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    • Are You Good at Story Telling? Maybe you can get an audience!

      1 year ago

      Avenger212 Cheeze

      I've been putting this journal off for the last month, mostly because I've been feeling quite lazy. Even with my laziness I continue to ponder the question above. Considering I've been watching Youtube videos and Twitch streamers than engaging in traditional media.


      Have you read a good book recently? Maybe you watch a new movie? How about enjoying a T.V. series? Game of Thrones was so 3years ago! It's all about Westworld now a days. Sometimes even music has a story to tell. I've always considered traditional media to have an overarching story with organised narratives. What I mean is there is a massive story, but the narratives are broken into pieces to keep you engage. Like you can't wait until the next chapter or episode.

      Let's now jump into the Digital realm, welcome to what I call the age of personalities and community building. Now the battle for audience attention will heavily rely on how good you can convey your story and show that it is genuine. If you're really good at it, you'll get a large amount of audience and a possibility to earn a decent living from a small amount of the participating audience. Basically when you see the word "support" it's one method of the story teller to tell you "Hey continue to help me out my hardcore fanbase and I'll keep making my content."I'll be honest there is nothing wrong with that, they are after all dedicating their time and effort to convey to you a good narrative or at least engage directly with their fanbase. But your support will come from either you directly donating, buying merch, signing up to a sort of paid subscription model or just helping the story teller build a larger fan base. 

      I'm alright with the community building and fan engagement but one massive problem I see is  the community is now revolving around the story teller. Take the story teller out now I don't know what to call the result. Is it still a community? There are other time I see the community to be defensive or extreme to the point of being toxic. I remember the controversy around the British game reviewer and how he got pretty stressed out with the Youtube comments. Or a more RT example the feud that's been going on with AH fans and FH fans sound a bit childish to me. Staff thought it was only for good fun but that dragged on for a long time. 

      Although, on the upside of having a successful fanbase. I'm now seeing more and more story tellers being successful. Aleksander (ImmortalHD) from Cow Chop has been one of my favourite entertainers, he's been able to adapt to a changing demographics every time and found ways to move platforms, while getting a substantial amount of his audience to follow him. Another example are the Funhaus team from Machinima to RT they seems to have been successful  and had even overtaken the AH subscription count in YT. The team has some pretty good personalities but the audience tend to skew older and had more disposable income (just me assuming). I would argue this story telling business are not just for the digital content creators. If you look at Instagram and Twitter, artist and actors are joining in the fun. There's not a year that goes by that I don't hear a twitter feud between two big-shot celebrities. I feel like it's mostly to create some sort of story to show that they too still have a presence.

      Right now I feel like we'll see more of a trend towards personality base communities and engagement. I know it's nothing new from a traditional media standpoint, but the digital platform has made this easier. Although what made it easy for them to tell their stories will now also be their biggest problem. More and more people what to be digital content creators and not all of them will be successful at convincing an audience. Another way I'm seeing this is that audience might be split to smaller communities rather than the larger audiences we used to see with prominent content creators. Well that's going to be a problem if there's not enough of the audience to "support" you. 

      My Three Part Journal Series on Story Telling

      Introduction to Stories & Narratives

      Telling The Audience A Story (Digital Way!)

      Narrative Based Application

    • Stories & Narratives

      1 year ago

      Avenger212 Cheeze

      Over the years I started withdrawing from all forms of social media, probably because I grew up with it and I know full well once you post something online it never goes away. So I write most of my concoctions here at RT away from my personal social circle. I also know the stories I write mostly relates to myself or my internal thoughts about recent things that just happen. That's mostly so I can take responsibility for my own opinions and stories just in case someone finds me here. I've always been a big fan of writing because I find it helpful as a way of expressing my thoughts. Also I kinda get a side benefit when I'm stuck on something academic, employment or just anything creative, after writing a late night journal I end up getting unstuck. 

