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    • How bout that life huh?

      1 year ago


      Life definitely is a roller coaster, I mean one year ago today I wouldn't have thought I'd be where I am in life. In the mix of good and bad things that have happened it's sadly too easy to focus and highlight the bad things. 

      So it's time to focus on the good things, I've had my own apartment for about 8 months now so that's pretty good, I have less than a year left on my contract till I am a free man sleeping in my DD 214 blanket, and I will have the world as my oyster to whatever it is I want to do.

      So yeah, the new year is coming up, we'll see how this goes.

    • Subject Matter Expert

      3 years ago


      When I came to do my job, I had nothing but questions but now I'm the one giving the answers to those newer. It's a funny cycle isn't it? I'm the expert on our job and I'm the one training the new guys, they come to me with their questions looking for answers.

      I'm glad to be the one to send out a helping hand, I'm always happy to give those people a better chance than what I got!!

      Anyways enough of this weird type of bragging or flaunting whatever you call it!!

    • Time goes by...

      3 years ago


      One of my younger uncles graduated high school on Friday. It's crazy to think that not long ago I was graduating myself, but time flies quickly and only now to I realize this. It's funny because to me my younger uncle always will be in like 8th grade in my mind but its crazy to thing he's gonna be out in the real world soon.

      I was humored a little when I realized that this is how all my family feels when they look at me, I remember my grandma would say smiling "I remember when you were a little baby and I would hold you in my arms, oh you were so tiny now your big but you'll always be my little baby"

      I've been away from home for a while, it'll be nearly a year after I'm done with my job here, but that's life. There are people who've been away from there families way longer than me so I've got it good.

      I talked to one of my teachers from high school, he's a great guy, one of the good teachers in my opinion. He didn't talk condescending to you, even If you were wrong, and he was good at telling if his students actually understood the subject or not.

      This wasn't meant to be in anyway sad or anything but I guess when I'm away from those I care about I put them in the back of my mind and almost forget them. Until I actually sit and think about whats going on back home then I remember why I do things and who I do things for.

      Ehh this is getting kinda mushy gotta fix that

      There we go, crude and immature humor :D

      Anyways that's my little whatever thing on stuff have a good day

    • A Story Inspired By Music P2

      3 years ago


      Continuation of the story

      Part 3

      Song Start- 0:08
      MONTAGE!! The boy is in the girls backyard, he is ready to learn to fight!!

      0:08- 0:23
      She starts by shows him how to punch correctly (She has been boxing since she could walk), he gets his stance up and weakly swings, she hangs her head in playful disappointment. They start again.

      0:23- 0:42
      Every day after school he goes to her house and they practice boxing in the backyard, she shows him each technique and he practices it over and over until she says he's good enough to advance.

      0:42- 1:04
      Months have passed, the boy has shown significant improvement,he's even getting to be stronger and is more confident in himself and his abilities. The girl watches his form but notices fewer and fewer errors, he's astonishingly almost as good as herself (Almost).

      1:04- END
      It's been 9 months since they started training
      His form is near perfect, his speed, power and precision have been honed, she looks at him not as a student anymore but as an equal to her. She admires his ability to learn so quickly. He's pummeling a punching bag when she finally, tells him there is nothing more for her to teach him. They are now of the same Caliber. They celebrate the accomplishment together as the sun sets on the end of that day.

      Part 4

      Note: Some background info
      It's been 4 years since the boy came first came here. 4 years since the day he first met her. For 4 years they've been close friends. They've both grown a bit since they've known each other. Both Spar with each other. Eat lunch with each other and study with each other. The boy has grown to be a confident, except when approached by girls other than her.
      The girl just as gentle and lively as she was back then, but still protective of her male counterpart regardless of his ability to handle most situation.

      A carnival is comming up and she drags the boy to it, though he feels embarrassed to go with her.

      Song Start- 0:07
      There fun filled day at the carnival begins!! So many rides and games to play the only problem is where to begin?

      0:07- 00:47
      They Enjoy the carnival games, ride the rides, live their lives as though this was their last day to be free!! Cotton candy, balloons shaped as animals!! They both laugh at the novelties of surrounding them.

      0:47- 1:02
      The day has zoomed by and its already sunset. Now they both look out at the sun as it creates a beautiful dull orange and red glow as it sinks into the landscape. The boy glances at her but then his eyes were stuck to her, at this moment that zooming day slowed to a crawl. He felt the world stop for a moment, the sun filled her face with a wondrous glow, he could feel the warmth of the sun on his skin.
      It was a warm tingling sensation he, felt his heart pound as he gazed upon her. He never saw her before like how he did that day at that moment, how had he ignored how beautiful she was?
      He wondered why he never saw it before, why he never felt this way. She had an aura around her, a warm welcoming presence that almost out shined the sun itself.

      1:02- END
      Only now did he realize he was staring at her for so long, but then he realized she was looking back at him, smiling a small smile that said everything. He hadn't felt like this since the day he bumped into those bullies years ago. He felt the need to run, but as he was about to step. He felt someone. Someone holding his hand. He turned back, he stood over her. Their eyes locked. He leaned in and then...

    • A Story Inspired By Music P1

      3 years ago


      How it goes is I kinda create the structure of the scene and you play the music that corresponds with that scene. I think the feel of the music will create the overall tone for each scene. Lets see how this goes!!

      Your brain is gonna be your movie screen :]

      Part 1

      Song Start- 0:20
      There's a kid, a new kid to the area, it's his first day at this school.

      0:20- 0:46
      He walks around the bustling hallways of the school timid and confused. He feels Awkward and out of place, he walks around the campus looking for someone who can maybe help him get to class.

