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    • Battle Royale

      5 days ago


      Battle Royale is going to be the "thing" for the next 5 years in games.

      Red Dead Royale

      FIFA 2019 (with battle royale mode!)

      Peggle 3: Battle Royale

      Putt Putt goes to the battlefield

      Spyro: Enter the Royale

      Knack 3: Royale

      You name it, you'll get it.  

    • What is the point of Xbox Media Achievements?

      3 weeks ago


      I'm sure this has been talked about by Ryan at some point in some Let's Play or other, but media achievements are absolutely useless.  I wanted to put something on in the background while I was working on something, so I chucked on the Mega64 twitch channel on my Xbox, and just left it playing.  About an hour in, I got an """achievement""" called Hipster.  Apparently, you get this achievement for watching a broadcast for an hour that has less that 10 viewers.  Since I have the Xbox app downloaded on my phone, the achievement popped up there too.  Right beside the achievement name was a whopping 0G.  WHAT IS THE DAMN POINT!?  WHY EVEN HAVE IT AT THAT POINT?!

    • Windows

      4 weeks ago


      100% of the time I type "Discord" on the Windows search bar, it searches it on Bing on Edge, it's getting a wee bit annoying now :/

    • Gremlins

      1 month ago


      Gremlins can't eat after midnight.

      So my question is, when can they eat?

      It's ALWAYS after midnight, except the exact moment it's midnight.

    • Weekends & Exams

      1 month ago


      I love the end of the week, it's the equivalent of a hard reset for me.  My weekend usually consist of playing games watching videos or livestreams.  It always feels like a lot of time that I have to myself, then it's all chockablock when the normal week starts again.  This is usually when I do the Off Topic Highlights editing, on the Monday towards the evening; this means I usually don't get much school work done after 4pm that day, but alas, a solution has come.

      I figured out how to download video of the RT site, which means that I get to edit Saturday evening onwards.  I just finished editing the highlights for episode #124, and I'm chuffed to bits.  The only hindrance I could think is if the export doesn't work right, since the original video file was a .ts, which I have never seen before now.  This means the whole week is up for grabs for school work, which is extra important since my exams are coming up!  I kinda got unlucky with mine this year, I have 1 exam a day for 3 days, that a 10 day gap until the last one.  A little annoying, but the light is at the end of the tunnel!  I'm actually getting to go away at the end of May too, with a few of my school friends to Switzerland, which I'm hoping will refresh me!  I'm looking to get the Off Topic Highlights done during my exam time too, the only difficult week with be the week of #127 I think.  The video is exporting right now for #124, 20 minutes to go apparently.

      That is all for now though,

      Thanks for Reading!

    • I just watched 'Your Name' again

      1 month ago


      My first watchthrough, I watched with subtitles.  I don't watch too much anime but I usually watch normal shows with subtitles anyway just because I prefer knowing exactly what the dialogue is.  After watching it again with the english dub, I now realise how much of the film went completely over my head from first viewing.  If you haven't watched it, please do!  It's a really enjoyable film!

      My only criticism would be the music in the first half of the film, I would much rather personally if it was just instrumental.  Except from that, fantastic! 

    • I just beat my Trials Evolution PB!

      1 month ago


      I've been attempting to beat my previous time for a few days, and I finally got a successful run today, 32 seconds to spare!

    • It's April 1st tomorrow

      1 month ago


      April Fools means happy birthday Roosterteeth!

      It also means that google will do some sorta joke, wonder what it'll be this year.

    • presumably.

      2 months ago


      There is a podcast that I listen to called "Welcome to Nightvale", and I'm relistening to all of it, taking an episode or two per night.  I just got to Episode 71, named "The Registry of Middle School Crushes", and it features a really interesting part that (luckily for me) someone had already transcripted and I'd like to share!


      A woman walks into a bar. Presumably, she did not just appear there. Presumably she opened the door from the outside and entered it. Presumably she drove to the bar. Presumably she had obtained the car she used to drive to the bar somewhere, presumably with money. Presumably she had received that money somehow. She presumably had spent days, months, even years before this moment. Presumably she was born at some point, to a mother – presumably. Presumably she was a child once. There had been years spent in which she could not completely feed herself. There were years in which she was smaller, and stayed all day in rooms where adults taught her to be similar adults to the adults they were. There was a first kiss, nights spent in terror of the nights to come, the first vestiges of independence, moving out, finding a job, a decision – at some point – to go to the bar. Presumably.

      “Can I have a drink?” she said to the bartender.

      “Oh, I’m sorry,” said the bartender. “This is the end of my shift. Ed will be out in a moment and he’ll be able to help you.”

      The bartender left the bar. Presumably he opened the door. Presumably he got into a car. Presumably he drove home, the radio on and playing him through the soft-focus darkness of hot night. Presumably he had a bed somewhere, got into it, slept, and – presumably – dreamed. Presumably he grew older, day by day, and looked at each day as a missed opportunity to live a life that was in no way better than the life he was living, but just different. Presumably he edged toward death, fearing losing what he had, regretting ever attaining it. There was a last kiss, everything was forgotten, but in pieces, and in the most painful order. New things were learned slowly, and in the least helpful order. A basket of fruit indicating a sentiment too weak, communicated too late, to a person who was already gone. Presumably.


      Transcript - Ep. 71

      Audio Link

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