      Back on my original topic I never realized there was actually a difference between Stories and Narratives. Apparently a story is the message you want to convey while a narrative is the sequence of events within the story, change the sequences you get a different narrative within the story. Ok I cheated I check on google to make sure I was right on that. But my 4th grade teacher always told me I must learn to write narratives, when I write even fictional stories I tend to go on wildly different tangents. So much was my bad narrative writing I started an entire subject and tutoring session within the school. By high school though my narrative skills was unmatched and the sequences flowed like smooth water. But sometimes when I look back on some of my journals they're all over the place and there is still so many tangents.

      Now fast forward into the future (Today) narratives are now told in pictures and events. I see less and less writing and more pictures, comments and short statements. Gone are the days of blogs and massive walls of text like the one you see now. Although there are still a few people who do walls of text. But the troubling part for me are the pictures, I've always believe social media is a facade to show the world and your personal connections what you want them to know about you and hide all the failures in the background. However there are times where your friends will throw you under the bus for the silly things you might have done (That often photo of you being drunk!). I do hate photos I'm in because I want to keep the mystery about myself so I don't like them up. I even force people to delete photos they have of me. Sometimes if its a good photo or there nothing really happening around the picture I let them keep it.

      You may ask, "So Avenger? Why are you talking about photos, narratives and stories?"

      Well I kinda want to write a two part journal series and this is the introduction. I tried to fit it all in here but this post will be too convoluted and too long to read and it already is too long. 

      On my first journal will be about Youtubers, Twitch Streamers and Twitter influencers. It is going to be about my observations on how good they use their respective platforms to tell a story about themselves and how some of their audiences actually find their narratives interesting. 

      My second journal will be how I'm using stories and narratives to try and get myself a job in a career I really want. So far I easily get past the first few employment screenings only to screw up in phone interviews. For some reason I feel very comfortable with personal interviews but if its over the phone and I can't see the person I'm talking to I stuff up my narrative making my story inconsistent and me not getting the job. Hopefully the second journal will be more useful to anyone trying to find a job and are in a similar situation as I am in right now.

    • My thoughts on the future and us "Millenials"

      1 year ago

      Avenger212 Cheeze

      One thing I do everyday is a read the national and the world news. I'm particularly interested in the Business part cause you know that's what I analyse. Then probably once a week I see news about outsourcing, inequality, anti establishment and technology. Here's where it gets "fun" so much doom and gloom about how tech will help us improve but at the same time replace us as humans and take our jobs (fitly robots!). Then there's me a student almost finishing and would apparently be difficult for me to find a position in any graduate opportunity. Right now I already have my IB degree but it's close to useless without the second major I'm currently trying to finish. But let me get back to the tech part replacing humans.

      I know this is a long shot but I also know RT and its associated entities, have some smart people in the community that I can have a discussion and debate with, so get ready to disagree with me! Recently I've seen Joel with all his very gloomy forecasts, maybe he's is right or wrong who knows? This is the fun part of economics you'll never know the true answer until the results shows up. So to get back on the tech replacing humans, let me give you a back story. 2 years ago CGPGREY released a video called "Humans Need Not Apply" go watch it on youtube, it's quite interesting. Ever since I've been seeing everywhere how humans will be jobless and how people are being laid off in large numbers as robotics take traditional manufacturing jobs. Then there's the self-driving cars and how the transportation industry will slowly be automated in a few years. So on it goes even to the top echelons of power robots will soon replace them. Probably the only safe profession is programing and IT Tech. So I thought to myself a robot can probably do financial analysis so now how do I find a job that is Robot proof?

      Recently I been focusing on developing Niche skills because you know tell a robot to value a start-up company. It will probably malfunction and release senseless numbers, that's what I hope for at least. Then today I been listening to central bankers and governors, you know those people the financial industry hate for printing money and setting ludicrously low interest rates. They were telling about how the population are aging and people are demanding less and how everyone is in so much debt like in government, businesses and households. There was also the insulting part on how millennials are lazy and are just waiting for their parents to give them an inheritance. I'm sorry but I've always worked hard for everything I have or do, I don't expect my parents to spoon feed me thank you very much.