      0:46- END
      Song ends with him carelessly bumping into a group of bullies, then nervously laughs out of fear as the Main bully and his goons grin mischievously at him ready to pounce at their easy prey.

      Part 2

      Song Start- 0:04
      The bullies advance slowly at him, he has only two options run or fight?

      0:04- 0:17
      HE RUNS!! The bullies begin their chase!!

      0:17- 0:21
      The boy runs fast and for a brief second is able to catch his breath as he thinks he's safe. Not a moment later the bullies turn the corner and spot him!!

      0:21- 0:48
      He runs through across the campus lawn and over the hedge that surrounds the school. He is now out of the school but to his dismay when he jumped the hedge he landed in a dead end alley. The bullies hot on his trail, jumped the hedge and blocked his only escape!! He's cornered against the wooden fence, he helplessly looks for any escape but to no avail. The Leader of the group of misfits grins as he picks up the boy by the collar.

      0:48- 1:15
      The Bully laughs in triumph of his catch of the day.The boy closes his eyes in anticipation of the pain that is to come. The Bully pulls his arm back ready to punch, then suddenly he sees something at the corner of his eye.

      1:15- END
      What is- BAM!! a fist with so much force his head practically spun!! He flopped to the ground like a dead fish, who could have done this?? The boy opens his eyes and sees an Angel?! No couldn't be!? He blinks and it's actually a girl. She stands over the unconscious brute points to his goons scowling. She warns them that they probably should start running. The goons quivering in fear eagerly agree and rush to recover their leader. They frantically scurry away. The boy stares in awe and embarrassment at the girl who saved him.

      Her scowl turns into a warm smile, as she helps him up. At this moment on this day the boy didn't want to be a victim anymore. He shyly asked the girl to teach him how to fight, she smiled and nodded in approval.

    • Some Pretty Alright Music

      3 years ago


      So yeah these are a few songs that I like and I'm sure some you guys have heard some of them but hey why not post them just cause? (Alright so all of them are from Anime but heck man these songs are awesome!!)

      Parallel Sign

      Eureka Seven Ao - Seven Swell -based on ''Niji''- (Short Version)

      Eureka seveN OST 1 // Tiger Track

      "San Francisco" by Midicronica

      Some Nujabes:

      Nujabes - Aruarian dance

      Nujabes & MINMI - Who's Theme

      Nujabes - Feather

    • Some good stuff here...

      3 years ago


      Gotcha!!! So here's some funny stuff that a bit of you guys will get a good chuckle at




    • It's 1:20 AM how bout that...

      3 years ago


      So yeah I'm having a good 'ol time here commenting on people journals and stuff. Honestly it feels good to just be nice to people here, like seriously just saying something nice to someone could make their day like 100% less shitty and it takes zero effort.

      Anyways time to say whats been goin on...
      So I'm back to working my job and It's well a bit underwhelming to say the least, unfortunately im kinda the new guy so I gotta do the grunt work and what not but ehh what are you gonna do right?

      Also I've gotten way faster at running I can do my 2 mile in 13:03 that's 2 and a half mins off from a few months ago so I'm pretty happy about that. Cant wait to run even faster.

      So hows everybody doin? I'm honestly curious, feel free to write a paragraph or whatever, I like hearing about people.

      Welp thats it for this kinda weird scatterbrained journal thing. later good Sirs and Ma'ams

    • Back to real work...from fake work

      3 years ago


      Note: this stuff whiny and boring and not really meant to be enjoyed (with that said enjoy the colorless tapioca that is work) by that way this picture bellow is based on a true event that happens frequently.

      So for the past 3 months I've been working at a tax place, I guess you can consider it a seasonal job since I'm only there for the tax season. Once that job comes to an end I can get back to my real job basically its pretty much the same, just sit at a desk and type stuff out. Basically repetitive stuff all day everyday. It's good because the repetitions allow you to work and improve faster on what your typing out. Think of the movie "Office Space" where your doing pretty mundane repetitive tasks at a desk and the only way to keep your sanity is to interact with your fellow humans beside you.

      But ehh could be worse, I could have no job and no home.

      Anyways, life's great outside of work cant complain really.

    • Stuff and Some Computer Stuff....

      3 years ago


      So I wrote a journal with a lil update on just some random stuff and then hey the backspace button took me back a page and erased the things I wrote.

      So yeah ya know In my mind I like to Imagine my computer has feelings so I could make it feel what it made me feel.


      Ehhh but whatever It's not like I was writing some Oscar winning script or anything like that so I guess my computers not so bad.

      But yeah I want my computer to know that the day when shit hits the fan with skynet that I let it live....just sayin.

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    • JoseRiveraaa

      3 years ago

      hey sorry i think i gave you the wrong episode... the real episode is season 6 episode 18 and guess what my full name is Jose Antonio Rivera lol we have the same middle name.

      • JoseRiveraaa

        3 years ago

        yeah you meet atleast one of each here and there...

      • Arctundra FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        Yeah, being Hispanic we tend to all have the same names haha I cant count how many Gonzales, Garcia or Rodriguez I know

    • JoseRiveraaa

      3 years ago

      the least i could do is write one and a half on your wall...

    • JoseRiveraaa

      3 years ago

      hey man i saw your comment obviously lol and i added some myself... the thing is yeah im a wide area worker myself but to ask the once in a level that i know ive done enough on my side to be approved. its up to them because i cant be a free kind of guy when i feel like my mind is being pirated. why be declined by me when they could have the whole cake. p.s if you see the episode adventure time season 6 i believe episode 26. the one with the baby lynch going to school and meets a king. fry and professor are in the episode... as always the fry character tried to do a sad episode. ok bye peace out.

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