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    • New Multiplayer Zelda Game Could Follow Breath of the Wild

      2 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a runaway success at E3 earlier this month, and the variety of adventures had some hoping to share the experience with friends. While it looks like Breath of the Wild won't scratch that itch, we could see a multiplayer experience later on.

      In an interview with IGN, franchise producer Eiji Aonuma said he'd like to try a multiplayer Zelda game again. He explained, "I would like to take what I learned from Breath of the Wild and see if we can somehow fuse those learning points into another multiplayer Zelda...That's definitely a possibility and we will continue to [experiment] throughout the Zelda franchise."

      Previous multiplayer titles in the series include Four Swords Adventures, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks,, and Tri Force Heroes.

    • Join Us for Rooster Teeth at E3!

      2 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      Last year was our first time going all in on doing an E3 live show, and maybe it was the sleep deprivation because we decided it would be a great idea to do it all over again... and do more, because this year Rooster Teeth will be streaming for FIVE DAYS.

      We'll have 2 livestreams on Sunday to take you through the press conferences for EA at 12:30PM PT and Bethesda at 6:30PM PT, then Monday Funhaus will take over and give you alcohol poisoning with an all-day livestream starting at 9:00AM PT and going until everyone's unconscious probably. Then the show starts.

      Cure your inevitable press conference hangover with all-day streams Tuesday-Thursday starting at 10:00AM PT. We'll have interviews, demos, gameplay, podcasts, shenanigans, and Joel will probably give you a primer in economics.

      Sound good? It will all be streaming on YouTube! Funhaus will be streaming on because that probably limits our liability or something, but you'll be able to catch all the other streams on

      See you there!

    • The Amazing Race - Ep 11 Live Blog

      2 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      Ready for China?!

      I've always wanted to visit China, so it's time to knock one off the bucket list!

      Kiss count: 1

      Tyler and Korey claws coming out! Now who's #TheVillains?

      This was a theme throughout the race. Tyler and Korey and the dancers worked together whenever possible.

      So, basically, this roadblock was the Amazing Race WITHIN the Amazing Race.

      Sheri is such a trooper. She's wonderful.

      Burnie's running training was paying off here, that's for sure! It must have been a full hour of dashing back and forth.

      Burnie's salt levels at max = my favorite. They never did find that airport clue.

      Tyler and Dana eat our dust!

      If only that train had been 1 minute sooner.

      Run through amusement park for an hour then run through a park! Sure, why not?

      We decided to take a train to the detour because there was a marathon going on next to the park so most of the streets were shut down. I worried we'd be caught in gridlock. Normally we'd take a cab 100%, but that made me nervous. Train might be slower than usual, but faster than traffic jam.

      Switching detours is always scary, but if you know you have a lead (i.e. Sheri and Cole) it's less so. We didn't want to end up with another Chamonix where we were last because we were stubborn.

      We may suck at balance, but hey! We can hang a painting.

      And that's all she wrote, kids.

      At least we broke that second place streak, huh?

    • The Amazing Race - Ep 9 Live Blog

      2 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      Snakes, salt, kites, Indonesia. Let's do it!

      I've always wanted to go to Bali.

      PS - it's pretty great to know something about Brodie and Kurt that no one else knows.

      I'm pretty sure there are more motorcycles in Denpasar than people in the US.

      What did you do this morning? I carried fruit on my head like a star. You?

      SNAKEEEEESSS! I told Tyler afterward that Burnie and I felt like Salma Hayek in From Dusk Till Dawn. He told me he's too young to get that reference.

      Hey guys, you know what would be a great idea? Let's leave our taxis and keep running along the road!

      Burnie's plot is my favorite plot.

      We can all aspire to Tyler's level of shimmy shake.

      So happy Kurt is getting credit for being such a great racer. Through the whole race he was our idol. He's strong, smart, athletic, can dance, is fluent in Spanish... the real question is what he CAN'T do. We haven't found anything yet.

      Next time can WE have a task where we get fed along the way? Bring on the hot soup.

      I wish the instructions said Burnie had to do the roadblock without a shirt on. Wink.

      Poor Rachel. The second we saw her we were hurting for her.

      GOOD JOB, BURNIE! I'm so proud of you. #1 out of the road block is a good place to be!

      Yay, Rachel! Pushing through that challenge.

      SURPRISE TWIST: Double roadblock!

      Building a kite = even more complicated than assembling IKEA furniture without instructions.

