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    • 2 years ago

    • On the Spot.

      2 years ago


      I forgot how good it it...

    • Your Best Friend - Red vs. Blue Revelations OST Lyrics

      2 years ago


      [Verse 1]

      Remember that time that I saved your life?

      You were happy, I could tell.

      You said something about how I was smart,

      and I make your life a living heaven.

      We do everything together like "Hide and don't seek" : Your favo(u)rite game,

      But I'm so glad that we found each other, and I know you feel me Identical way as me.

      [Chorus Start]

      Church, I'm your best friend,

      That's what I'm to you.

      And we'll be together 'till the part when it's over,

      Because we are brothers in "Not Red".

      Brothers in "Not Red"

      [Chorus End]

      [Verse 2]

      You know Tucker thinks he can hang with you but I'm your friend and there's no other,

      Because were such a great team when were together,

      Just like chocolate and peanut candy.

      No-one else sees me like I see me or like I see you, don't you see?

      Because if I can't see them, they can't see me, and If I like me then you like myself


      And church, we're gonna weather that storm together,

      and I'll be right by your side.

      You don't have to worry, because Tucker is stupid. (Stupid)

      You don't have to worry, because Tucker did it. (Tucker did it)

      [Chorus Start]

      Church, I'm your best friend, (I AM YOUR BEST FRIEND)

      That is what I'm to you. (DO NOT LISTEN TO TUCKER)

      And we'll be together 'till the part that is over, (THIS SONG IS NOT CREEPY)


      Because we are brothers in "Not Red". (And Church, you don't have to worry because TUCKER IS STUPID)

      Brothers in "Not Red" (We'll Weather That Storm, TUCKER'S STORM)

      [Chorus End]

      There is no storm that Tucker can make that we can't snuggle together

      [Fade out]

    • My Internet, &

      2 years ago


      I'll say it.

      My internet is shit, Fucking Terrible. I guess that's what I get for living in the middle of nowhere. Because of this, on YouTube, I watch almost everything at 480p. It also doesn't help that my laptop specs aren't the best.

      I don't like YouTube as a company. People around me get confused when I say that, they assume I spend most my time on social networks, which I don't. The decisions that are made as a whole by YouTube astonish me. That is 50% of the reason why I don't like the term "YouTuber". The other 50% is because I think it sounds corny plus it also makes it harder for people to get into YouTube and Internet Content as a whole.

      I do upload to YouTube, but I'm not a YouTuber.

      It is hard to make an argument supporting this without pulling up numbers, but my only argument is that I say I'm not. If I could upload my videos to a website that I own and I'm not restricted by Bandwidth, I would. But sadly (as said at the start of this post) my Internet blows.

      Going back to watching YouTube videos at 480p, watching on since the new version was released, left me to watch at 240p. I would 100% watch everything on if it wasn't as bad on my end but now it's been fixed

      Adam (Grufftech) updated the encoding profile on, one of these improvements was adding 480p to the videos, this means I can watch them at the same quality as I would on YouTube. I'm also a sponsor, so I can watch them all early. What I'm saying is, I'll be on a lot more.

    • Arthro Recap #3

      2 years ago



      I've not been watching a lot of the RT stuff recently as I've let Gravity Falls consume my soul...that's pretty much it...

      I guess I also updated the 'about' section of my YT Channel.

      "Congratulations. You've discovered the "about" section of my YouTube Channel. This is the section were I presume some sort of 'about' thing is suppose to take place. But, unfortunately I'm not really that good at typing long drawn-out descriptions of things. That's kind of why I make videos - so I don't have to type. I don't even really know where most symbols on a keyboard are. Really? You know those little dots things? You know, the dot things that go above letters when you're speaking Dutch? I have no idea how to make that happen. Not that I plan on speaking Dutch or anything. Just saying. As of October 4 2015 14:41 GMT, I do not give Mark Zuckerberg permission to use my dank videos m8. By employing the protection of the level 99 Armoured Sloth of Dankness, I give notice to Facebook it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, or distribute my videos of video games technically owned by the game creators.

      TL;DR: I'm not dutch, but on this channel anthyding can hadplen."

      I'm not funny.

    • Arthro Recap #2

      2 years ago



      So I have some Trials Fusion stuff coming out on my channel for the next couple of weeks INCLUDING my normal stuff like Halo, GTA and a new game that's...quite interesting.

      If you want to see that HERE IT IS!

      I've really got back into Twitch, I have mainly been watching Sevadus, Nick28T & GiantWaffle.

    • Arthro Recap #1

      2 years ago


      I've been working hard on my YouTube channel lately and I'm in the process of getting a website (as soon as I can decide on a url).

      I have really been getting into the RT, IB (RIP) & Brownman subreddit lately so have fun with that.

      I recently got GTA V for the Xbox One which I am enjoying immensely and I've been on a Halo 2 Classic Mode on Halo MCC binge as well as working on my response time to E-Mails in general.

      Anyway, see you (at latest) next week!




    • The Madness of the King

      2 years ago


      AKA: The King is mad.

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