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    • kittens!

      13 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      I've just adopted 2 new kittens. I was just supposed to kitten-sit, but they decided to keep me. Yay!
      I'm thinking of naming the boy kitten caboose.

    • Radio Music Awards

      13 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      I just flew back home from Vegas, where BrookeLyn, Rhoulette and I spent the weekend at the Radio Music Awards. It was so much fun. I was star-struck the entire time. I swear I scared the Nickleback guy when I saw him because I let out this pre-adolescent fangirl shriek and just ran up to him to ask him for a picture.

      The whole thing was a blast, though. The three of us hung out with DMC (from Run DMC) for 3 hours and we did a bunch of radio interviews together. We also got to meet Hulk Hogan and his daughter, who were there promoting her singing career. And we met the Goo Goo Dolls, who were really nice and seemed to like video games. I have a huge pile of work to do now that I'm back, but I'm still trying to wind down and come back to reality.

      I just added a couple pictures from Rhoulette's blog of some of the guys we met. Proof! I've met some celebrities!

      - Jinx

    • New Site

      13 years ago

      Ashley The Know


      The Frag Doll site is finally live! So we have a whole site now, and image galleries and forums and profiles and event calendars and all that jazz!

      I liked having a blog, but having a real site is awesome. I *love* the illustrations of all the dolls that Ubisoft had done for us. They're so cute. And i have a zapper in mine! Sweeeet.

      There are so many cute pictures of the girls on there from when we were up in Seattle for PAX. It brings back how much fun we had every time i see a picture and think "yeah! i remember that! and..."


    • Yay Vegas!

      13 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      So, BrookeLyn, Rhoulette, and I are heading down to Vegas this weekend to get our game on at the Radio Music Awards. It should be all kinds of fun. It's been raining here for the last few days, so I had intended to curl up with hot chocolate and games this weekend, but Vegas is going to be even better. I can play games in a warm environment, and do what every girl dreams of in that city: crawl the forum shops in Caesar's Palace.

      Girly of me, I know, but I think I'm allowed a few girlish tendencies every now and again. I don't get to shop very often, and I'm in the market for a fuzzy hat for the winter. And maybe some fuzzy boots. I guess I'm just in the mood for fuzz. The onset of winter has that effect.

      On a different note, I'm actually enjoying SOCOM II now that I'm in the top 30-40% or so (I forget the exact spread of the Lt. Commander rank) and am playing with better players who don't go out of their way to try to offend me. Plus, I improve a lot more when I play against people who are as good or better than I am. What can I say? I'm competetive and I don't intend to be bottom-ranked.

      - Jinx

    • Head cold

      13 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      I hate head colds. Sneezing can be fun occasionally, but I hate having a sniffly nose and feeling like my head is all fuzzy on the inside. And I have at least 7 hours before I can entertain the idea of falling into bed and actually resting.

      I guess i did ask for it though. I've been running myself completely ragged since I moved, and I have no intention of stopping now. I may try to get a full 8 hours of sleep tonight (depending on whether or not I play a little Socom II) and hope it goes away, but I can't do any more than that.

      I wonder if there's any echinacea tea around... or any tea for that matter. Tea is a nice comfort drink.

    • Shiny.

      13 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      The new site is shiny. It's like a toy. :)

      and season 3 already rules. That was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.

    • 2018 years ago

      Ashley The Know
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