      I love that they're showing the more serious side of our racing this leg.

      Me: "What's an outrigger?"

      Burnie: "it's like a canoe with a sail. And it will have a motor. No way they'll make us row all that way"

      20 minutes later of pure paddling...


      <3 <3 <3 for Zach and Rachel. I wouldn't have been able to do that salt roadblock AND all the rowing after? That was nuts.

    • The Amazing Race - Ep 8 Live Blog

      2 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      You ready to go to Dubai?!

      I can't believe we're down to 6 teams. It feels like it's gone so fast.

      First time in the race driving ourselves. We were so excited for this part.

      Which detour would you pick? Race camels or trek through the desert?

      As you watch the frisbee bros get stuck in sand, know this: those vehicles had a 4-wheel drive mode. Lulz

      Racing a camel = super easy, right? I mean, they're so slow.

      Yeah. Those camels destroyed me. Spoiler alert: I don't know shit about bikes.

      Goddamn. I'm such a bike sissy.

      Well, at least we weren't the only team to switch detours. There was NO WAY I was going to get that, even with the headstart. I wiped my lungs out so bad I couldn't breathe.


      I wish we got fed at every detour!


      But hey! Rocking that gold swimsuit, Burnie!


      I didn't get into this gold swimsuit for nothing. Let's waterslide!

      BTW, so refreshing to get in the water after all the Dubai heat and the half dying.

      Suckas had to use the express pass to beat us by 10 seconds. Not too bad.

      Second save for Cole & Sheri. How lucky is that? They're 2 out of the 3 last place saves so far.

    • The Amazing Race - Ep 7 Live Blog

      2 years ago

      Ashley The Know


      Everyone on the same train. So the pressure is on. BUT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO TAKE AN OVERNIGHT SLEEPER TRAIN!

      This first taxi HAD to be the most frustrating thing that could have happened. We grabbed one, he waited for EVERYONE to go ahead of him, and then drove around the city waving to his friends to show them the TV camera in the car. GGUUUUUUHHHHH

      The monastery was beautiful. Nervewracking because it was so far out. We wondered if we were headed the right way. Glad we got to go there.

      Uh, clean gross stuff or make candy? NOT A TOUGH DECISION.

      God, we were so close to missing the last spot at the candy detour. We made it by a matter of minutes. Luuuucky us.

      Sorry I demanded to take the dancing challenge. I know Burnie would have outshined me, but I couldn't allow that.

      Shout out to my dancing instructor. She was a great teacher, and was super supportive and nice, even when I messed up.

      Sucks to have gone to the wrong location, but at least we had a head start, huh?

      Unfortunately, sometimes that's not enough. But hey. We're still in good shape.

      Thank goodness for the lady who helped us though. The first person all leg we'd found who spoke any English and she was completely fluent and SO NICE.

      Also, shout out to Zach and Rachel. They did great all leg. Not a single mistake. They earned #1.

      Poor Scott and Blair. They HAD to return the bag. They would have faced a penalty otherwise. You're not allowed to mess with other teams' stuff. I can't believe the outcome of the leg came down to that tiny detail.

    • The Amazing Race - Ep 6 Live Blog (East Coast)

      2 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      Live blogging here! And I'll answer questions during commercial breaks. :D


      Fun Fact: We researched the opera house during a layover in Athens. Learned it's known for the composer of the Sword Dance (google it--super famous). I REALLY wanted to do the Sword Dance because we hadn't done anything like that yet.

      The Cascade is absolutely breathtaking. It's HUGE. And majestic. And a bitch to run up.

      We also met a really sweet stray dog along the way. I wondered if he'd come with us the whole race but he said screw that.'

      LET'S MAKE SOME BREAD! We have to make food all the time! How hard can it be, right?

      The bakers are so sweet. They really wanted us to, uh, not suck at making Lavash. If only we could have complied. Turns out it CAN be a bit complicated.

      There were only 3 oven spots. That's probably why so many picked the rug one. We worried it would be full by the time we got there. Then, in the end, there was one oven that didn't get used!

      The oven was SO HOT. My hair crisped up. I had to cut it when I got home from the race. And I burned the crap out of my hands. But they're already scarred from my hair wand so... no biggie?

      We called this challenge the mighty boosh.

      I'm glad everyone called us the roosters.

      That baker lady was SO MEAN. She didn't like so many of our lavashes and threw them away. I would have taken them and eaten them!