      But I digress, I'm going to finish off by asking this simple economic question. If robots are replacing us and taking all the jobs, then who will pay for them? Where is the demand coming from? From other robots? they are objects for goodnesssakes why on earth will they need money? Maybe it's the rich they want all the money? but by that logic shouldn't robots replace them too sooner rather than later? My point is I think there is still opportunities for us all even us millennials (even though I hate the term). We just need to learn for the Gen X they had it pretty tough, but the internet and all these interconnections will hopefully give us some resilience.Then finally there's the ageing population, I think, as they slowly move out of the work force we're going to fill the gap and with anything left the robots will take its place to augment our working style and help us develop new and cool things. I don't believe on the other way around. Then again be reminded this entire article is my opinion.

    • Unseasonably warm weather

      2 years ago

      Avenger212 Cheeze

      Just a short rant this time.

      Unseasonably warm weather had caused all kinds of pest to somehow think they can live inside my house. Every few years or so I have to deal with them getting into my house, but this week was probably the worse for me on record.

      First I have to deal with fireants, so I burned their hill. Next the spiders and cockroaches near the pots and pans storage. I had to fumigate the damn lower cupboards. Now I have to fix a rat infestation near the water filtration system. Because the people who used to live here had the clever Idea to put the drinking water filters next to the kitchen bin. What's next snakes? Then what Possums? Every time I get rid of one pest a bigger one takes its place.

      This was all caused by the freaking weather. Australian autumn hit +35C these past few weeks, usually by now it should be in below 20C. That is the end of my short rant. I am just super annoyed I am wasting time on getting rid of all these pest when I could be doing sometime else. Then again the last thing I want is one of these foolish fools to get into my room, at that point I'll probably just burn all these pest or the yard.

    • Thoughts of an INTJ

      2 years ago

      Avenger212 Cheeze

      I had always questioned whether I am a true INTJ. Apparently there are only very few people on earth who poses this personality type.

      Well I'll start off with the "I", I really don't have any problems talking to people but I rarely meet new ones. I prefer to be surrounded by a small number of trusted friends than have super wide social circles. Although I don't always get along with my own friends cause I never talk to them hahaha. Really doesn't bother me that much I'm just bored these past few months even after returning to school so I have been pestering them all lately.

      I could probably use some work on my iNtuition, since I left my job 18months ago I had been a bit rusty lately. But truth be told I always end up getting into trouble with my old job when I use "creative solutions" to solve difficult problems. Hey at least I still end up solving them in the end. I still do however love to create and test my new ideas. But sometimes they take up my mind too much and I I'll end up noticing I have been thinking about the same thing for hours now. Another reason why I kept my mind busy is I will literally play any steam game and watch a podcast or a movie at the same time. I have no idea how the hell I do it but I can even read a book while listening to the new A.H. podcast.

      I do Think a lot especially at night. My brain almost hates me now because I stress it too much even though there is no real reason to it. Also I have no idea if any of my writing right now makes any grammatical sense. I am not drunk though it's just really late and I couldn't sleep, so instead I decided to question the integrity of my INTJness.

      Judging is probably one of my strongest suit, I may not be physically organize but I like to have all the information in a specific way and clearly marked. I have this annoying whiteboard and at the very top it says "Today's Goal" Maybe a few times a week I write on it just to keep me on track. Occasionally I use the whiteboard to write random stuff there like my ideas on how I can use Option Pricing Model to estimate the price of an early access game, if it becomes successful. One of my goals in life is to make finance easier for people to understand and hopefully will help them to allocate their resources effectively.

      I really want to write more stuff in this journal but it's already turning into a wall of text. I just like to write random things to clear my mind or I always feel like it will explode with all the thoughts that I think off at night. This is why I multi task to the point of being ridiculous so I don't end up writing journals like these. After writing this however and going into weird tangents I still don't know if I am a true INTJ....

    • Canada took so long to plan but it went by so fast....

