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    • So I spilled soda over my desk.

      6 months ago


      It was full of drawings. Including my RWBY OCs. Kinda bummed me out. Expect to see an even steeper decline in my content than there was already.

    • I'm going for another two weeks lol

      6 months ago


      To France this time so who knows there could be pics maybe

    • Will be gone for a week starting tonight!

      7 months ago


      Going to a camping, so. If anyone cared. I'll be missing a ton of shit.

    • how to unfuck profile pic

      8 months ago


      the quality is all JANKY pls hELP

    • Faunus species and inspiration

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      TL;DR: Please share any faunus characters you've created, mentioning their animal trait and what animal said trait belongs to.

      The biggest reason I made this thread is that I've seen a lot of people make OCs that go for the all too common feline (or canine) ears (or tails) when deciding for an animal trait in their faunus character. So, I thought, maybe some more unique trait choices could provide inspiration for others struggling to find something less cliché than kawaii neko ears wink Of course, nothing is wrong with those in and of themselves, but they can come across as typical, overused, Mary-Sueish or uninspired - and that while there are so many cool other possibilities! Your imagination is the only limit!

      To start it off, I have 5 faunus OCs myself:

      -Persimmon Coral has the two long tail feathers that phoenixes are sometimes drawn to have (alternatively, you could just say it's a paradise bird's tail; they have long, single strands as well sometimes)
      -Sky Nimbus has the mandibles (horns/antlers) of a (scarab) beetle
      -Thea Mint has the skin pigmentation of a tiger (so she doesn't have fur, but like how birthmarks are spots with a different color than your skin overall, she has a pigmentation pattern typical to that of tigers (so, stripes) all over her skin)
      -Lily Lavender has the angler (?) of an anglerfish (you know, those deep-sea fishes with a dangly light on their heads)
      -Nova Cassa has the arms (including paws/hands) of a jaguar (just for clarification: while I call them arms when talking about her, they would be called front legs in the actual animal)

      PS. Don't be afraid to share your characters even if you did choose cat ears or wolf tails; if executed well, like maybe with an interesting twist or feature, they can still be creative choices!

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