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    • Met another RT fan in the wild!

      2 years ago


      At work of all places! Someone mentioned to me that there was a guy who had just started, wearing a Rooster Teeth shirt and I of course, didn't see him. Then a few days later (yesterday) I happened to be hurrying back to my desk wearing my new distressed AH shirt and someone said hey I like your shirt! I looked over to see a guy wearing a Rooster Teeth shirt! It put a grin on my face all day. I wish I had had time to chat with him a bit but I was rushing around. I complimented him on his taste in shirts though before I ran back to my desk! So if you are out there mystery co-worker/co-RT fan, thanks for making me smile and sorry if I seemed rude! Hopefully, we'll get to chat someday soon about our shared love of this wonderfully crazy company!

    • So proud to be a part of this community

      3 years ago


      It's 3:30 am here and I just woke up with a headache so I grabbed some pain meds but I decided to check and see how the indiegogo campaign is doing. $589K in less this 8 hours! I'm astounded at the generosity and dedication this community shows on a regular basis. I've only been a fan of Rooster Teeth for just over a year but I have never been a part of any fandom or community that is so enthusiastically supportive.

      There is something so uplifting about a group of fans who can do things like raise $344k for Extra Life or $250k for Operation Supply Drop. And I'm so proud to be a part of that. And now to watch how the indiegogo numbers have soared in such a short time... I'm just filled with a lot of love and happiness for every member of the RT family. (It could also be the pain meds talking... but I'm pretty sure it's mostly me) And it's not just those who are able to donate, those who can't have been broadcasting the link and info throughout different forms of social media. I've seen Facebook posts, Tweets, Tumblr post and Reddit threads. Everyone is getting the word out there and helping in whatever way they can.

      All I can say is that I love being a part of this community, not just because Rooster Teeth produces amazing content that never fails to make me laugh (which they do) but because it's community is the most caring, most generous, most dedicated, and most passionate fans. Thank you for simply being the most incredible people out there. You are all amazing!

    • Introducing the world to RWBY one person at a time

      3 years ago


      Welp, this is my first journal post, so what better topic to start with than introducing RWBY to new fans.

      My kid sister, Jo,is much, much younger than me (She's 10) and I love her to bits, but we have very little in common. Last Christmas, I found out that she was a huge anime fan. So we talked a bit about different shows she likes and then I asked if she had seen RWBY. She hadn't. So I pulled out my iPhone and on our way to dinner, she and I huddled in the backseat watching the four RWBY trailers. She said she liked them and she'd check them out later.

      Today she called me up to say that she had started watching them. My dad and his wife are firmly set in their ways and refuse to get internet, so Jo can only watch the shows at the library when they go. She said she watched episodes 1 through 10 yesterday and she loved it. She talked for ages about about the characters, the story and the action. She had so many questions and opinions about the show and I loved it! It's fantastic to finally have this to share with her. I've already decided that for her birthday this year I'm going to buy her the RWBY Volume 1 and possibly some RWBY merch because she's such a huge fan. smiley12.gif

    • 2018 years ago

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    • BigFuzzyDude

      4 years ago

      Hi. Welcome to the site. :)

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        4 years ago

        Hey, Thanks! :)

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