      2 years ago

      Avenger212 Cheeze

      Did you ever had the feeling of being alone? or you ended up in a place where you would like to stay just a bit longer? Leaving in 2 days that's where I am right now.

      I wrote about my Canadian project almost since before I become a member here at Roosterteeth. I don't really know what started my preference for this country but it threw everything it got on me and I would still like to stay here just for a bit longer. Faced with problems in my hometown Adelaide, Montréal was a nice break from my routine as well as start for a new perspective in life. My exchange program allowed me to see the world in 3 different perspectives all in just one country. I am aware of the tension between the French and the English speakers but that did not even stop me from making friends with both groups or asking why they have some issues. There was a point I think I may have pushed the line with my Quebecker friend and he just keep quiet, noticing his discontent I just changed the topic and moved on.

      But adopting my attitude allowed me to know more about myself and the incredibly risky situations I had to respond to during my 4month stay here. From Montréal to Toronto and even in Ottawa I've seen different attitudes of Canadians but they still had one thing in common, they were all willing to help me for some reason. I don't see that in Aus very often.

      How about rural areas? have I been there? well kinda but not exactly... I've only had a chance to stay for a bit at around some small towns in Ontario. I also failed at meeting some strategic people from there, sorry I ran out of time. But thank you Via Rail (I wish we had that in Australia) I got to chat to some people on the train which covered Montreal to Toronto. I had a nice time ridding it even making jokes with the server who was charging me 300 pennies for tea.

      Finally my ability to make friends here was ridiculously easy compared to the indifference I've always faced back home. When I was out and about I met new people mostly from Europe if not I was working with local Quebeckers or if I was around the country I talk to Canadians trying to find out what they think of current local affairs. Now to sum it up, will I be thinking of moving to Canada? I don't think anytime soon considering I am better positioned in Australia. Was this exchange program worth the 5years it took to finance this project and the 3years I had to fight for positions in my Uni? Well actually I don't know... I sunk a lot of my resources and lost my job to be here but the valuable info about Canada and the connections I've made that will cover almost 4 different continents may just make my hard work worth it.

    • Procrastinating & Short Rant....

      2 years ago

      Avenger212 Cheeze

      I think the title says it all. Instead of studying for midterms I have been thinking about my trips to Ottawa,Toronto & Northern Ontario during the midterm break (next week). Plus if I am going to end up staying long enough for the ski season or should I hit up Vancouver instead and roam around the city. The most ironic thing about this post is I am studying resource allocation and I don't think I am doing a very good job when it comes to time management. Ohh well I'll post more details later. Also it's been very quiet lately here at RT what have you guys been doing these past few months?

    • Avenger's Adventures Canadian Venture

      2 years ago

      Avenger212 Cheeze

      So after rambling on about this planned adventure I am finally here! But I am not going to lie I was a bit lazy to write about Canada for the past month and half I have already been here. Backed by my University, previous 2 employers and a lot of hard work I achieved one of my many great plans.

      The first week I arrived in Canada was kinda nuts.... First I panicked on the plane going to Montreal because everyone was speaking French. Now I haven't had proper sleep in the last 24hours and also I kinda went on a small adventure in the Huston Airport cause you know that thing was huge. So I was pretty tiered when I was on the franco AA flight. After I arrive I soon realized everything was fine because most people here are bilingual...No problems at all. It was 12am on a Saturday so me being disoriented and super tiered over payed a mopping taxi driver who got me to my apartment on the first night. (I did not know tipping taxi drivers was a thing here and additional side note I also did not know tipping actually exists).

      The subsequent days my roommates and I just chilled for the weekend but I think buying a lot of stuff from the supermarket and carrying all of it back home was kinda tiresome. Then at the start of the week my host school organize a series of events that I thought would be impossible to achieve by a mere human. We kicked things off by an activity early in the morning (at 7-8am) then it will run all day till 7pm and out again at 8pm for some drinks and music running up to 3am or when the bar closes and kick us out. Sleeping a few hours and doing it all over again the next day while still being drunk or hungover. Have you ever tried ziplining after drinking 15glases of alcohol 4hours ago? Well my friend did and almost did not make it to the other side of the hill.

