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    • Why am I an RT fan?

      3 years ago


      The reasons I'm a fan of Roosterteeth?

      1) The community - It's just plain awesome. As of yet I haven't found a more friendly, welcoming place. It's shocking that people aren't dicks and everyone seems like a nice person. Whether staff, forum mod or community member, well known or not, everyone I've encountered have been great.

      2) The content - Whether Live-action, some sort of Animation (RvB, RWBY, RTAA, etc.) or the variety that is AH. I really enjoy the content and ingest it constantly. Whether waiting to watch the latest episode of whatever series or re-watching old episodes while I am cleaning or doing something else. The content is constantly on. Podcasts while I drive or walk, it's at all times.


    • A great author has passed.

      3 years ago


      If you are anywhere near any form of social media you'll have heard Terry Pratchett has passed.

      I've been a massive fan of his for a long time now. I remember I just happened across one of his novels while surfing through the fantasy section at the local library, The Light Fantastic, and it looked crazy and weird and something I knew I had to read. Little did I know the amount of reading this would lead me to.

      I remember following along with Rincewind's mis-adventures through a fantastical world which sat upon a disc, on the back of four elephants on the back of a giant sea turtle floating slowly through the universe. I mean, how could you not love that!?

      The pure imagination he had was astounding, the ability to leap between a stupid joke and a profound statement was stupendous. His subject-matter spurs for discussion, jumping points of many conversations, whether melancholy or humourous. He was a great author that could skate between these states with a quick hop, skip and jump.

      Thank you, Sir Terry Prachett for taking me on a fantastic journey I've repeated a time or two and shall again.

      PS - If you haven't I recommend going through this reddit thread :

      There are so many stories and other things that really show how awesome he was.

    • All them feels

      3 years ago


      If I've learned anything today and this passed weekend is that the RT Community is not just a wicked ass community to be a part of, but one big family that is willing to support each other when the times aren't so great. Knowing that sort of thing is pretty fucking awesome.

      I'm not the greatest writer, and I'm not the most creative person (tons of you out there got that covered) So RT Community you keep on keepin' on and will be just fine.

      <3 to all you crazy people out there. I may not know you personally, but in my books you fucking rock.


    • 3 years ago


      This is pretty much me right now at work.


      All the feels.

      R.I.P. Monty! I never met you, but you were an awesome fucking dude.

    • I should have learned by now.

      4 years ago


      So after watching the latest GTA Let's Play on YouTube I decided to surf around the comments a little bit.


      I got about half a page in and just stopped... Are people really that dumb? Remind me not to do that again.... fuck...

    • 4 years ago

    • 27 Years ago

      5 years ago


      I was born! So today I turn 27 I am but a wee lad in the grand scheme of things, depending on if you are older or younger than me. It's been a fairly relaxing day, I took a few days off work and am going to enjoy the week so there is that. I don't really know what else to write here really... So! Here's some tips and things I've learned in my time upon this rock flying through space:


      1. I admire all of those people who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up and stuck to it, cause at my age I still don't know what I'm doing with my life. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I just never understood when we were told as kids that you should know what you want to do before highschool was over. It confounded me and I still don't get it, having no specific direction isn't a bad thing as long as you enjoy the ride... at least that's what I tell myself.

      2. Moderation is a great thing, most of the time. On special occasions you can throw it out the window. It's not for all people but I'd recommend getting blitzed at least once in your life. It's pretty fun, I'd recommend having someone look after your ass though. Friends are great for that.

      3. I'm going to spend my Birthday surrounded by my friends and family so I couldn't be happier. If that's your thing, do it. If it's not, rock your shit and do as you will. I think the point is just to enjoy yourself. Just remember you don't need your Birthday to feel special, or love, or what have you... but I mean all those Facebook notifications killing my phone feels a little good.

      4. Do whatever makes you happy, if you're wretched change your situation. You can do it! It can be scary, but you are the master of your own fate. Change it!

      5. Your time is never being wasted as long as you are spending it in a manner that you enjoy. Haters gonna hate, fuck em!

      6.Being healthy and fit can make you happier, not just with yourself but with life in general. Over the past couple years I've been getting into shape. I say getting because I'm not done yet. I've lost about 50 lbs. and am getting actual muscles. For the longest time, I put it off and put it off and it took the end of a major relationship to make me want to do it, mainly because I was unhappy with myself and at the time judging myself harshly. I hope if you ever decide to start working on that it doesn't take the same sort of thing. Just remember no matter what to stick with it, you'll get there.

      7. Age really is just a number, be who you are and who you want to be. My sense of humour hasn't changed in years, I'm still into the same things I was told I would grow out of and no matter how old I get fart jokes and the like are still great.

      At this point, I could probably keep going but I'm going to stop here. I have no idea if anyone will actually read this, but it doesn't matter I wrote these thoughts as much for any reader, as for myself. It's a reminder that even though I feel the same, and for the most part this day is like any other I have changed. Not just physically, which is the most notable smiley0.gif , but mentally and emotionally.

      We grow and are shaped by the events, places and people around us and at times it may not seem it like we are getting anywhere or growing at all but we are always moving forward.

      So, Here's to you, it may be my Birthday but I hope you have a fantastic fucking day!


    • Season 11 finale

      5 years ago


      This episode was fantastic! They knocked it out of the park with this one and now that Trocadero song is horribly stuck into my head. SO GOOD smiley11.gifsmiley11.gif

    • 5 years ago

    • It's been so long!

      5 years ago


      I feel so close to you right now it's a forcefield. It's like I wear my heart on my sleeve like it's a big deal... okay i'm done...I just danced the night away, and apparently i'm getting better at it as a gay man complimented me on my supposed "skills", I was dumb-founded by this statement as I was unaware I had any. But shit yeah! I'll take that compliment! smiley11.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley11.gif

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    • Zolin

      4 years ago

      First!!!!! OP!

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