      Not shown: You were supposed to go grab a bus driver. We had been doing first aid on my hand and didn't read the clue thoroughly so we found the bus and sat on it for about 10 minutes wondering where our driver was before we re-read and figured it out.

      Everyone else had awesome party buses. Our bus was super chill. A lady gave us walnuts. Other bus people danced. Unfair.

      Burnie's such a sweetie. I'm totally impressed with the oil change. How about that date, boo? I'd say you earned it.

      Second place! That's our best finish! Not a bad comeback, huh?

      God, poor Sheri. And Blair is such a sweetie. It sucks for Cole not to be able to help her at all.

      Scott's a class act. So kind of him to help Sheri as much as he could.

      And OF COURSE It's keep on racing! No pit stop. No rest. Straight into another leg.

    • The Amazing Race - Ep 4 Live Blog (East Coast)

      2 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      Ready for The Amazing Race tonight? I'll be live blogging for the east coast viewers here!

      PS - I'll try to answer as many questions as I can, so shoot in the comments!



      So excited for Geneva. HUGE change in scenery.

      So how we're watching a romantic comedy.

      For the record, his "magic" was "food magic" because Brodie is a magician at getting food for free.

      Gosh, we got through 14 hours of travel quick!

      A local told us they usually shut off Jet D'eau at night, but Geneva kept it on... maybe for us?

      Who's #1? WE'RE #1! (and we're super nice about pointing other people to it. We are generous gods.)

      Blair is going to kill us all.

      I think this is the first time we've been in first place at any point. Feels good.

      Geneva was beautiful. It was a lovely day.

      Hahaha, Monsieur, Por Favor. Switching languages overnight was tough.

      Yo, we were way off on our count the first time.

      Oh Rachel, if only you knew. I wish we did the swiss army knife one.

      Blair and her dad are so supportive of each other. It makes me happy.

      If I was a local for this I'd have thought we were lunatics too.

      Well, at least we weren't the worst at it.

      Shout out to Brodie and Kurt for sharing their sweet sweet info with us. Those guys are top. We traveled with them a lot these early legs and got to know them really well. We think the world of them.

      Running.... Tyler and Korey are lunatics. Like we were last leg!

      We took a lot of public transit while we were in Geneva. Their system is laser precise.

      I feel for the models. We lucked out getting help. I still don't know exactly what we did wrong.

      YAY! Good job, girls! Get your ass on a bus!

      That's a tough challenge. Glad Burnie was doing it, not me. I make a better cheerleader for this one.

      Cole, of course you know because FIFA. Because games are educational!

      To us standing on the sidelines the people running around doing the challenge looked like crazy people.

      Woo, first out of the roadblock! YESSSS! And helping Kurt out in return.


      It is tough when the competition heats up. No one wants to come in last. ON a personal level it suuucks, but on a strategic level it makes total sense.

      The train ride up the mountains was BEAUTIFUL

      OMG people hiding on the train. CRAZY people.

      Burnie and Brodie snuggling. #burdie?

      "Are you ok sweetie?!" Burnie goes full dad.

      ALSO, we were SO MAD we had to wait for the second train. We tried to talk the conductor into leaving early.

      Stupid foot race to the mat. We will never meet some of those teams in a full footrace.

      Repect to the greeter in his shorts though.

      Poor models. :( Those girls were SO SWEET and went out of their way to help us so many times. We just didn't see them to help in return.

      Great episode... So much fun. Next week is going to be INTENSE CRAZY KILLER.

    • The Amazing Race - Ep 3 Live Blog (East Coast)

      2 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      15 minutes to go!

      For the East Coast/Central viewers I'm going to live blog here. I'll live tweet the West Coast because I can't watch this too much. :D I'll also respond to comments so if you have questions, ask away and I'll answer what I can.

      Oh man... I do NOT get tired of seeing us in the opening credits. It's still surreal, after having watched so many seasons and envying the racers.

      Korey and Tyler are the cutest, and also FAST, and Brodie and Kurt are super competitive and long legged. Tough competition.

      And we begin with the Burnie running fast and me not keeping up. Story of my life. I need some extra inches on my calves.

      This episode feels like it's moving so fast!

      Fun fact: we ran to the catacombs. Everyone else was smart and took a taxi. It was like a mile in super heat.

      Our reaction to a throwing target challenge was "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! WITH THE FRISBEE BROS IN FRONT OF US?!"