      So that is the just one of my many adventures that had occurred over the past weeks I've been here next week I'll be in Toronto and Niagara taking some photos...

    • 3 years of Planning Becomes a Reality

      3 years ago

      Avenger212 Cheeze

      I've been fairly quiet lately, to be honest I was super busy at school these past few days. But this morning while checking my e-mail I received a letter from Montreal. They've selected me to study at their beloved institution this Fall. I never thought it was going to happen and this project was such a long shot in the beginning I pretty much expected it to fail a few months ago. Although I wasn't going to quit at something I wanted to do since I got out of high school, and I came too far to back down now.

      So I broke the planning down in a few pieces. Firstly I had to find some money, so I was forced to leave the comfortable job I had. Along with the many friends I made there since I started high school. They pretty much treated me as family cause it was a small supermarket and everybody knew everyone even some of frequent customers. But the shifts numbers was too low so I was forced to work somewhere else. If you followed my previous journals, I used to be a photo developer within a corporate discount store. The pay there was high and the shift numbers was overwhelming, so I worked and worked until I had enough. Both the customers and staff really ummm.... well let's just say there's always some disputes almost everyday. Well anyways after a year I left the job cause it took a dent on my GPA, I was working even during the exam period. Also I had the money I needed and pretty much just spent a portion of my earnings on food. So since end of last year I managed to recover my GPA to an outstanding level. I was actually shocked, I never thought I'll average at 90+% in 3 subjects. Usually I only get 70%-75% so leaving my work to go study did pay off.

      Lastly I derive my optimism from you community! 3years we've been together but I'm still a bit reluctant to open up my profile. Although once I start at Montreal in August, I'll try and take as many photos as possible and post my best ones up here. Also I'll make more of an effort to game with you guys in the following months ahead. I would like to thank all my friends here at Roosterteeth for your support and now that my project draws to an end, I'll try and see if I can meet a few of you guys before my secret Canadian ski trip during the holiday period. I always wanted to see snow and snowboard. 3years I've been here and to more years to come. I'll try and publish my exchange-to do list in a few days, which includes but not limited to, going to a hockey game, learning to ice skate and ridding interstate trains. I like trains!

    • Let's give it a chance

      3 years ago

      Avenger212 Cheeze

      So exactly this time yesterday I woke up, to Matt's Journal then a few minutes later I scrolled up to see Burnie's Journal. To be honest I was so stunned that our beloved community has now been acquired, so for the next 12hours of yesterday I closed all the RT tabs which was the first time in 2 years. Pondered why RT will give up it's independence to be part of a Majority stake firm and planned my exit strategy from RT . But I knew I'll never be able to resist going back and I should investigate further why the acquisition was necessary.

      So instead of studying, I realized after talking to the community and reading the mixed reactions of people's journals that you can call Matt and Burnie anything you want, internet personalities, producers, content creators. It still doesn't hide the fact they are managers in a privately owned company,which their main objective is to secure the interest of their respective stakeholders and meet certain set goals. It's not all that bad, however they could have handled it a bit better but then again it was 7am in the morning when I read the news hahaha..

      We may not know what these goals and objectives are or for that matter the true intention of this acquisition. However for now at least, everything will remain the same and I have full confidence in Matt & Burnie's leadership. The only thing that has changed is that RT is no longer fully independent, suffice to say the world is constantly changing and we will be forced to adapt one way or the other. Independence was a concept I valued the most but this shows even those who are truly independent may need assistance from time to time.

      For now I'll like to see what happens in the medium term and after deciding to almost rip out the Churchism and Grifism posters yesterday, I think they'll stay in my wall posted proudly for more years to come. So let's give this new "partnership" a chance and see what new RT content will be produced in the future. I am cautiously optimistic there will be benefits from this "partnership" with Fullscreen.

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