Hi everyone. This is my first time posting.  I had a random thought, and really wanted to share it.  I'm sure you all remember the debate about Tex's birth name.  In cannon it is, of course, Allison.  But the song A Girl Named Tex says her name is Beth. And we all know this is NOT cannon.  The name Beth was picked to rhyme with death for the song.  But the song also has a different origin story from the book. (And the book, of course, would also be cannon.) Still, how cool would it be if both were true? 

Maybe Beth was the host body of Allison, like Jimmy was for Leonard.

There would have to have been some crossover between military projects like Spartan and Freelancer.  Military projects don't exists in a total vacuum.  I mean, an AI Fragment would not have been very useful if it didn't have enough juice to interface with a soldier and armor at the same time.  They would need to be beta and field tested on each other.  

Beth and AI Tex would be the Director's dream pair. He wanted to make Allison more agressive and gave her Omega.  It would make sense to give her a body that holds the skills and memories of a hardcore mercenary who dreams of killing for money.  Tex's original body was stronger than the robot body Sarge built for her.  Maybe Beth was a part of Spartin project - probably a type of Spartan reanimation. 

And I think it's very probable that the Director would want to start her off in a human body before implanting her into a robot. This would give her the muscle and memories of a Spartan.  And it would give her the human memories to round out whatever the AI of Tex was missing. 

What do you guys think?

I miss Tex horribly.  I really wish they would do a spin-off with her back story and adventures outside of RvB.

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