      Shout out to Tyler and Korey with the Title quote.

      I'm with Tyler. I'm super jumpy with loud noises.

      Burnie, you rimmed out? That's not what I heard.

      We got lucky in the catacombs. As we were running around we heard singing and thought it was directing us... turns out it was just a tourist singing his heart out in the catacombs but it accidentally pointed us the right way.

      Poor Erin. Two claustrophobia tasks in three legs.


      No way were we doing the bus detour. The Tejo one was further away (we think) and I'm not usually great at throwing at targets, but it sounded a lot more straightforward and less luck-based than the bus challenge.

      When we got the clue we didn't know what mochilas were. I wanted them to be iced coffee drinks. It sounded like it!

      Kurt's Spanish is SO good. I speak broken spanish and we all relied on him a lot.

      Gosh, this bus challenge looks so stressful. We only heard about it from other racers but I'm so glad we didn't do it.

      Zach got recognized everywhere. The magic of his vines really transcends language.

      Blair is hilarious. She had the best time and worked a LOT of magic on the bus. They must have done that faster than anyone!

      No one else was at Tejo with anyone else. Just models and Cole and Sheri.

      I got lucky matching bags. I actually misinterpreted part of the clue. I was matching the bag pattern and colors, not the designer.

      This was a pretty good challenge for me... I'm a runner, so hauling ass around Cartagena without my heavy backpack was easy. Much easier for me than the crew, probably. They must have hated me!

      Not shown: Burnie shouting to me "ARE YOU CARBED UP?!" Korey thought that was hilarious.

      Congrats to Brodie and Kurt for taking the leg. This was a great leg for them.

      I don't know how Erin looked so good. When I sweat I just look oily and gross.

      The Clevver girls have such a sunny outlook. I love it.

      I WILL say, for this cast, these sorts of challenges where you interact with locals is great. No wallflowers.

      OMG. Poor Rachel. We knew they had to go out again but not how it happened. That Suuuuuucks.

      Not to brag or anything, but I think I nailed that roadblock. I did it in maybe 15 minutes.

      Man, they REALLY like to slowmo our kisses.

      I feel for Dana. If you're not a distance runner that would have been tough. The mochila stalls were all spaced blocks apart.

      I didn't know Jess and Cole were working together! Jess is rad. I love her and Brittany.

      Every time they show the designers I feel like an idiot that I didn't check mine.

      There's a lot not shown on this episode! A double blind u-turn before the roadblock (no one used it so it would have been boring to show) and Cole got a penalty for taking too many bags, I think! But makes sense they don't show it if it didn't change their placement.

      Smart of Scott and Erin to stop and get maps. I ran around like a crazy person.

      I know a lot of race fans don't like different teams working together, but I love it. Maybe because I love my fellow racers.

      Ok, we already checked in, but this is STRESSING ME OUT.

      I enjoy how much Erin and Joslyn want to stay in this. And Blair and Scott have such a great relationship.

      Oh no! I didn't know Zach and Rachel went to the wrong spot for the pit stop. That suuucks I think that's where we checked in last race?

      Whewwwwww, what a close race to the end. I didn't know it was that close.

      I know this is a race and it's competitive and everything, but it hurts to lose fellow racers. Everyone is so good and wants it so much.

      Thanks everyone for joining me for the liveblog! I'll be live tweeting the west coast (didn't want to spoil them ahead of time!)


    • The Amazing Race Live Journal!

      2 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      Time for The Amazing Race! Burnie and I are doing live journals for the east coast/central premiere.

      I love seeing all the team intros. Now that we know them so well it's funny, but when we set off none of us knew each other and we were all trying to sleuth out who the other teams were to assess who would be the biggest threats.

      Seeing some of the other teams interacting before we all met up is brilliant... I LOVE the first interaction between Cole and the models. Those girls have such a great dark humor.

      Meeting Mario in the Dallas airport was great. He was so helpful. He looked up a bunch of details about Mexico City and helped us with our Spanish.

      The models were SMART getting out of the airport. They took a different exit than the rest of us and didn't get held up in the line!

      Opening that first clue was one of the weirdest experiences I've ever had, after seeing it on the show so many times. We were running on full adrenaline. We didn't even realize what we'd read the first few times. I was so worried the Mariachi challenge would be a musical challenge, and it was either that or blow stuff up. Seemed like an obvious choice!

