor and being on the list of transplant as well all in three month or so.

      I'm not gonna lie. it truly have put me in a emotional rollercoaster, that to the point where, I almost driven everyone away from me, it's hard to explain to my family and friends how exactly I am going through. they may think they know what it's like, but in my mind, they don't really understand at all. In all honestly, I don't think I even understand who I am. 

      being disabled suck, there are always more of the negatives that will impact and affect your life and other surround you than there is of positive, I mean I do see few people that I follow have their own issue and problem and only some made it while other just disappear without notice, 

      I guess this is my somewhat attempt at reaching out, not for support or pity or anything, just reaching out and seeing what happen... 

    • Rant Time :D

      2 years ago

      AnGuardiandevil Lurking in the Shadows

      *blow off the dust off of this thingacallit*

      yes, i know, i haven't been active in here,

      but i have legit excused :P. that is that i been

      playing games lately and earning achievemnts

       left and rights and i am somewhat about to hit the

      80000 mark,

      but lately, there are couples of achievements that

      required friends to help out, escpecially in coop mode

      sadly, i don't have any of those friends that are interest

      in doing so, and i don't blame them, to me, i feel that

      the coop mode is dying due largely to the fact of the

      competitive shooting (I.E Overwatch, Destiny, COD etc)

      where people are just more focus on K/D ratio than

      simply be a team player.

      I am 100% a team player, I love to provide support for

      those who need it, whenever it's healing, being a tank,

      or sniper or recon, whatever you want me to do, i'll do it.

      cause that's what i do best, provide support,

      sadly, that support role doesn't belong in the world of

      competitive shooting, it's every one for themselves 

      with all of my favorite games coming out such as

      Borderlands series, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Halo War 2

      and so on that has coop mode, I'm seem to be the only one

      within my gaming community that is eager to take advantage of

      it while others seem to stay with their prefer games

      and I don't blame them, and i aint mad at them or upset, nope

      we each have our different preferences 

      i just wish i have more of the coop buddies that love to take

      advantage of the coops/team support dynamic. 

      hopefully there is one somewhere, i just have to look

      for them 

    • The Division Clan?

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      AnGuardiandevil Lurking in the Shadows

      is there already a group of gamer who joining together?

      or something along with that? cause i am interesting

      in getting the game but at same time, the whole

      multiplayer MMO isn't my strongest suit. i just

      want to make sure this game is truly worth of my

      time and i want to spend the "death zone"

      with gamers, who aren't trolling/harcore/focus on K/D ratio

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    • The redhead from minnesota

      3 years ago

      AnGuardiandevil Lurking in the Shadows

      so last night, i got an text message from unknown person. and the text itself said "hello, i miss you" which seem surprised to me since i don't recognized that number. so i decided to look up the area code and it from Minnesota. everything has stopped, like slamming on the brake when you're knew you're going too fast. that feeling came back,

      about roughly ten years ago, i met this wonderful girl from, you guess it, Minnesota and she and I started out as complete stranger, who happen to become writer. and we wrote almost every day. I could go on and on about her, how amazing she is, and how creative she was, and how beautiful she is,

      Long story short (and it's a long complicated stories that spanned to 7 years) we end up became not friend anymore. and we simply walk away from each other. i had loved her since the moment i found out she was writer. and i did everything i could to win her heart and her hand, but i failed. I failed because of that one guy, who happen to enter her life, and she end up falling for him instead.

      Ten years has pass, and I barely remember what she look like now, last i know about her is that she married to him, had a baby boy, and move to another city. that's all i heard from her. I barely remember what she look like now, or her smile, or her eyes, or her laugh, it's all fading away. and just a small part of me wish for her to come back into my life and start over as friend. because she was my muse, she was the only reason why i kept on writing

      now all i remember her as the redhead from Minnesota, I sometime wonder about her, but everything i know about her is fading, and nothing will bring her back in my mind. and for once, I'm ok with that cause i made my peace with letting her go.

      so goodbye Joy, wherever you are, goodbye

    • Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

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      AnGuardiandevil Lurking in the Shadows

      anyone has a copy? cause i want to get what left

      of achievement on the multiplayer side,

      sadly i'll need at least five or more people to get this done

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    • LadyOddDuck

      2 years ago


      You set my heart on fire. Happy Valentine's Day!

      This comment brought to you by Warm Fuzzies. Join the fun!

    • LadyOddDuck

      3 years ago

      Happy Valentine's Day!

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    • LadyOddDuck

      4 years ago

      Happy Valentine's Day, Michael! You're an amazing person and you always make me smile. I'm so glad you're in my life and I can't wait to meet you to give you a big hug.

      This comment brought to you by the Warm Fuzzies Project. Now go spread the love. smiley12.gif

    • ReaperOfBurgers

      4 years ago

      So im attempting to beat Mass Effect 3 on Insanity, any tips?

      • ReaperOfBurgers

        4 years ago

        Ok thanks! I' starting to get the hang of it.

      • AnGuardiandevil FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Lurking in the Shadows

        4 years ago

        take your time,
        even though you may have alll the top armor and
        guns, still take your time, let them come to you and
        choose wisly on squads to help you out,

        i'm still working on ME2, and it's harder than i thought

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