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    • The Know - 50 Million Views and a Check In

      3 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      I was checking in on stats for The Know last night and realized we've just hit 50 million views on the channel since it launched, a milestone I couldn't be more proud of. And I just want to thank everyone who watches the show and gets something out of it.

      Since we kicked off this whole news rollercoaster our weekly audience for the show has grown something like 140% and you guys have made it one of the most popular of its kind online, with an audience of nearly 1.5 million per week. That's not a number I ever thought I'd be saying, and I'm humbled that you guys seem to enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it. No pressure for us then, huh?

      Around New Years, as one is wont to do, I started jotting down ideas for how we might further evolve and grow and continue to explore new territory, because standing still isn't fun for you or me and we want to make sure we keep the good stuff and shrug off the stuff you don't enjoy so much to make room for more good stuff.

      We've got some pretty cool stuff we're working on already, but you know what? I want to know what you guys think. After all, you're the ones who watch it and we want to treat your brain, your ears, and your eyeballs with the utmost care. What do you like about The Know? What do you think needs improvement? What do you wish we did that we aren't doing now? Content-wise, set-wise, style-wise, referential t-shirt-wise... we want to know it all.


    • The Patch is Now a Steam Curator

      3 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      Your favorite video game podcast (that's The Patch, obviously) is now a curator of the finest games on Steam!

      As we discover new PC games, play them, and talk about them on The Patch we'll add them to our recommendations here on Steam so you can join us in enjoying the best PC gaming has to offer. Plus, it's a great way to meet other Rooster Teeth community folks who will soon be your best gaming buddies. And if you're new to the whole PC gaming thing, you can lean on us to show you the ropes because we'd never recommend a dud. Paperwork simulator? Absolutely... but only if it's fun. Everybody wins.

      Who knows? Maybe we'll become a top curator, open a museum, and sprout twirly mustaches. IT COULD HAPPEN!

      Click Here and Follow The Patch as a Steam Curator

    • The Know Workspace Makeover

      3 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      You know how easy it is to procrastinate? Super easy. We've been at Stage 5 since, what, April? When we moved in, The Know took a few desks in the filming studio area because we shoot so frequently that it's easiest for us to be a few steps away from recording at any given time. It was an unfinished space that closely resembled a back alley between the broadcast control room and a mobile wall that separates us from the big doors we roll trucks into for loading/unloading equipment. Am I painting a bleak enough picture here?

      This is kind of what it looked like AFTER we started cleaning it up.


      Bleak, right?

      As soon as we saw the alley space I decided the perfect use of the space would be to turn it into a Moroccan tent. I mean, why not.

      Unfortunately, I'm really rubbish at getting things done when there's news to be chased all day every day. Also the small detail that I don't know how to sew, construct tents, or decorate. So time stretched out and now here we were in August. Ridiculous, right?

      Lucky for us, a cool dude named Marcus who's done some other work around the studio, like fixing up our kitchen area and making our set-style offices look more settled in. He's doing a ton of work for Rooster Teeth in the future, but he had a small window of time between projects so he offered to help us out. He and one of our trusty RTX guardians, Tim, put this whole thing together in a few hours over the weekend.

      On Friday, our area looked like the picture above. Today, it looks like this.


      I'm so excited that we went from having the work area everyone pitied to having the work area everyone wants to muscle in on. Not even joking, @Kerry and @Miles have already napped in our lounge deck (not beds. that would be unprofessional. it's a lounge.) and the other RWBY animators are eyeing the space for break naps.

      Huge shout outs to Marcus and Tim for making the space awesome, and to @MegTurney and Joey for being patient about getting an awesome space.

      News was always fast-paced, but now it's really In Tents.

    • 3 years ago

      Ashley The Know
    • 3 years ago

      Ashley The Know
    • Nominate The Know for a Streamy Award!

      4 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      The Streamy Awards are coming up and this is the first year Rooster Teeth has been eligible to submit for the News and Current Events Channel category. If you enjoy The Know and want to support Rooster Teeth please nominate us!

      Nominate the Know for News and Current Events Channel


      But since Rooster Teeth is kinda crazy we're also eligible for a metric butt-ton of other categories as well. Check out Barbara's journal for all the shows we have that you can also nominate.

      You guys are the best. <3

    • Welcome Meg Turney to The Know!

      4 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      I'm so happy that we can finally announce that @megturney is joining us as a reporter at The Know! She's a perfect fit for our gaming and entertainment reporting channel with her background at both SourceFed and Nerdist News, and she has that love and understanding of the online culture that can't be faked or imitated.

      I first met Meg at The Streamy Awards last February, where I took one look at her in her rad Star Wars dress and knew she was "one of us." She's been a friend of Rooster Teeth for years and, as @Burnie has mentioned previously, was in talks to host Immersion Season 2 last year, before schedules got complicated, but speaking personally, and I might be biased, I'm glad we've snagged her for the Know. She's perfect for us. Don't worry. We can share.

      We've come a long way since launching RT News at PAX last August. The show surpassed 27 million views and became so much more successful than we had anticipated that we decided to give it its own channel where it could develop some extra ambition and where we could also report on other entertainment that interests us. Like Game of Thrones, or The Avengers, or Game of Thrones.

      Since relaunching as The Know we've clocked up nearly 10 million views which, for a news channel is amazing, and it's all thanks to you guys for watching and supporting. And now that Meg has joined us we'll be able to do even more to keep you current. We're going to want your input on a few ideas too, so stay tuned for that.

    • Friday Night News Updates

      4 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      The annoying thing about late-breaking news on Fridays is that you don't want to wait until Monday to report it, and today's been a doozy, so here's a bonus update in text form:

      The Fallout 4 Teaser Is Actually A Hoax
      The site, which has previously been widely speculated to be a possible Fallout 4 teaser, has been broadcasting cleverly encrypted morse code messages for several days, running an elaborate story documenting an emergency in Vault 119 and hinting at Massachusetts locations as the setting for the next Fallout game.

      The site has now been updated with a "That's All Folks" message, as well as a note from the creator of the site, saying, "Don't hate bethesda, hate me. That's all. I really hope you'll get a real Fallout 4 soon, guys."

      As per the latest episode of The Patch, I owe this guy a high five followed by a right punch to the face.


      Destiny Gets A Release Date
      It will be coming out for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 on September 9, 2014.


      Riot Has Revised Their "No Streaming Rival Games" Policy
      Director of eSports Whalen Rozelle has offered additional insight into why Riot implemented this policy in the first place, saying, "There've been instances of other game studios trying to buy access to League fans by using (or trying to use) LCS teams/players to promote their competing games on stream."

      Their intent was to stop this kind of activity, but they've admitted that the policy was a bit too harsh, and have now revised it simply to restrict players from paid advertising. "While under contract to the LCS, teams and players can't accept sponsorship from other game companies to promote other titles. Besides that, they are free to stream any games they want," says Rozelle.

      (source: Reddit)

    • News: Assassin's Creed DLC Revealed

      4 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      Rockstar has offered some advice to avoid your GTA Online character getting deleted while they work on a permanent fix. Ubisoft has revealed their story-based Freedom Cry DLC for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Irrational has shared the first 5 minutes of Bioshock Infinite's Burial At Sea DLC.

    • News: Rockstar's Advice For Xbox 360 + Walking Dead Spin-off

      4 years ago

      Ashley The Know

      Rockstar has advice for Xbox 360 gamers on how to install Grand Theft Auto V, and they've released an iOS companion app called iFruit. Plus, AMC has announced a new spin-off series for The Walking Dead.

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