      It's cool seeing the Mariachi detour. Since we didn't see it all we had was the description from the other racers but it's even more impressive to see it.

      #buttshot of Burnie going up the stairs.

      Congrats to Blair for the quote that ended up as the episode title!

      Cole and Sheri are my favorites. They're so cute.

      I'd say it took us maybe 30 minutes to make our Torito. There are so many details!

      Checking in dead last at the time board was devastating, after we'd spent months preparing. It was tough to realize that it might not be enough.

      It was extra hard because we left the detour before other teams, but our cab driver pulled over to let the other teams pass us because he didn't know where he was going. They didn't show it but we were FURIOUS and screaming at him to GOOOOO.

      Actually watching the episode is the first time I've seen what this road block actually looked like. Those caves are crazy! Being outside, waiting, not knowing what's happening, is HARD. I always thought being the non-participant would be like break time, but it's not. It's agony.

      Poor Scott, man. We could tell something seemed wrong but we didn't know what had happened. Everyone was so confused.

      "Are you finding little drums on the ground?" Jessica killing me. That girl is funny.

      BIG Congrats to Dana and Matt for taking first on the leg. They're also huge fans of the Race and have been for years, and they had a GREAT leg. They earned it!

      Place #6! It's no #1 but good to still be in it.

      I had NO IDEA Sheri and Erin talked about taking a penalty! That's so tense.

      Seems like most of my interactions with Burnie this leg were kissing. We must smooch more than we realized.

      This cab race is painful. Taxis are tough. Knowing that your fate is in someone else's hands and depends on them knowing where they're going.

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    • nekat_eman

      12 years ago

      lol, sure you game, but can you do the real thing? or just paintball, which ever one you choose...

    • John4767 Meow

      12 years ago

      awsome its jinx from the frag dools, yo wat up girl? i love your site, you girls rule!!!!!!

    • Capt_Sparrow

      12 years ago

      I think I'll wear my "I Play With Dolls" shirt on campus tomorrow...

    • crazypotato

      12 years ago

      Hey look, another potato! Yay potatoes!

    • ohdear

      12 years ago

      potato's are good you get chips and crisps and wedges and mash and lots of other wonderful foods

    • naruto1986

      12 years ago


    • ILUVHALO16

      12 years ago

      What!!?? There's no Metallica in your list of music! WHY!!????!!!???!!!???!!!

    • nikasaur

      12 years ago

      Allo, Jinx!
      Yeah, this site is my normal hangout spot. Rooster Teeth groupie for-the-win.

    • djedgar

      12 years ago

      Did you attend PAX this year?

    • Chupathingie

      13 years ago

      You say you like comedies?
      *slides piece of paper over* should see these...

      Blazzing Saddles
      Cannonball Run
      Smokey and the Bandit
      Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

    • HeavyYeti

      13 years ago

      Like I said on BrookeLyn's profile, the Frag Dolls PWN. Beside the fact that you ladies can probably kick any other group of people's asses (What? Oh, not Bungie....=)), you kickass just by being different and quite literally, revolutionary. I can't think of another group of female gamers who hit big like you guys did. Keep it up!

      And maybe if you guys do come by El Paso, you can PWN my friends who think they're awesome...don't worry, I suck...miserably.

    • bary_jon_200

      13 years ago

      how have u only played halo once, one of the best if not the best game of all time

    • Jstr21

      13 years ago

      Sweet, another FD on RvB... Now if I could just play ya online...

    • irishred

      13 years ago

      congratulations on having the most absolutely cool job EVER. makes graduate school look that much more crappy. here's to hoping that i never ever meet you online because you would definitely crush me.

    • Genesis11

      13 years ago

      You should post more often- it's like you don't ever come here (even though you do).

    • Genesis11

      13 years ago

      Thanks, Jinx!

    • neutrino

      13 years ago

      God. Damn. You are hot. And you play video games for a living. You are awesome. Ok, 'nuff said.

    • CMAssassin

      13 years ago

      How the HELL do you become a professional gamer?

    • chadk

      13 years ago

      This makes me cry. Where were the hot professional gaming teams when I was a bit younger? Oh, hell, I guess there weren't any DOOM teams.. ;( Depressing.

    • Brakus

      13 years ago

      wow thats awesome

      prince of persia warrior within is awesome too

    • Drewman

      13 years ago

      I would love to give you a game of halo 2, even if i lose

    • paverhammer

      13 years ago

      I wish I could do that for a living...

    • Spike12

      13 years ago

      The Frag Doll's are awsome,were you in the Halo Humpday Challenge against Bungie?

    • DU_Stars_Fan

      13 years ago

      Why can't I be a professional gamer and get paid for it? That sounds like a cush job...not sure if it's more fun than playing with alcohol all day long though.

    • kyle_gumby

      13 years ago

      SLC Punk! Yayee!

      Yeah.. that came off a little fanboyish, didn't it? Bah.

    • Anim8rJB

      13 years ago

      Jinx...more like Stinx lol

    • simmons42

      13 years ago

      =O a fragdoll with only 4 friends? We should improve on that...... =)

    • TommyTheCatt

      13 years ago

      I am glad to see that the first player shooter is not only dominated by only guys. I am impressed!

    • deadkat

      13 years ago

      Jinx is a superstar. Kinda like Wonderwoman, but shorter and blond and smarter and hotter and she does not run around in her underwear. Unless you ask nicely ;)

    • spartan13

      13 years ago

      Don't be afraid kakshi160. I've been handed my ass by Brooke on R63 a few times. Now it's happening on again Halo 2. It's much better getting beat by a FD than by a 13 year old kid just starting puberty! =)

    • whitewolf

      13 years ago

      I am right with you on that one kakashi160 I would challenge her and would love every minute of getting my ass kicked by something as drop dead lovely as jinx I would play her over and over just for the fun of getting my ass kicked also I can't wait for ghost recon 2 to come out as I am a huge ghost recon fan.....

    • airsniper

      13 years ago

      Do we all have to pay your gang protection money now? Don't hit me...

    • deadkat

      13 years ago

      Welcome to the Fray baby!

    • tracker1

      13 years ago

      gamer chicks.... *droooool*

    • Kakashi160

      13 years ago

      I am speechless, its hard to find girls that are really into video games, but that fact that you are ladies are, how should I say it...extremely fine. It is making my brain hurt. I'd challenge you to a game of halo or halo 2 but I am afraid of getting my ass kicked.

    • Big_Head

      13 years ago

      I may be a bit evil when I say this,but what would happen if Halo2 was a flop? Would there be rioting and pillaging ?

    • NOVAmonkey

      13 years ago

      I will definitely be adding a link to on my website NOVAmonkey

    • debaser

      13 years ago

      I came by because I clicked Tori amos, then I saw you said you played Halo2, then I saw you were in the Frag Dolls... so nice taste, arrrrrrrrrrgh, and nice job.

    • Sooprmunky61 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      13 years ago

      Brak show and the daily show? very nice. comedy rocks, I'm going to see Drew Carey and his improv allstars tomorrow. Hpe you feel better, being sick sucks. And remember kiddies, watch out for bear droppings

    • HotSoup

      13 years ago

      don't judge us all by scramcam.we're not all adolescent boys.

      we're assholes, too.

    • Helios

      13 years ago

      Nine Inch Nails!

    • Ashley FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold The Know

      13 years ago

      Ubisoft sponsors us to play online coop/competetive games (on LIVE mostly, for obvious reasons). We've been playing Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow as a team, but now we're ramping up for when Ghost Recon 2 comes out so we can rock that. At the moment I'm starting to play Socom II on PS2 to practice, since that's supposed to be the closest to GR2's style. We'll be playing Halo 2 as a team when that comes out too, so between all our games we've got a lot of fun coming up.

      I think most of us are RvB fans. We got to meet them up at the Penny-Arcade Expo and had dinner with them, but I was at the opposite end of the table so I unfortunately didn't get to talk to them much. Plus I was exhausted from 14 hours of games, so I wouldn't have been an exciting conversationalist anyway. ;)

    • scramcam

      13 years ago


      u sound really kewl

    • HollowDog

      13 years ago

      Wow... not only are you a gamer, you're a professional gamer? And you like Massive Attack, Tori Amos, NIN and (most importantly) TOOL? I'm impressed.
      So what does Ubisoft sponsor you to do/play? Are any of the other Frag Dolls RvB fans?

    • Ashley FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold The Know

      13 years ago

      We're a professional female gaming team sponsored by Ubisoft. I think that about explains it. hehe :)

    • OrigamiGuy

      13 years ago

      Let me be the first to welcome you to the site. Welcome..

      So what are the frag dolls?

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